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If you are attentive, you may have discovered that the major mobile phone manufacturers have released around the past two months A variety of models, and even mobile phone manufacturers that haven’t shown up for a long time, such as ZTE, have also released a rather gimmicky product such as the”first under-screen camera phone”. However, OPPO, as one of the four major domestic manufacturers, almost disappeared in two months. The only thing that made it to the front page of the major media was not by mobile phones, but by personnel transfer-Liu Zuohu returned to the parent company Ouga Group , As the general person in charge of the product line.

Perhaps the latter is the”cause” because Liu Zuohu is back at the helm The product line, OPPO mobile phone is undergoing adjustment and re-planning, so it will be so low-key in the past two months. However, according to online news, OPPO does not have too many waves on the surface, but in fact it may be undergoing drastic product reforms.

According to 36kr and other media reports, it first appeared in the fall of 2019 The classic product line OPPO Ace series”has been cut off a few months ago.” To be precise, under the coordination of Ouga Group, production lines with similar features to OPPO Ace will be used by brother brands realme inheritance, we can understand that OPPO put Ace series mobile phones on realme.

According to industry speculation, OPPO will focus on Find,Reno, K and A four series of products launched, specific to the brand, Yijia and realme will cooperate with OPPO to achieve complementarity while avoiding Competition at the same level and internal consumption of resources. OPPO’s separation of the Ace series is actually a good thing, because this product line lacks some”OPPO flavor” from the beginning, and it seems a little out of place from beginning to end. Repositioning and adjustment is a better destination.

OPPO Ace series with too strong personality

In the autumn of 2019, Shen Yiren officially released the OPPO Ace series mobile phones in Chengdu. At that time, the first generation of Ace was complete The name is Reno Ace. It is not difficult to see that the Ace series of mobile phones were not completely independent at the beginning, but relied on the Reno product line, but compared with the Reno2 series released at the same time, Reno Ace appeared to be extraordinarily”different”.

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Xiao Lei still remembered that he had a group interview with Chinese media teachers after the meeting One of the most frequently asked questions is, why is the design of the same series of Reno Ace so different from other Reno phones?

At that time, the design language of the Reno2 series mobile phone was basically the same as that of the original Reno. The iconic decorative strip runs through the center axis of the back of the fuselage. Although the rear camera of Reno Ace also adopts a centered design, the surface treatment is somewhat plain. At least compared with the Reno2 series, it is far from”similar””.

Reno Ace’s product manager Wu Di replied ,”Reno Ace is a brand new product line that is different from Reno digital series. It is very different from product definition to design language.”

OPPO internally defines the Ace series of mobile phones as”super players”. In other words, the target audience is different from Reno’s other mobile phones. It is not aimed at mass consumers, but Advanced users who have certain requirements on the key parameters and performance of mobile phones.

At the same time, Reno Ace is completely different from Reno series phones in sales channels , The former is more for online users, although the”cost-effective” factor is not discussed, the product is actually very cost-effective; the latter is the traditional”OPPO offline mobile phone”, which is more Emphasize function and texture.

The OPPO Ace2 released at the beginning of this year, removed the prefix of”Reno” , Further highlights the status of independence. In the same way, OPPO Ace2 continues on the path of”being different”, from design to hardware configuration, and further distances itself from the mainstream Reno production line. Reno3 has begun to develop its product design language towards light and thin, and at the same time the back design is innovated; Ace2 adopts If anyone else has the appearance design of any OPPO mobile phone, how to hide the Logo, then most people can’t imagine that this will be a smartphone from OPPO.

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Look at most of the top mobile phone manufacturers and their products in the global market It’s difficult to find a second product like the OPPO Ace series, which is completely different from the mainstream product line. The biggest problem that this brings is probably the low recognition from fans. Of course, this is not the core reason for the failure of OPPO Ace series phones, because in terms of sales, the first-generation Ace is actually selling very well. On the day of the sale on October 18, Reno Ace’s sales exceeded 100 million yuan in just 5 minutes.

