There is such a richest man who despises Hurun’s rich list but has repeatedly ranked as the richest man; there is such a guardian of the family business, even if he is behind bars, he still does not forget the remote control of corporate equity; there is such a The siege, once built China’s largest home appliance chain empire.

He was born recklessly, with a gangster spirit; he is decisive and believes that the business world has no territory.

getUrls?link=d77b5a472736fa6a74395c81c045c951 - He has become the richest man in China three times, and he is still in prison and still has a remote control of the overall situation. But after his release from prison, the rivers and lakes are no longer those rivers and lakes!

He is Huang Guangyu. The story about him has been circulating for more than 30 years and has influenced generations of businessmen. Every time his release information flows out, it will cause turmoil in the stock market and media carnivals.

Tear off the masks that people created for Huang Guangyu, restore this real business wizard, and stop deifying him.

Because, Gome is no longer the Gome back then, and home appliances are no longer the arena where Gome dominated the country.

At the end of the song, no one has been seen. When Huang Guangyu looks back, all his”right-hand men” are getting old and old. The home appliances have already been green for several generations.

getUrls?link=aa0fbf6e27c678eec1728751d8ffeb14 - He has become the richest man in China three times, and he is still in prison and still has a remote control of the overall situation. But after his release from prison, the rivers and lakes are no longer those rivers and lakes!

First, the Chaoshan Gang is also defeated by the Chaoshan Gang.

No one knows why the Chaoshan is so rich in the richest man, this is a magical piece There are always people on the land.

getUrls?link=d5e58e935c19b05c3c1d3b7e634729d6 - He has become the richest man in China three times, and he is still in prison and still has a remote control of the overall situation. But after his release from prison, the rivers and lakes are no longer those rivers and lakes!


On the plain that stretches for hundreds of miles, has been Li Ka-shing and Ma Huateng, and even the first overseas emperor The Chinese Zheng Xin was also from Chaoshan. He put down the separatist forces in various places, unified Thailand in one fell swoop, and established the later Thonburi Dynasty.

This piece of land rich in giants does not have superior natural conditions. It is remote and has a small area with a large number of people. It is often affected by typhoons and people are generally poor. And it is this kind of geographic relationship that has created the spirit of adventurous and hardworking Chaoshan people, and among the Chaoshan people who are home from all over the world, they have established a strong sense of geographical identity.

This kind of eagerness to get rid of poverty and adventurous spirit made Huang Guangyu show amazing business talent at a very young age. When Huang Guangyu was 10 years old, he walked through the streets, thinking about how to pick up more scraps to sell. When he got older, he began to collect and refit old electrical appliances with his elder brother Huang Junqin to improve the family’s financial situation.

People in the village often see the brothers riding bicycles in the streets and alleys. They go to the villages to collect old electrical appliances, collect them and then sell them. Huang Guangyu, who was only a teenager at the time, had become a small and famous”next house”, as long as he received none of the goods he could not sell.

This is only a tip of the economic development of the Chaoshan area, but it was the budding of the rural economy in the southeast coast of the 1980s. A large number of”fellow men” who rely on reselling have formed a gray area outside the system. Everyone is crossing the river by feeling the stones, but the wind of change has blown every corner of the motherland, including the Huang Guangyu brothers. The small village at the place.

When Teresa Teng’s”Sweet Voice” came from the radio, bell bottoms, toad mirrors and electronic watches became the standard equipment for young people to pursue fashion. The Huang Guangyu brothers came together For 4,000 yuan, leaved Chaoshan and went to the unknown Inner Mongolia. That year, Huang Guangyu was only 17 years old.

Two years later, a small shop of less than 100 square meters on East Street, Zhushikou, Beijing, reopened. The shop was called”Gome Electric.” From Inner Mongolia to Beijing, Huang Guangyu’s ambitions prompted him to desire a bigger market. From a”traveler” who sells along the street to a”businessman” with stable operation, Huang Guangyu only took two years.

In the 1980s, state-run shopping malls dominated the world, and the people’s consumer demand for home appliances soared. People crowded in front of state-run shopping malls and lined up. Those dazzling home appliances could only be purchased by ticket. At that time, the state-owned shopping malls were enjoying the huge profits of the industry, living comfortably under the monopoly, and had not yet sensed the crisis. Huang Guangyu saw the huge market demand that existed outside the state-owned market, and the bold spirit of Chaoshan people began to manifest, and the Chaoshan Gang’s help showed their strength at this time.

In order to expand the market and benchmark state-owned shopping malls, Huang Guangyu focused on the”small profits but quick turnover” model, but due to insufficient funds, he would first get the goods from the Chaoshan Gang and then pay.

Under the differentiated competition, Gome survived the economic downturn in 1989, and many companies entered the cold winter, but Gome Electric stumbled to survive. In 1992, the sales of several home appliance stores of the Huang brothers had reached nearly 200 million yuan.

But it became the Chaoshan Gang, and it also lost the Chaoshan Gang. Intimacy beyond the moral bottom line has also made Huang Guangyu’s Chaoshan Gang a shelter for each other as the norm.

20 years later, when Huang Guangyu was behind bars, people counted his crimes, and the Chaoshan Gang was indispensable.

Zhan Peizhong, a native of Chao’an County, is known as the”King of Hong Kong Shell” and helped Huang Guangyu realize the capital transfer and transfer.

Xu Zhongmin, a native of Narita Town, recommends Huang Guangyu to join forces with him to acquire Zhongguancun, Huang Guangyu first tasted capital.

