After Ali, Tencent,, and Baidu, ByteDance has recently obtained its own online payment license and is preparing to develop its own payment system. In the future, Vibrato Live streaming sales can be paid directly by”Tilato”!

getUrls?link=2a8b012e3865cb701a33db88180b221e - In the future, Tik Tok will sell goods directly to"Tik Tok Pay"

Webmasters who understand Internet finance know that finance has always been an important position for Internet traffic giants, and online payment licenses For Internet giants, it is a sweet pastry. Alipay and WeChat have this ability to allow online payments and transfers. With this thing, it is equivalent to the opportunity to open the Internet & 34; Bank & 34; this time they got the payment. After the license is issued, products such as ByteDance, Douyin, Watermelon Video, and Toutiao can directly complete transaction payment conversion internally, without giving other families Payment diversion.

getUrls?link=62fc91a95b509781cc5a554b86965e18 - In the future, Tik Tok will sell goods directly to"Tik Tok Pay"

Analyzed by industry insiders, ByteDance has its own online payment license this time. The most direct manifestation is that in the future, Douyin may buy things without WeChat or Alipay, but directly use Douyin internal payment. The transaction can be completed by the method, without the help of WeChat, Alipay payment to complete the transaction payment, so that there is no need to distribute the traffic to other e-commerce companies, and not long ago, Douyin also announced that it will reject third-party links for live streaming, and only use Douyin. The live broadcast of the store’s merchandise basically means that Douyin will play e-commerce on its own in the future, and it will no longer sell goods to Taobao Jingdong. As the most important way to monetize traffic in addition to Internet advertising, online games, and content payments, Bytedance has long been Focusing on this business opportunity, it seems that it is a series of steps, and we have been prepared!

Currently, the total daily life of ByteDance’s products has exceeded 700 million in the world, and this time it has gained itself. It seems that it’s a matter of time for ByteDance to engage in e-commerce business and online loans on its own. For many entrepreneurs who rely on Douyin for short videos and live broadcasts to bring goods, Douyin payment should not be far away. For webmasters and some small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, they should learn the ByteDance business gameplay, do more and realize the most recent business to earn money!

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