Hangzhou:It is the West Lake that made Hangzhou famous, or Alibaba made Hangzhou; a view is that:modern, now, Alibaba’s reputation and contribution to the entire city of Hangzhou is indelible!

Actually; personal opinion is that, first of all, the city of West Lake in Hangzhou is named Hangzhou West Lake because of the place of West Lake. Therefore, to a certain extent, West Lake was also bred on the land of Hangzhou. After Hangzhou, where does the West Lake say!

Hangzhou is an excellent historical and cultural city. The love story of Bai Niangzi and Xu Xian in the”Legend of the New White Lady” born here took place in the West Lake area of ​​Hangzhou; Everyone knows it. It has alarmed the cognitive view of the people of the whole era!

Hangzhou is an excellent picturesque and beautiful tourist city. The beautiful painting scenes of Hangzhou West Lake are until you walk to the side of the West Lake for a parade and stroll around; you will find the entire West Lake It is clean and thorough, there is no residual deposits on the ground, it is clean and picturesque, and the lake is crystal clear; it lives in a beautiful place in the”Wonderland on Earth”.

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Hangzhou’s fame; since ancient times, it is indeed famous for the fame of West Lake. Numerous poets were born here to compose poems to praise the West Lake, like the”West Lake” of Su Dongpo,”I want to make the West Lake better than the West Lake” Light makeup and thick makeup are always suitable.” These verses are full of praise for the beautiful West Lake scenery, just sit back and watch!

Alibaba’s success has undoubtedly brought new opportunities to Hangzhou. Since modern times, Hangzhou has been incubated by Alibaba’s Internet industry and has given birth to a brand new term! The city of Internet technology-Hangzhou.

Hangzhou has been led by Alibaba in recent years, and the Internet represented by Alibaba has indeed been at the forefront of the country, giving birth to vigorous vitality for Hangzhou’s economic development and construction.

The Ali department created by Alibaba has become the country’s largest unicorn incubator, with 29 companies covering various fields. As a result, in recent years, Hangzhou has called for the construction and creation of the”No. 1 City of Economic Digital in China”. It is also the reason that a major highland in the field of artificial intelligence in the world is located in Hangzhou!

Hangzhou first had a good entrepreneurial atmosphere like West Lake before it became Alibaba. West Lake. Alibaba all became famous in Hangzhou.

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Hangzhou was first recognized because of the beautiful scenery of West Lake and the picturesque scenery, which attracted a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. The country’s famous tourist city, it is precisely because of the West Lake that people and foreigners realize Hangzhou and become famous!

Anyway, there is not only the beauty of the West Lake scenery, but also the style of the well-known”Alibaba” Internet company, making Hangzhou a real Internet technology city and also making Hangzhou famous The huge increase has made the world aware of Hangzhou’s Ali. The 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit was successfully held in Hangzhou, and the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022. These are undoubtedly not a promotion of Hangzhou’s international reputation.

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Hangzhou, in recent years; because of Alibaba as the representative of the Internet industry, it has now become the”Internet The location of the”Silicon Valley of Technology”.

I believe that in the future, Hangzhou will soon become an Internet technology innovation industry represented by”Alibaba”. The title of China’s Silicon Valley will create a world-class future Internet technology innovation city.

Hangzhou has realized the transformation from simple online shopping to the digital economy, and gradually realized the integration of Internet big data and the traditional real economy; however, the online shopping, mobile payment, and sharing economy brought about by the Ali department have changed the lives of Hangzhou people , So that many Hangzhou people go to other cities, will encounter embarrassing scenes without cash.

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Hangzhou, a giant unicorn like Alibaba was born on the basis of West Lake. Mac Internet companies have spawned the entire city’s economy and brought vitality to Hangzhou’s economy and economic transformation!

Hangzhou, an ancient capital famous for the West Lake, and Alibaba has made Hangzhou a modern international city.

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