The water can’t get in, and the needle can’t get in. Some people describe the Chaoshan Gang’s group. No one can precisely define the meaning of the Chaoshan Gang to Huang Guangyu. The strong identification with the hometown of the Chaoshan businessmen who came out of the countryside reflects the deep-rooted characteristics of China’s”native society”. In the torrent of opening up, they are eager for transformation, but there are many pains in the transformation. For them, staying in a group for warmth through the cold winter is not only a convenient way, but also a way of trust.

They are all prosperous, and all they lose. After Huang Guangyu was imprisoned, professional manager Chen Xiao took over Gome. There was a business war within the group over equity. At the time of crisis, it was the group of Chaoshan businessmen who stepped forward. They told Gome not to change its name. The group of businessmen Going to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with cash in hand, bought a large amount of Gome stock that was dying at that time.

Second, Cheng also”no domain”, and failure also”no domain”

In 1978, Li Ka-shing came After a 39-year absence from his hometown of Chaozhou, he went back to Hong Kong at the age of 11, this is the first time he has returned to his hometown. At the National Celebration Ceremony that year, the Hong Kong businessman wore a Chinese tunic and boarded the Tiananmen observatory.

Thirty years later, Huang Guangyu, who regarded Li Ka-shing’s”business without domain” as his standard, reached the pinnacle of his career. He became an Olympic torchbearer and once again became the richest man in China with a worth of 45 billion yuan.

getUrls?link=0f843ed4ab48fc0b2ee63edca5f55e0b - He has become the richest man in China three times, and he is still in prison and still has a remote control of the overall situation. But after his release from prison, the rivers and lakes are no longer those rivers and lakes!

Huang Guangyu Practicing the idol’s”no domain” concept, his commercial territory has gradually extended from the original home appliance retail to a broader field. In order to keep Gome, he began to enter the capital market and get involved in the real estate industry. Huang Guangyu achieved the listing of Gome by way of capital injection and backdoor through chain, merger and scale expansion. For a time, Huang Guangyu was infinitely beautiful, from the poor to the rich, crossing the huge social gap, he only spent 19 years.

In the left-hand industry and the right-hand financial capital, Huang Guangyu realized the accumulation and copying of capital in the constant exchange of left and right hands. But as Marx said:Capital comes to this world, from head to toe, every pore is dripping with blood and dirty things.

These dripping blood are suppliers in the upstream of the industry who are firmly locked in their throats. As Gome increasingly monopolizes the domestic sales market, Huang Guangyu is known as the”price butcher”, Gome, which is good at low-price strategies, almost disrupts the original market order every time it goes to a city. Consumers hope that the goods are cheap and good, but the upstream suppliers are miserable. They rebelled collectively, but in the end, forced to survive, they could only defeat in front of Gome.

This is what Huang Guangyu understands as”no domain”. Both competition and capital should develop freely and should not be restricted. Backdooring, listing, and cashing out, he started to run wildly in the feast of capital, I believe no one can restrain him.

The business community has no domain, but the business community has laws.

3. Success and failure are also money

In 2003, the Netease’s newly established game division Ding Lei with anxiety and headaches received a call from a friend:

” You’re the richest man!” Ding Lei hadn’t gotten off his feet while sitting in the taxi. Within seconds of learning that he became the richest man, he thought:”It may be a mistake.”

Only a year later, the new richest man’s ass was not hot, he was pulled down, and this man was very mad. “I’m so annoyed by Hu Run, give him the money? His list is a”wanted”. Whoever is on the list is unlucky!”

This person is Huang Guangyu. Unlike Ding Lei, he doesn’t believe in the rankings at all. When people said”congratulations” to him, he replied,”false”.

“Virtual”. Huang Guangyu really regards wealth as dung? When I was very young, my ancestor was a wealthy Thai businessman’s mother who would often tell Huang Guangyu stories from the”Bible”:

A king before his departure , Handed to the three servants each one silver coin and ordered to do business. When the king returned, the first servant earned 10 ingots, so the king rewarded him with 10 cities. The second servant earned 5 ingots, so the king rewarded him with 5 cities. The third servant was afraid of losing his silver, so he kept it in his hand and didn’t make a cent. So the king ordered the third servant’s silver coin to be rewarded to the first servant, and said:“Whatever is small, even what he has shall be taken. If there is more, he must be given to him so that the more is better. .”

What Huang Guangyu wants is not those few coins, but to be”the first servant”. This servant has not only It is only wealth, but the power to manipulate others.

This is reflected in his strong desire for control.

As early as when he entered the Shenyang market, Shenyang State-owned Shopping Center carried out a collective siege of Gome. Huang Guangyu’s approach was to not give way.

When professional manager Chen Xiao began to”de-yellow” Gome, Huang Guangyu had to manage remotely even in prison.

In order to gain the recognition of his peers, Huang Guangyu posted heroic posts and hosted the”Gome Global Strategy Summit”, enjoying his peers’ envy of Gome’s going global.

Huang Guangyu’s first half of life is not so much a history of money expansion, but a history of desire for power. Poverty did not make Huang Guangyu despair, but it made him radically want to gain recognition.

When Huang Guangyu became the richest man for the third time, people asked him what he thought of the richest man. He said that he never cared about rankings, he cared about the title of the richest man, because “regulation has to take into account the society It is unlikely to affect the richest man.”

After more than ten years, Huang Guangyu has returned to the world. Everyone, what do you think?