We know that in ancient times, not everyone could receive education. Ordinary people are not able to learn. Without money and power, their children will not receive a good education. Therefore, illiteracy at that time was a folk norm. But despite this, people also need some spiritual food to comfort the weekdays.

He was beautified as a national hero, but in history, he is an outspoken national sinner

The dullness of life. So over time, folk operas appeared, and they were responsible for telling some stories to make everyone happy. Some even set up special theater teams for interpretation. Of course, those stories are not imaginary. Most of them have evolved from folk stories, romance novels, and daily observations.

These romances are not groundless, they are based on real history and making up history. Since it is fabricated, there must be false elements, and some are called & # 34; false history & # 34 ;.

Some minor changes, such as details, are fine. Or fictional characters that do not exist, most people can accept. However, some storytellers have changed the original image characteristics of real people, which is difficult to understand.

He was beautified as a national hero, but in history, he is an outspoken national sinner

As we know better, Zhuge Liang is resourceful and resourceful, but he is an upright and honest gentleman. After Liu Bei’s death, he was even more committed to assisting Liu Chan and did his best.

However, some storytellers say that he is a scum of the nation. He has made up a lot of topics, which has caused misunderstandings among the people and undoubtedly degraded his bright image. Those who have not read the books naturally do not know the truth. Zhuge Liang was thus called the object of & # 34; renren spurning & # 34; for no reason. It’s really sad!

Wang Ye, the general of the Northern Song Dynasty, his end is even more miserable. According to historical records, he is a great national hero. He once fought with the Jinbing in the end to defend the battle in Taiyuan, and killed the enemy bravely. But in”Water Margin”, he has become a mean and treacherous villain. How can he be worthy of everything he has paid for the country?

He was beautified as a national hero, but in history, he is an outspoken national sinner

The worst thing is Pan Jinlian. Perhaps in the impression of the public today, Pan Jinlian is a woman who is not ethical. Indeed, according to the records in The Water Margin, as a husband and wife woman, Pan Jinlian was linked to her husband’s brother. Her deeds were indeed cast aside by the world. But according to historical records, she should be the lady of Zhizhou, a lady of everybody.

He was beautified as a national hero, but in history, he is an outspoken national sinner

She is well-knowledgeable and gentle, she is very beautiful. After she got married, she has been diligent and frugal, keeps one’s family safe, and has raised four children. She and her husband are even closer to each other. Perhaps because she was too beautiful and excellent, she was jealous of others. Forced the storyteller to write her into a glamorous and non-womanly woman.

Hu Yanqing, he is a hot character in the storytelling. Everyone respects him. When he is a great national hero, for a child, the three words Hu Yanqing are even more thunderous. I can’t wait to use him as an example in life. In people’s minds, he is not only a tyrant with an iron whip, but a hero who is loyal and loyal!

He was beautified as a national hero, but in history, he is an outspoken national sinner

However, in history, the image of Hu Yanqing was just the opposite. Hu Yanqing’s ancestors were indeed heroes. His ancestor Hu Yanzan was a founding nation. Dengzhou is responsible for border defense and is a general. But Hu Yanqing is not a general. At best, he was a bit smart, and he was fluent in languages, and he was able to speak well. He even made him abroad to talk to many countries.

A certain time, he reached an agreement with Jin Guowan Yan to pinch the Liao country, which is known as Song Jin’s”Sea Alliance”. However, this is because this agreement almost destroyed the Great Song Jiangshan. This later became one of the reasons for the”Jingkang’s shame”. & # 34; Jingkang’s Disgrace & # 34; After the occurrence, the 300-year-old foundation of the Song Dynasty was destroyed!

He was beautified as a national hero, but in history he is an outspoken national sinner

In order to enrich the spiritual food of the people, the birth of novels and romances is fundamentally not wrong. It is a pity that they should not tamper with history at will. The illiterate people only care about a feeling and a word in their hearts. The history that has been tampered with at will has concealed its true appearance. But it left an indelible image in the hearts of the people.