Since ancient times, beautiful women love heroes. We know that Cao Cao’s wives and concubines are good wives. Liu Bei’s wives include Mrs. Gan, Mrs. Mi, and later There are Sun Shangxiang and Empress Wu. So who are the wives of Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun, and what are the interesting love stories of these three?

Guan Yu

There is no relevant record of Guan Yu’s wife in the official history, but Guan Yu once liked a woman, and was finally killed by Cao Cao. Seize love. According to historical records, when Cao Cao and Liu Bei surrounded Lv Bu in Xiapi, Guan Yu said to Cao Cao:”My wife has no sons. After it broke, I asked Qin Yilu (General Lu Bu) to be his wife.” Cao Cao initially agreed. When the city was broken, Guan Yu asked several times. Cao Cao suspected that Du Clan was beautiful. After the city was broken, Cao Cao sent someone to see Du Clan. It turned out to be stunning, so Cao Cao left himself as a concubine. Guan Yu has been unable to calm down for a long time.

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I have to say that Cao Cao does this thing It’s too unkind. It’s rare that Guan Erye has a favorite woman, and Guan Yu has also talked to Cao Cao many times. In the end, Cao Cao still grabbed love with a sword, which was really unkind. Mrs. Du and Qin Yilu had a son, Qin Lang. Qin Lang went with his mother. Cao Cao loved his stepson very much. He once said to others,”Is there any children who like wives and concubines and ex-husbands like me?” Later, Mrs. Du and Cao Caosheng have two sons and one daughter, namely Cao Lin, Cao Dagon, and Princess Jinxiang. Some people even think that it is for this reason that Guan Yu finally chose to leave Cao Cao, but I don’t believe this statement.

This man named Qin Yilu was also very sad. After Xiapi was surrounded, Lu Bu sent Qin Yilu to ask Yuan Shu for help. Yuan Shu admired Qin Yilu very much, and married a clan girl to Qin Yilu. After Yuan Shu was defeated, Qin Yilu surrendered to Cao Cao and became a county head. Cao Cao defeated Liu Bei, and Zhang Fei said to Qin Yilu before he left:”People robbed you of your wife, and you gave them your life. How can there be a poor person like you, come with me!” Qin Yilu seemed to be unable to bear the humiliation. So they followed Zhang Fei and Liu Bei, but they didn’t have a few miles to go out. They regretted it and wanted to go back, but Zhang Fei killed them with a single knife.

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Zhang Fei

It is recorded in the history books that there are two wives of Zhang Fei. One is Zhang Fei’s original wife. The specific name is not clear, and the growth childZhang Bao. Zhang Fei’s second wife is more interesting. Zhang Fei grabbed it and was the niece of Xiahouyuan. In 200 AD, the thirteen-year-old Xiahou family lived in Qiao County. Zhang Fei was snatched by Zhang Fei when she was out of the city to collect firewood. Zhang Fei knew that she was a good woman, so he married her. This is really Zhang Fei! So Zhang Fei and Xiahou’s family actually had relatives. Later, the daughter of Zhang Fei and Mrs. Xiahou became the queen of Liu Chan.

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Zhao Yun

Zhao Yun’s wife is not recorded in official history, but Zhao Yun also has a story. After the Battle of Chibi, Zhao Yun followed Liu Bei to pacify the four counties of Jingzhou. Liu Bei appointed Zhao Yun as the general general and replaced Zhao Fan, who had surrendered, as the prefect of Guiyang. Zhao Fan has a widowed sister-in-law surnamed Fan, who has the beauty of the country. Zhao Fan wants to betroth her to Zhao Yun. But Zhao Yun refused, refusing to say:”We have the same surname, and your sister-in-law is like my sister-in-law.” When someone persuaded Zhao Yun to accept this beauty, Zhao Yun replied:”Zhao Fan was forced to surrender, and he was unpredictable. Besides, there are many women in the world.” Not long after, Zhao Fan really took the opportunity to escape.

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Since ancient times, heroes have been saddened by beauty, and they are loyal. Yuntian’s Guan Yu also has a girl he likes, but it is a pity that Cao Cao’s”married wife” has taken love. Zhang Fei and Zhang Sanye directly robbed the women of the people and gave birth to the future queen, which is in line with Zhang Fei’s character. The most admired is Zhao Yun, who is loyal and unparalleled, and his character is almost perfect. He is admirable for being indifferent in front of beauty!

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