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With the advent of the 5G era, cloud gaming has slowly begun to land on people’s lives from the initial concept. There is no doubt that the hottest field in both the technology industry and the game industry is cloud gaming. Many well-known companies have already deployed in the 100 billion blue ocean market, and the products finally show a variety of forms. As a giant in the domestic technology industry, Huawei has been developing cloud technology for many years. Recently, Huawei has made new moves.

On September 1, Huawei Cloud officially announced that Huawei’s first global The first”cloud phone” of ARM chips is officially tested. As of September 30, users can experience a cloud phone server worth 5950 yuan for free.

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As ​​early as this year On March 5, Huawei officially announced the world’s first related product based on cloud technology-Huawei Kunpeng Cloud mobile phone, which is a cloud-based virtual mobile phone. As a new type of application, cloud mobile phones have played an extended and expanded role for physical mobile phones, with wider application scenarios.

In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD officially provides two cloud phone specifications for customers to choose:

2 cores, 3.5GB memory, 10GB storage, resolution of 720x 1280, price 5950/month/server, support 60 instances (60 cloud phones), equivalent to a single cloud phone monthly fee of 99.1 yuan.

2 cores, 4.2GB memory, 10GB storage, resolution 720x 1280, price 10700/month/server, support 100 instances (100 cloud phones) , Which is equivalent to a monthly fee of 107 yuan for a single cloud phone.

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compared to Cloud gaming concept, cloud mobile phone is rarely mentioned in the cloud technology market, but judging from the current functions presented by Huawei Kunpeng cloud mobile phone, this product will not only unlock new business models in the gaming industry, but will even rewrite the entire mobile phone market The structure of the game has established a new track for the 100 billion cloud game market.

What is the Huawei Kunpeng Cloud phone?

Generally speaking, common cloud game services on the market can be broadly interpreted as the computing power of computers based on the cloud, and each user’s network Ways to achieve interaction so as to achieve the effect of clicking and playing on different devices.

Although Huawei Kunpeng Cloud mobile phone has services similar to cloud games, there are actually some differences between the two. Cloud mobile phone can be said to be an advanced version of cloud game services. From games to mobile phones, the limitations of functions have been expanded to a certain extent, and the application scenarios have become broader.

According to the official explanation, the Huawei Cloud Kunpeng mobile phone is based on the Huawei Cloud Kunpeng bare metal server. It virtualizes a cloud with a native Android operating system and a virtual phone function. server. At the same time, as a new type of application, cloud mobile phones have played a very good role in extending and expanding physical mobile phones, and can be used in multiple scenarios such as cloud mobile games and mobile office.

To put it simply, Kunpeng Cloud mobile phone is not a”mobile phone” in the traditional sense. It essentially transfers the functions of the entire mobile phone to a virtual mobile phone in the cloud for operation. Huawei Kunpeng Cloud mobile phone service is actually a server, not an actual product. At the same time, relying on cloud technology, equipped with mainstream operating systems in the industry, by building Android virtual machines or containers, mobile applications are placed on servers to run, and eventually become so-called”cloud phones”. Huawei Kunpeng Cloud phones actually It is a cloud server + Android OS system.

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So, Kunpeng Cloud mobile phone can be said to be different from the existing cloud service products on the market. It is a new type of service, which has played a very good role in extending and expanding traditional mobile phones, such as application hosting, cloud games, mobile office and other scenarios. To.

At the same time, according to HUAWEI CLOUD, since both the server and mobile phone systems use the ARM architecture, the translation computing power loss caused by the instruction set conversion is reduced, and the running performance is improved. 80%. Through the management console, API, ADB port and other custom ports, customers can perform resource management, application management, operation and maintenance management, and access management on cloud phones.

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has purchased After Kunpeng Cloud mobile phone service, the user first needs to register for Huawei Cloud certification, and then create a key pair. After some settings, the user can use the ADB public network in the console to connect to the cloud phone. When the connection is completed, the user can quickly obtain the cloud phone screen through the Airtest tool.

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However, according to According to official Huawei Cloud, the current service is mainly for enterprises, and Huawei will also provide one-to-one expert guidance to enterprises to help enterprises get started more quickly.

Wider application scenarios, accelerating the establishment and development of mobile game ecology

Different from traditional cloud gaming services that focus solely on gaming, cloud mobile phone services are directly extended to the device level, and the application scenarios are naturally broader.

Because of directly”cloud” a mobile phone, compared with pure cloud games, the biggest change lies in the game development ecology and business model, which is also the One of the reasons why the service is mainly for enterprises.

As ​​we all know, many games require device adaptation and testing before being launched. Due to the wide variety of Android models in China, adaptation has become particularly critical. If there is a large-scale model failure, it will lead to a rapid decline in the score, and will directly cause serious damage to the game operation. The cloud mobile phone service is equivalent to a 24-hour online”engineer” that can solve such problems. It can be used for application hosting, traffic pressure testing, automated simulation testing, data acquisition and analysis, etc., and cloud mobile phones can simulate different system versions In an environment where batch group control is realized at the same time, one cloud mobile phone service is equivalent to several normal mobile phones, and the efficiency is greatly improved.

