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Recently, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has been carefully selected to select outstanding companies in terms of operating quality, development speed, integrity, and reputation in the capital market. The person in charge walked into the”Lecture Hall of the Person in charge” event. We are the representative of Shenyang entrepreneurs, core founder and chairman of Liaoning Hefeng Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. Jin Weidong as the first batch of selected entrepreneurs Start speaking.

There are 6 words behind the 1 excellent report card

“I am an intellectual from a laboratory. Hefeng is looking at the world with a critical attitude and a skeptical eye , And rely on the power of knowledge to put it into practice and create value.” At the beginning of the speech, Jin Weidong used this positioning to start the day’s speech. Then he said a series of numbers. On August 8, 2014, Hefeng Animal Husbandry was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. In the past six years, from a company with annual sales of several billion yuan to a large-scale enterprise with annual sales of nearly 20 billion yuan, the profit has also increased from 170 million yuan to 1.199 billion yuan at the end of last year. In the six years of listing, the compound growth rate of total operating income was 13%, and the compound growth rate of net profit deducted from the parent company reached 42%. In the first half of 2020, the performance of Hefeng Animal Husbandry was also beautiful. In the first half of the year, total operating income increased by 27.4%year-on-year, and non-net profit increased by 68.8%. Jin Weidong concluded that behind this excellent report card, Hefeng’s core values ​​are reflected:integrity, responsibility, and win-win.

2 Companies must be honest if they want to last for a long time

When Hefeng was founded 10 years ago, in order to seek breakthroughs, he wanted to find a century-old Dutch company and Royal Dutch company-De Heus as his own strong one’s business Patner. However, the other party thought of Hefeng Holdings as the largest shareholder, and Hefeng would not change its brand. During your visits, the person in charge of De Heus saw the smart and strong learning ability of Chinese people, and saw the unity, sympathy, sibling, mutual support, and mutual supervision of the”Hefeng Seven Gentlemen”. He realized that Hefeng people are a group of intellectuals who are ambitious, don’t take wealth too seriously, and are honest and trustworthy. As a result, he put aside the superiority of developed countries and injected 150 million yuan in exchange for a 15%stake in Hefeng after two years. At that time, Hefeng’s net assets were only 200 million yuan.

After signing the two parties, the person in charge of De Heus explained the reason for his investment. The reason why he agreed not to be the controlling party, not to be a major shareholder, and to share the fate with Hefeng, he did not like Hefeng. The development of Hefeng is not the talents of Hefeng, but two things of Hefeng, one is integrity and the other is Hefeng’s altruistic spirit. He said that the”Hefeng Seven Gentlemen” have always been honest and trustworthy, committed to their promises, and united in both the entrepreneurial period and the career development period. Even in the difficult period, they are still affectionate and caring for each other. I hope that he will be the eighth person. You can get the same treatment as everyone.

Jin Weidong said:”I think integrity is the gene of entrepreneurs and the soul of outstanding entrepreneurs. I see the ebb and flow of many companies, but those entrepreneurs who can be more successful in the long run are always Be more honest. When a company lacks technology, you can invest and buy; when it lacks talents, you can recruit and hire people with high salaries; only integrity is what you need to have, and only integrity is the soul of entrepreneurs themselves. And the internal driving force for survival and development.”

No one in 3 Hefeng can”veto with one vote”

Jin Weidong said that Hefeng’s win-win situation is first reflected in share sharing. In 5 years, 18 outstanding managers were developed into shareholders at one time; in the 10th year, Hefeng developed 25 shareholders at one time, bringing the number of shareholders to 50. At present, Hefeng has more than 70 management backbones who directly and indirectly hold shares. These more than 70 people are looking for business opportunities externally and restricting each other internally. Even as the largest shareholder, he only has 16%of Hefeng’s shares. Therefore,”No one in Hefeng can say nothing and vote against it. We think this method is better, more rational, more scientific, and more democratic. More modern.” Jin Weidong said.

Jin Weidong said that Hefeng’s win-win situation is also reflected in the fact that Hefeng is a cooperative company. In the composition of Hefeng, there are only 49 wholly-owned companies, 73 non-wholly-owned subsidiaries, and many participating companies. When you are a shareholding company, you will do your best and be fully responsible like a wholly-owned company for a win-win situation with partners, customers, suppliers, and employees.


Entrepreneurs should be dreamers + strategists

After the speech, the host interviewed Jin Weidong on the current situation, business management, business future and other issues . Jin Weidong unreservedly shared Hefeng’s growth experience and personal deep thinking.

Moderator:For an enterprise, which one do you think is more important, management or technology?

Jin Weidong:Technology.

Moderator:If the school can only offer one class, which one do you think it should be?

Jin Weidong:Mathematics.

Moderator:What is the most important quality for selecting talents?

Jin Weidong:Honesty.

Moderator:What does an entrepreneur need to achieve results like yours?

Jin Weidong:It is not difficult or easy to surpass me. I am a person who loves to learn, with a wide range of knowledge. Your knowledge and professionalism determine your height, and the breadth of your knowledge determines your fullness. To make achievements, young people in the future should learn for life, strictly restrain themselves, and keep their original intentions unchanged. These three things are very important.

Moderator:What do you think the goals and dreams mean for entrepreneurs?

Jin Weidong:The goal is more specific and the dream is more romantic. The goal is under the dream. If there is no dream, it is boring, and if there is no goal, it is illusory. I think an entrepreneur should be a dreamer, but also a down-to-earth strategist who can make specific plans. Entrepreneurs should be 70%of dreams and 30%of execution. Managers are on the contrary, 70%of strategy formulation and execution, 30%of dreams.


Young entrepreneurs need to be as sharp as a scientist

Before the interview, on the advice of the host, Jin Weidong gave it to the young entrepreneurs A paragraph.

“First, think and criticize like a scientist. The basic attitude of science is doubt, and the basic method of science is criticism. Entrepreneurs must be as sharp as scientists, rather than follow the trend. Second, they must attach great importance to the key. During the decision-making period, entrepreneur Liu Qing said that the road to life is long, but the key is only a few steps. Especially when you are young, you must be brave to face challenges and make your own decisions. The so-called facing challenges is In the face of difficulties, you must be brave to choose your own direction, and being brave does not mean recklessness and superficiality. You must think twice, plan and act. But once you have determined the general direction, you should always move forward, never look back, and use your whole body and mind to go. Pursuit.”

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