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Editor’s note:Products are replaced by scenes, industries are covered by ecology, and the future is here.

When talking about the biggest outlet of China’s economy in 2020, the first thing that comes to mind is the”live broadcast economy.”

On July 30, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce Gao Feng introduced that live streaming has become a new engine for the development of e-commerce. According to business big data monitoring, in the first half of the year, e-commerce live broadcasts exceeded 10 million, the number of active anchors exceeded 400,000, the number of viewers exceeded 50 billion, and the number of products on the shelves exceeded 20 million.

For most companies, live broadcasting is bound to be inseparable from the keyword”carrying goods”, but is the purpose of live broadcasting limited to goods?

On September 13, Haier, which has won Euromonitor International’s first global brand of large home appliances for 11 consecutive years, and CCTV Finance created a”scene experience” show.

Haier’s”scene live broadcast” not only redefines the possibility of live broadcast, but even in the eyes of many industry experts, it also means it is tearing off the 36-year label of home appliances strong>.


Redefining live broadcast:scene alternative products

Last year, Haier CEOZhang Ruimin, in a speech at the London Business School, he made a 14-character definition of the Internet of Things trend, which attracted worldwide attention——“Products are replaced by scenes and industries are covered by ecology.”

Now, this prediction of Zhang Ruimin is becoming a reality in Haier.

On September 11, the Haier Zhijia Beijing 001 Experience Center, located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, opened grandly. At the scene, Haier released the world’s first scene brand”Triwing Bird”, providing users with full scene solutions for smart homes such as balconies, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. This means that Haier has not only built the world’s first home appliance brand, but also took the lead in transforming from a home appliance brand manufacturer to a scene solution service provider, opening up a new track for scene brands in the Internet of Things era.

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Haier Smart Home Beijing 001 Experience Center

Different from the traditional”goods”-centric home appliance store, it has a total area of ​​5000 square meters. Haier Smart Home Beijing No. 001 Experience Center simulates multiple scenes of home life such as living room, kitchen, balcony, bedroom, etc. With the help of Haier Smart Home Cloud platform, it uses cutting-edge technologies such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data to provide Smart solutions for all scenes of clothing, food, housing, and entertainment have also become the live broadcast site of Haier’s”Scene Live”.

On the evening of September 13, the host of CCTV, Sa Bening, joined hands with Long Yang, Yang Fan, and Li Huagang, vice president, chief experience officer, and general manager of Haier Group, to experience in Haier Zhijia Beijing No. 001 The center conducted a three-hour live broadcast of the scene, and the Haier Zhijia APP and the official accounts of the CCTV Finance platform had a total of 16.63 million viewers.

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Haier Zhijia’s first”scene live broadcast” live

Different from the live broadcast of traditional enterprises with”goods” as the content, it enters Haier Zhijia In the live broadcast room of Experience Center No. 001, the audience sees scenes of smart life.

When Sabinin walks to the smart toilet, the toilet lid will automatically open, the seat cushion will also be heated, and the aromatherapy machine will begin to release the fragrance, creating a relaxing environment.

When Yang Fan walks into the”smart bathroom”, he just shouts”Xiaoyou Xiaoyou, I want to take a bath”, the zero-cold water gas water heater will automatically turn on, open the faucet to get hot water, and can also link the Yuba to start working .

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Haier Smart Home Smart Bathroom Scene

When Long Yang walks into the “Smart Kitchen”, the audience can see that the user’s usual Fitness recipes are recommended based on relevant data; after selection, the gas stove will control the fire to prevent nutrient loss, the fume will be activated synchronously, and the oven will enter the automatic operation of”one-button baking”, even the kitchen can easily enjoy Quality meal.

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Haier Smart Home Smart Kitchen Scene

In addition to bathrooms and kitchens, in other smart scenes such as the entrance, living room, balcony, study, etc., the audience can From the live broadcast, we can see the intelligent, convenient, and full-process ultimate experience jointly created by multiple types of resources, and can be customized and adjusted according to the actual needs of users.

In Haier’s”Scene Live”, what is presented is no longer a single individual household appliance, but an overall family scene. The audience can deeply feel that the refrigerator has evolved from a traditional”electrical appliance” to a smart”net appliance”. It is no longer limited to keeping food fresh, but managing diet, teaching you cooking, and providing healthy recipes. The innovative value brought by the”web device” is no longer limited to traditional home appliances to enhance the use experience of the inherent area, but can enhance the life experience of the entire family scene through interconnection and intercommunication. This is what Haier’s”scene live broadcast” brings A new experience for the audience.

