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&34;I wish to win the heart of one person, and the white head will not be separated. &34; Throughout the ages, people have always yearned for beautiful love and happy marriage. No matter in that era, there is no shortage of men and women who are brave enough to chase love, striving to break through all the shackles for the love in their hearts.

During the Republic of China, because of the collapse of the feudal dynasty that lasted for more than two thousand years, the light of freedom shined into people’s hearts for the first time, and people’s thoughts and some public order and customs began to be affected and changed. Marriage has also changed from the feudal”parents’ orders and matchmakers’ words” to”freedom in marriage and love”. Many young men and women are unwilling to obey the”arrangements” at home. Oppose arranged marriages and desire freedom.

The famous painter Xu Beihong hated his family’s elders to arrange for his wife because of an arranged marriage, and finally caused an irreparable tragedy under the appearance of the gods.

He is one of the &34;Jinling Three Masters&34; in the painting world

Xu Beihong is a famous painter and art educator, because of his The unique painting characteristics can accurately express the ideological connotation of the works and are deeply loved by people. The characters, animals, flowers and birds he painted are all made of colorful ink, which has a great influence on the Chinese painting circle, and Zhang Shuqi The three of Liu Zigu and Liu Zigu are called the”Three Masters of Jinling” by the world.

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Xu Beihong’s family was poor, His father is a private school, and he often paints for people in exchange for a meager salary to supplement his family. Since he was a child, he has studied poetry, writing and painting with his father, and showed his talent for painting very early. When he was ten years old, he was able to assist his father in painting and was responsible for part of the work of coloring.

Later, he ran around with his father, relying on selling paintings for a living. In 1919, Xu Beihong traveled across the ocean to study at the Paris Art School in France until he returned to China at the age of thirty-two, and devoted himself to domestic art education.

In the decades when Xu Beihong has been engaged in art education, he has cherished his talents and cultivated many artistic talents for contemporary China. His contribution to the development of painting is undoubtedly enormous. He left many classic paintings for later generations in his life, and he is a rare master of art.

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Everyone knows Xu Beihong and his ex-wifeJiang Biwei a vigorous love, Jiang Biwei was already betrothed by her parents when the two met. On the eve of Xu Beihong’s study in France, Jiang Biwei had no hesitation. Eloped, and accompanied him for twenty-eight years and gave birth to a son and a daughter for Xu Beihong.

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But in the end, the vigorous love No consumption of life. When love is gradually consumed by the trivialities of life as time goes by, a young and energetic Sun Duoci appears. She was a student of Xu Beihong. The appearance of this woman became the biggest crisis in the marriage of Xu Beihong and Jiang Biwei. In the end, both Xu and Jiang regretted that they ended in divorce.

After the divorce, Xu Beihong and the 28-year-old student Liao Jingwen came together strong>, this marriage is also known to everyone. Liao Jingwen made many sacrifices for Xu Beihong, and always accompanied him through the rest of his life without any regrets.

Few people know that Before Jiang Biwei and Liao Jingwen, Xu Beihong married once under the arrangement of his parents, and there are few records of this &34;arranged&34; marriage in later generations. It is so rare that her name is not even recorded in history. The only words left are to let people know that Xu Beihong’s first wife died of illness and their marriage was not happy.

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restraint The marriage under her husband turned into a tragedy

When Xu Beihong was seventeen years old, his parents arranged a marriage for him, facing the”bad habits” left over from feudal society. Xu Beihong himself was very resistant. However, under the strong pressure of his parents, he was forced to accept this arranged marriage of”parents’ orders and matchmaker’s words”.

Reluctantly marrying a woman she does not love under the force of her parents, this marriage of the same bed and different dreams seems to have laid the tone of its tragedy from the beginning. Even if married according to the wishes of his parents, Xu Beihong never developed the slightest love for his wife in the subsequent married life.

Not only that, being married, he has never given up his yearning for love, and he is very eager to meet a woman who truly connects with him. In the second year after their marriage, Xu Beihong’s first child was born. Xu Beihong, who originally had a grudge against his wife, faced his first child. Not only did he not have the slightest joy of being a father, but he also angered the child because of his disgust with his wife.

In Xu Beihong’s view, this child is not the crystallization of love between him and his beloved woman, but the product of this arranged marriage. He always reminds him that he is forced to marry a woman he does not love. fact. So, he named the child Xu Jiesheng, which means”be born by robbery”. Just ask, which father would give his child such an unlucky name?

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Even though he is not expecting his arrival, but The child is innocent after all. Xu Beihong’s father was very angry when he learned that his son had named his grandson such an inauspicious name, and immediately changed his name to Xu Jisheng, hoping that his child would be prosperous and auspicious in his life.

Unfortunately, Xiao Jisheng died when he was only seven years old. Suffering from the immense grief of the child’s premature death, the child’s mother was shocked, overwhelmed with grief and depressed ever since, and died soon afterwards. However, the passing of the mother and son did not make Xu Beihong a little moved, and Xu Beihong, who was almost numb and ruthless, was not affected in any way.

It didn’t take long for Xu Beihong, who was”no worries”, to go to Shanghai to pursue his artistic dream. Xu Beihong, who was studying painting in Shanghai, met and fell in love with his teacher’s daughter, and finally realized the beauty of free love. He had already thrown away the memory of that arranged marriage and began to pursue the happiness he yearned for.

It cannot be denied that Xu Beihong’s artistic achievements are remarkable. He is an outstanding painter. But what is incontrovertible is that he is undoubtedly owed to his dead wife and children. Perhaps the rebellion in his youth caused him to accumulate unwillingness and resentment when he was bound to cloud his compassion.

He named his dying son &34;Jisheng&34;, which means his painful marriage, but what’s wrong with the child? I hate the &34;wife&34; my parents forcibly give me, but isn’t she also a victim of this marriage?

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Under the special background, who Not a victim. Perhaps, Xu Beihong should not be blamed on his parents or his innocent wife and children, but on himself who failed to break through the shackles of the old age. It was because of my own compromise that this tragic marriage began.

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