Wife and brother did n’t have the money to study at Harvard. In the last year, he took medication and committed suicide. Why did n’t Yang Zhenning help one hand?

Song ancestor Zhao Kuangyin also “A penny stumped the hero” , when general Qin Qiong was in trouble, he could only sell horses on the street. Although the eldest husband does not buckle up for the five meters, but the hero is short of breath when he has no money. Money is not everything. It is absolutely impossible to have no money. In history, people who were forced to death because of no money were not a small number.

Due to this, Du Zhenren, Yang Zhenning’s former sister-in-law, died. Afterwards, some people accused Yang Zhenning of being cold-blooded and ruthless. The Nobel Prize winner, who was famous, could not even help his own sister-in-law. Recalling those days, Yang Zhenning said that all this happened was too regrettable, and he had a lasting distress at the time.

Yang Zhenning Du Zhili’s Exotic Relationship

In 1949, Yang Zhenning came to the United States to serve at Princeton Institute. Perhaps it was the fate’s arrangement, everything happened so coincidentally. During the Christmas of the same year, Du Zhili came to Princeton to visit Du Zhiren, who is still a high school student. The two sisters came to a local Chinese tea restaurant for afternoon tea, but did not expect to encounter Yang Zhenning and his colleagues.

Wife and brother did n’t have the money to study at Harvard. In the last year, he took medication and committed suicide. Why did n’t Yang Zhenning help?

Du Zhili recognized Yang Zhenning at a glance. When she was studying at the High School affiliated to the Southwest United University a few years ago, Yang Zhenning was a graduate student of the Southwest United University. After several months of classes, Du Zhili was very impressed with this teacher Yang. She took the initiative to say hello to Yang Zhenning, “Mr. Yang, do you still remember me? We haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

Yang Zhenning is now a little bit impressed. Growing up into a big girl, Yang Zhenning would definitely not recognize her if she did not come to say hello. Sister Du’s and Yang Zhenning quickly became acquainted with each other. Yang Zhenning asked Du Zhili to study in the United States, and indirectly learned the situation of the Du family at that time.

Sister Du is from a famous family. They have six brothers and sisters. Their father, Du Yiming, came from Huangpu Military Academy. He was a general in the War of Resistance and a confidant of Mr. Jiang. The situation of the Du family became very difficult. Because the children of the family were still at school, After the father fell, their family can only receive the minimum living security in the Taiwan authorities.

Du Zhili is the eldest sister in the family. For economic reasons, she had to give up her favorite university, Wessley Women’s College, and transferred to a lesser-known school. Yang Zhenning sympathized with Du Zhili’s experience. In the helpless foreign country, the two young people came together. In the eighth month of their reunion, Yang Zhenning and Du Zhili registered for marriage in the United States.

Wife and brother did n’t have the money to study at Harvard. In the last year, he took medication and committed suicide. Why did n’t Yang Zhenning help?

Yang Zhenning ’s mentor only suggested that after working in Princeton for one year, he immediately returned to the University of Chicago for higher-level scientific research, but Yang Zhenning went to It was convenient for Du Zhili, who was studying, to stay in Princeton for 16 years.

Du Zhiren committed suicide

Du Zhiren was a child with excellent morals since childhood Even if he and his sister were left alone, he never stopped studying hard. In 1953, Du Zhiren received an admission letter from Harvard University, which made his sister-in-law and husband happy for him.

But going to Harvard University for four years, at least $ 10,000 in tuition fees, this is not a small number today, you can imagine In that situation, the Du family couldn’t afford so much money. Du Zhiren had to apply for a loan from the Bank of Taiwan. He kept thinking that as long as he clenched his teeth for another four years, he could be a Harvard graduate in the United States. Find a well-paid job.

Seeing that there is still a final year to graduate, the Taiwanese bank has suddenly terminated the loan. No matter how Du Zhiren wrote the letter, the bank has always rejected it. In the past three years, he owed a total of debts. I made a loan of 7,000 yuan. At present, he still needs to pay at least 3,000 yuan before graduation. Du Zhiren immediately wrote to his mother Cao Xiuqing and asked her to think of a way for him. After all, his father was Mr. Jiang’s old ministry, at least There should still be some kind of affection. Cao Xiuqing was also very anxious when he heard the news. He quickly wrote to Mr. Jiang, hoping that he could lend a helping hand. The situation of Du family should be clear now.

Wife and brother did not have the money to study at Harvard. In the last year, he took medication and committed suicide. Why did n’t Yang Zhenning help?

But Mr. Jiang ’s reply was very chilling, he said that he could only approve a thousand dollars, and and he would do it in two years. This time, Cao Xiuqing only got 500 yuan. Putting 500 yuan and 3,000 yuan together is simply a sum of money. If Du Zhiren couldn’t pay the tuition for this semester, he had to drop out of school. In the end of the three years, he had utterly lost all his achievements and had a debt.

Due to the fact that Du Zhili and Yang Zhenning have just bought a house in the United States, temporarily unable to get so much cash on hand, They strongly advised Du Zhiren to promise that he would find a way to help him pay the debt .

At the time, Du Zhiren was already depressed and on the verge of collapse. He would be able to graduate successfully at Harvard University. He has persisted as a beacon. He believes that the future will be beautiful. He is the big brother at home and his brothers and sisters. And my sister has been taking care of him in the United States. Sister has just given birth to a baby, and he can’t drag her too much. Seeing that he couldn’t graduate, Du Zhiren suddenly lost his future direction. He locked himself in a small and coercive room and devoured a whole bottle of sleeping pills.

The next day, when Du Zhili asked his brother to come down for dinner, when he opened the door, he saw the cold body.

Shi Ye Ming Ye

When Yang Zhenning’s career is successful, someone will This old thing was brought up again, I asked him why he was so indifferent? For the loved ones who live with each other day and night, it is tantamount to reopening the wound that healed easily.

Wife and brother did n’t have the money to study at Harvard. In the last year, he took medicine and committed suicide. Why did n’t Yang Zhenning help?

As everyone knows, this is not what Yang Zhenning would like to see. It was a pity that he was not affluent at the time, and it was regrettable that in the second year of the death of Du Zhiren, Yang Zhenning won the Nobel Prize.

If Du Zhiren can persist for one year, Yang Zhenning can help him through this difficult situation. Du Zhiren in their memory is a buildable material, clever and intelligent, and born in the door of the child, Most of them have a bloody character who refuses to lose or bow their heads. I’m afraid it was his young family who fell into the wrong way, and was used to the warmth and warmth of people. The pressure to bear is more than this 10,000 dollar debt , but it is the last straw that crushed the camel.


Du Zhiren was only 22 years old when he died, and this is still waiting. At the age of full bloom, he always settled in the moment that he could not go back.

Du Zhili failed to save her younger brother who has been living with her for many years. It is the pain in her heart for many years, and it is also the regret that Yang Zhenning would not like to mention.”If Du Zhiren can survive the last year, and if he can persist until Yang Zhenning wins the Nobel Prize, how different it will be. In fact, most of the remaining children of the Du family are very upset, and there are some factors of the times here.