Any innovation, if it fails to achieve market growth, is not a true success. During the three-hour “scenario live broadcast”, Haier generated a total of 1.425 billion sales, of which 118691 were signed by bureau reform users; the scene sold 58,245 sets, with sales of 187.5 million; it drove the ecological product turnover to exceed 16 million. Behind the success of Haier’s “Scene Live Broadcasting” is not only simply changing the product into a scene in the live broadcast, but the most important thing is to enable the smart scenes in the live broadcast to reach thousands of households, and this is inseparable from Haier’s release. The world’s first scene brand-“Triwing Bird”.


Incubating”Triwing Birds”:

From product brand to scene brand

Wu Sheng, the founder of the laboratory, believes that the essence of future commercial competition is scene competition.

With the advent of the Internet of Everything era, users continue to increase their demand for a better life, home appliance consumption presents a development trend of home appliance integration and intelligence, and the industry is moving towards”scene alternative products, ecological coverage industry”A new stage. Unlike in the past when users pay for a single piece of home appliance, consumer demand is escalating. Companies need to break the boundaries of past industries and industries and understand the needs of users. They need a platform and a complete set of solutions, and the scene brand Triwing Bird was born.

In the past few years, in order to cater to the coming era of the Internet of Things, providing home appliance service solutions based on the home scene has long become a common method for smart home companies, but most of them are a product that supports a scene and has more than experience , Insufficient breadth and depth. Triwing Bird is completely different from previous product brands. As the world’s first scene brand, it has differentiated values ​​in three aspects:scene, ecology, and users. This is exactly how Haier’s “scene live broadcast” can successfully bring users an innovative experience Foundation.

  • First of all, scene value

“Smart home appliances are easy to buy, smart life Rare”, this is a common problem that currently exists in smart home consumption. The reason behind it is the lack of scenario solutions in the industry and the inability to evolve from traditional product-centric thinking to user-centric scenario thinking. Triwing’s positioning is”upgrading a smart home, just look for Triwing”. It takes the user’s life scene as the innovation origin and can realize the self-fission of the scene. Simply put, there are many and complete solutions, and there are all users want. Therefore, in the live broadcast on September 13th, we did not see a lengthy introduction to a certain home appliance product, but to help users provide one-stop home scenes such as updating smart home appliances, renewing local spaces, and upgrading the whole house smart scene. The solution to achieve “One single scene, one household one design”.

Take the smart balcony scene as an example. The traditional balcony is only used for drying and stacking sundries, but the three-winged bird splits into 37 scenes such as leisure, fitness, and parenting according to different user needs. In the live broadcast of Haier’s scene, the audience can see Yang Fan and Long Yang personally experience how Haier’s smart balcony scene transforms traditional balconies to help users realize”balcony freedom”.

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Reconstruction scene of Haier Zhijia leisure balcony

For example, through the combination of fiber and washing and drying, stacking up and down to save space; the lower layer laundry, disinfection and sterilization, Dry clothes on the upper floor, bid farewell to the balcony to dry and free up space on the balcony. For another example, use voice to wash clothes and set the mode of the washing machine. After washing, the dryer will automatically turn on and dry clothes in the same mode. One piece can be dried and many pieces can be dried. Say goodbye to the”boiled egg” semi-dry clothes. At this point, if a user is impressed by this scene, they can immediately place an order in the live room for this”leisure balcony scene”, thus completing the sales reach of Haier’s live broadcast scene. It is understood that during the period from January to August this year, 265,000 users on the Haier Smart Home Experience Cloud Platform have customized smart balcony scenes.

  • Next is ecological value

For a long time, competition in the smart home industry has remained at”Zero-sum game”, brand companies mainly rely on their own product chains, and high-quality resources are difficult to enter. Haier believes that the business ecosystem of excellent companies should be symbiosis, mutual growth and rebirth. Based on this, “Triwing Bird” created an open platform for partners to create a win-win situation, linking partners in various fields, industries, and categories into the Smart Home Experience Cloud Platform, jointly create explosive scenarios to serve user needs, achieve open source revenue growth, and create a win-win situation.

So, in the Haier scene live broadcast room, users can not only see the series of brand products under Haier, but also the cooperative brands on the Haier ecological chain. For example, in the smart balcony scene, brands such as Lazy Cat and Decathlon appeared; in the smart kitchen scene, there were brands such as Boloni and Tongrentang. This ecological cooperation model not only ensures the satisfaction of users’ individual needs, but also promotes the value-added of the ecological side’s brand. According to statistics, the unit price of Lazy Cat wooden balcony has increased by 40%after the integration of the three-winged bird smart balcony scene.

  • Finally is user value

In Zhang Ruimin’s view, it is Haier to become an ecological brand The goal, what Haier wants is not a customer of a transaction, but a lifetime experience of serving users.