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If”cloud The mobile phone service is widely used. On the one hand, the game’s “fried service” on the first day of the game’s launch and various adaptation conflicts with the terminal can be greatly reduced. On the other hand, the R&D cost and efficiency of game companies can be improved. .

In addition to improvements in game stability and adaptation, like many cloud services,”cloud phones” will also build more application scenarios for games and shape different Game ecology. For example, because computing power devices are in the cloud, the user’s device requirements are no longer a factor to consider, and many large games can be promoted again. Since there is no need to consider the user’s equipment parameters, the technical level and expressiveness of the game can be further improved.

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According to Huawei Cloud According to the introduction, the cloud mobile phone service will provide download-free trial play functions, further lowering the game threshold, increasing the new ways for players to experience the game, and effectively improving the conversion rate of game promotion users. At the same time, Huawei Cloud mobile phones also have a series of functions such as enterprise core data storage and public and private data separation. For game companies that strongly rely on digital services, Huawei Cloud mobile phones can be said to be all players from R&D, data, testing and finally It is involved, which greatly accelerates the efficiency and convenience of enterprise development, and may change the existing mobile game ecology and even the business model in the future.

In addition, according to Huawei Cloud, the Kunpeng Cloud mobile phone service can also help the live broadcast industry.”Cloud Phone” can create a new way of live video interactive entertainment, realize mobile screen live sharing, mobile phone control flexibly transfer and other functions. On the one hand, it is also used in teaching scenarios such as remote medical consultation, online education lecture hall, and design prototype interaction. For game anchors, control conversion, real-time experience, etc. can achieve the flow of game and live broadcast, change the way the game purchases, and further increase the conversion rate.

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Of course, for As far as Huawei is concerned, TSMC’s foundry is blocked and Kirin chip supply cut off, causing its mobile phone business to frustrate. Cloud mobile phone technology can bypass the mobile phone chip and get out of the embarrassing situation of sanctions.

Similar to the big multi-cloud technology, Huawei Kunpeng Cloud mobile phone service does not require a single device. The key lies in the maturity of cloud technology. As a leader in the domestic technology industry, Huawei has been deeply involved in cloud technology for many years. Now it has related applications in many scenarios. The wide application of cloud mobile services also has a positive effect on Huawei as a whole.

In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD has close cooperation with many well-known manufacturers in the industry, such as NetEase, Youzu, etc. The launch of cloud mobile services can also stimulate domestic cloud games Ecological progress and maturity.

Establish a cloud technology segmentation track and rewrite the current market pattern

As the concept of 5G continues to take root in the hearts of the people, related cloud technology products are springing up in the market, and the concept of cloud games continues to rise in the capital market. Newzoo, a game industry research company, released cloud game forecast data and predicts cloud game revenue this year Will reach 585 million US dollars.

The growth space of cloud games allows the entire industry to see the prospects of cloud technology, and cloud mobile phones have created a new track in cloud technology. When cloud technology is widely used on terminal devices, it is tantamount to bringing a new idea to the market, and even directly bringing about industry innovation.

If cloud mobile phone products are widely used, the first thing to change will be the current terminal market pattern. Because cloud mobile phone services put all computing power devices in the cloud, the devices used by users no longer need to have high demand for hardware, and the strong demand for chips has become a thing of the past. As a result, the core competitiveness of mobile phone manufacturers may change from hardware configuration to design and appearance, and the industrial ecology will directly change.

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Secondly, cloud The mobile phone concept solves the problem of the size and portability of terminal equipment. The reason why smart phones can develop to the current level of popularity is directly related to the size of the equipment. Who wants to take a big brother everywhere every day? Constant weight reduction is the development route of many technological products, such as computers.

The cloudification of computing power by cloud mobile phones directly solves the shackles of the device itself. If similar cloud technology is widely applied to other devices, it will even lead to people’s lifestyle Change. For example, wearable smart devices can have a broad space for expansion, AR smart glasses will do a lot, and related industries such as VR game devices and somatosensory games will be further upgraded. As long as companies can think of black technology, cloud technology will give it unlimited possibilities, and will inject new impetus into the game industry and even the technology industry.

Of course, all these are prospects and conjectures. In the rapid development of cloud technology, the voice of doubt has never been absent. The acceptance of technology is still rising.

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According to Zhihu A survey on the user questionnaire network shows that more than 70%of people believe that cloud mobile phones will become a trend under the popularization of 5G. There is demand, a market, and technology. The cloud mobile phone market seems to have taken shape. However, it may take time for ordinary users to experience it, but the emergence of such products is undoubtedly of great significance to the entire technology industry. With the popularization of 5G, the future described in the concept is just around the corner.