At 9:45 am on September 10th, the 2020″Epic Business Opportunity · Riding the Wind and Waves” stand-alone ecological summit, which the cross-border e-commerce industry has been waiting for, kicked off in Guangzhou, which is known as a millennium business capital and an international business center.

The summit was hosted by the Guangdong Cross-border E-commerce Association in conjunction with SHOPLINE. More than 1,000 people participated in the venue, and 46 units participated in the whole process to discuss the new development of cross-border e-commerce in the post-epidemic era. New trends and new momentum, and help platform buyers build high-quality resources to quickly solve the problem of DTC going to sea, seize opportunities and rise against the trend.

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site of the summit

Lin Lin, President of Guangdong Cross-border E-Commerce Association In his speech at the event, Baowei said that cross-border e-commerce has become an important force and grasper to promote global economic development. This cross-border independent station summit is like the land of cross-border e-commerce in Guangzhou, which is like a long-lost reunion. Model sellers, traditional industry and trade companies, and traditional brand companies provide a once-in-a-lifetime communication platform. The decentralization, fragmentation, and branding potential of cross-border independent stations will also help cross-border e-commerce companies realize brand layout and category positions. So as to maximize profits and lay a world of their own.

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Lin Bao, President of Guangdong Cross-border E-Commerce Association

On the previous day, Qiao Guanyuan, the general manager of SHOPLINE China, delivered a keynote speech on”Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves SHOPLINE 2020 Brand Product Release”. Qiao Guanyuan said that sellers who do not have data or private domain users will always be vagrants migrating between different e-commerce platforms. At present, the growth rate of the domestic retail market is declining and the development of the traditional foreign trade market is limited. The cross-border e-commerce market is developing rapidly. In 2019, China’s cross-border export e-commerce accounted for 17.23%of China’s export trade. The cross-border e-commerce export B2C model is even more stable. To grow, facing new opportunities, we need to quickly occupy the high ground, build our own brand differentiation through the new format of independent stations, accurately reach users with new channels, achieve the second growth curve of cross-border trade, and help the industry to transform and upgrade . SHOPLINE empowers Chinese sellers to move around the world, helping sellers quickly occupy the market with the help of the SHOPLINE platform, payment, logistics and advertising service ecosystem.

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Qiao Guanyuan, General Manager of SHOPLINE China

It is understood that SHOPLINE is in With the support of strategic investor Huanju Group (NASDAQ:YY.US), it will invest 100 million yuan in the future to support the construction and in-depth development of the cross-border e-commerce independent station ecological interconnection alliance. At present, the SHOPLINE platform has accumulated more than 270,000 services and reached 350 million consumers. The annual growth of the platform has reached 225%.

As emerging technologies drive the development of the digital economy, future advertising must be targeted. Hu Hui, a SHOPLINE intelligent advertising expert who once worked in A-share listed companies and has achieved sales from 0-1 million US dollars, said that advertising depends on products, and products determine marketing channels. SHOPLINE’s AI intelligent advertising system——””Zhuge” can achieve a balance between efficiency and effect, create ads with one-click, break the manual casting model, match channels with a high degree of matching with products, automatically launch 24 hours a day, and intelligently allocate budgets to good products to respond to the industry, The dynamic changes of consumers, resulting in a strong communication efficiency to achieve high ROAS.

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SHOPLINE intelligent placement expert Hu Hui

At the scene, Guangdong Province Seven ecological units including SHOPLINE, China Post Guangdong International Courier Branch, Zongteng Group, Tee Supply Chain, Yicang Technology, Sands Cross-border E-commerce Alliance, and Cross-border Ami Show have completed the independent station ecology. The signing ceremony of the interconnection strategy cooperation will complement each other’s advantages and win-win cooperation in the future. The whole link will provide independent station merchants with comprehensive solutions to go overseas.

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SHOPLINE independent station ecological unit signing ceremony

On the day, many industry experts Teamwork, sharing insights, a lively atmosphere and rich content, ushered in wave after wave of”highlight moments”. For example, Lei Zhenfang, Vice President of Feishu Interactive Products, shared “Analysis of the Secrets of Independent Station Traffic Channel Data in 2020”, Chen Yong, founder of Sevens Marketing Consulting, shared “DTC Brand Successful Strategy Analysis”, and Li Cong, Vice President of Zongheng Group shared “Pandemic How does shock ensure global delivery timeliness and cost optimization”, Zeng Xiangwen, founder of SynTao Finance, shared”Cross-border e-commerce multi-channel sales governance structure and financial compliance”.

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As emerging technologies promote industry changes, stand alone in digital The economic field will play a more and more important role. SHOPLINE said that it is us who are based on the ecological chain of independent stations to go out to sea, give full play to the power of digital technology, achieve high penetration of cross-border services, and help cross-border e-commerce companies to set sail in the international market. The goal.