In the traditional home appliance market, the relationship between the brand and the user ends with the end of the transaction, but the relationship between the Triwing bird scene brand and the user begins with the transaction. Users who choose Triwing Bird will settle on the Haier Smart Home Experience Cloud Platform in the later period, where users can manage the network device, upgrade functions, iterate experience, enjoy life-long services, and experience Triwing Bird.” The lifetime value of”Let the service never go out of style”.

In user research, the business community learned of such a case. Ms. Ma, who lives in Lujiazui, Shanghai, purchased a set of Triwing Kitchen renewal solutions on Haier Zhijia APP, ranging from smart kitchen appliances to cabinet design It only takes 3 days to complete the delivery and commissioning. The product transaction was completed, but the service of Triwing Bird only started. After the scene is put into use, Ms. Ma can manage the oven and other network devices through the Zhijia Experience Cloud Platform, as well as professional customer service to provide exclusive services. As the ecological resources continue to join in the future, there will be more and more types of ingredients and professional fitness recipes that Ms. Ma can buy through the refrigerator. In other words, if a user has a new demand during the use process, the”Triwing Bird” can upgrade the user experience through product and scene iteration at any time.

It is precisely with the support of the three major values ​​of scene, ecology, and users that Haier’s live broadcast of scenes can truly realize the closed loop of scene consumption of “going around scenes, shopping scenes, and enjoying scenes”. In Haier’s ecological evolution strategy, live broadcast is an ecological window. Triwing’s success in live broadcast is essentially the accumulation of Haier’s 36 years of business accumulation.


The evolution of Haier:from home appliance enterprise to ecological platform

36 years ago , Zhang Ruimin smashed 76 refrigerators, opening the glory of the era of major appliances.

Since then, Haier Group has gone through five strategic development stages:famous brand strategy, diversification strategy, internationalization strategy, global branding and network strategy. In the era of major appliances, Haier won 11 consecutive Euromonitor International championships and accumulated more than 57,000 patents, making it the number one home appliance brand.

Zhang Ruimin has a famous business saying, “There are no successful companies, only the companies of the times”. Haier’s 30-year history of development can be summarized as”do the right thing at the right time”. On December 26, 2019, Haier Group’s 35th anniversary, Zhang Ruimin announced that Haier Group has entered the sixth strategic development stage:Ecological Brand Strategy. In order to demonstrate the determination to enter the ecology,”Qingdao Haier” was renamed”Haier Zhijia”.

Although Haier officially announced its ecological brand strategy to the outside world in 2019, as early as 2004, Haier led the establishment of the”Home Network Standard Industry Alliance” and became a standard setter and ecological builder for smart homes. . In terms of the smart home ecological layout, Haier has led the industry for 16 years. The number of international and national standards for smart homes led by Haier ranks first in the industry, and it has 80%of the industry’s international standard formulation and revision proposals.

It is easy to build a concept but difficult to build an ecology. Haier has spent 16 years building the underlying capabilities and creating the three core competitiveness of the Internet of Things era:smart home experience cloud platform capabilities, full-scenario capabilities, and 1+N service system.

The smart home experience cloud platform can interact with consumers in real time and at zero distance to obtain big data on user needs; the full-scenario capability is based on accurate user needs, and the ecological party jointly outputs customized smart scenarios and smart homes. The renewal solution meets the needs of users in the entire scene of clothing, food, housing and entertainment; the 1+N service system can provide users with a seamless experience throughout the entire process. From design and construction, building materials, installation and commissioning, a service housekeeper is responsible for the coordination and docking throughout the entire process, without the need for users to bother to follow up.

It is with the”thick accumulation” of these three low-level abilities that can incubate the”thin hair” of the tri-winged bird in the live broadcast of the scene, and accelerate the landing after the”thin hair” Thousands of households.

With the commercialization of 5G, the connection of the Internet of Things is no longer a problem. In order to let the”Triwing Bird” smart scene enter the user’s home faster and better, in addition to the live broadcast of innovative scenes for marketing, Haier Zhijia’s nationwide layout of No. 001 stores, offline experience stores, and township stores will divide the work to undertake the nationwide deployment of the”Triwing Bird” scene. Among them, the 001 store can realize the all-round customization of Triwing products, scenes, and ecological solutions. The offline experience store is in charge of the renewal of explosive products and smart scenes. Even in the township store, users can enjoy it at any time. Upgrade service to smart network device.

In June 2020, the BrandZ Top 100 Global Brands list was announced in New York, and Haier was named the only (Internet of Things) ecological brand among the world’s top 100 brands for two consecutive years. Now, relying on the live broadcast of the scene opened by Triwing Bird, Haier is smashing the labels of home appliances and evolving towards Nirvana in the Internet of Things era. Just like Zhang Ruimin’s speech at the 2020 Yabuli Summer Summit at the end of August, Haier’s goal of self-evolution is to create an endless business ecology, not a walled garden, but an Amazonian rainforest.

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