In order to do a good job in supporting financial support and stabilizing enterprises to ensure employment, under the strong deployment of the Party Committee of the Urban Construction Sub-branch of Wuhu Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Sanshan Sub-branch used online tax loan characteristic products to fully promote and promote work results.

All the staff of the Sanshan Sub-branch took the initiative and started to promote from Sanshan Economic and Technological Development Zone enterprises, taking advantage of the convenient and quick operation of tax loan online, simple process, pure credit, preferential interest rate and other advantages to actively expand credit customers , Develop inclusive business. Under the leadership of the branch manager, the branch account manager contacted enterprises in the area through telephone calls and door-to-door visits to promote tax loan products to business owners, understand the situation and needs of the enterprises, and implement precision marketing. Through vigorous promotion, the product awareness rate, customer acquisition rate and coverage were improved. Within three months, the bank added 16 tax loan application customers, 10 valid accounts, and the credit amount reached 10.16 million yuan, achieving good marketing. effect.

The Sanshan Sub-branch will continue to increase its tax loan business, expand ICBC’s financial market influence, effectively expand online specialty financial products, and implement financial support to stabilize enterprises and ensure employment.

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