The direct reason why OPPO Ace series phones have been adjusted is also Quite simply, it was mentioned in the 36kr report that the sales volume of Ace2 is far lower than that of the previous generation. With the advancement of Oga Group’s product line adjustment, the Ace series mobile phones have naturally become the object of rectification.

The disoriented OPPO Ace

The sales success of the first-generation Ace mobile phone is almost inevitable. Even today, it is still one This product with excellent overall strength, although the price is not the cheapest under the same core configuration, it is still very competitive overall.

OPPO Reno Ace, which debuted as a”super player”, carries At that time, the strongest SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus, all UFS 3.0 flash memory, 90Hz high refresh rate screen and outstanding 65W super flash charging technology. Among them, the 90Hz refresh rate is still a very rare configuration at the end of 2019, and it is one of the key factors to enhance the experience. As for the 65W super flash charging technology, it is the best in the industry. The ability to charge a 4000 mAh battery in 30 minutes makes Ace the first generation It became the smart phone with the top charging performance at the time.

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More importantly, the starting price of OPPO Reno Ace under this configuration It was 3199 yuan, and it was stabilized at 2999 yuan or even lower in the later stage, and the cost performance was very outstanding. It can be said that even if OPPO did not emphasize the price-performance ratio of Reno Ace from beginning to end, it is a real cost-effective phone, and the price-performance ratio is still very outstanding.

The success of Reno Ace comes from the price-performance ratio, the failure of Ace2 , Also related to cost performance.

In April 2020, OPPO Ace2 will be officially launched with configuration Correspondingly, certain improvements have been made, such as being equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, supporting 40W wireless flash charging technology and so on. But correspondingly, the price of OPPO Ace2 also increased by 1,000 yuan to 3,999 yuan. The obvious increase in the price has attracted dissatisfaction from some fans.

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There is a saying that OPPO Ace2’s price increase is reasonable, no matter how The upgrade of the device, or the cost increase brought by the 40W wireless flash charging technology, has made OPPO invest more in the production of Ace2. Not to mention, with the addition of wireless charging technology, Ace2 maintains the same feel and weight as the original Ace, which shows that OPPO has spent a lot of manpower and material resources in structural design.

But the truth is so cruel that consumers don’t buy it. From the consumer’s point of view, although they have raised their hands to support OPPO’s investment in so many technologies on the new machine, it is difficult to understand why the price increase is as much as 1,000 yuan. In Internet mobile phones, 3000 yuan and 4000 yuan are an important dividing line. Consumers can accept 2,999 smartphones with shortcomings, but they cannot accept 3,999 yuan phones that are more balanced and have fewer shortcomings.

In Xiao Lei’s view, OPPO Ace2’s biggest problem The R&D team has many ideas, but it has made mistakes in the choice. Without the support of channels, it is difficult for Ace2 to stand firm at the price of 3,999 yuan. In addition, the Xiaomi Mi 10 series has been released at that time. It is definitely not a wise choice for Ace2 to hard-to-fight Xiaomi 10 when the price is similar.

The view of some netizens at the time was that if OPPO Ace2 can maintain The price of 2999 yuan, then it must be”true fragrance.” In their opinion, OPPO Ace2 is only an upgrade of the processor specifications and the addition of wireless charging compared to the first generation of Ace, but it is one thousand yuan more expensive than the first generation of Ace, so they might as well choose the first generation of Ace More cost-effective.

If OPPO Ace2 prioritizes cost control and lower sales in product finalization Price instead of first ordering the product and then pricing, then today’s outcome may be quite different.

Repositioned Ace series or”Liu Yinhuaming”

It needs to be emphasized again that the Ace series of mobile phones are actually not”cut off”, they just change places. There is still a chance to continue to shine. If the rumors are true, the Ace series phones are placed under realme, which may not be a good opportunity for the Ace series phones to stand up.

First, realme is a purer Internet brand, compared to OPPO There are also”genes” for operating Internet mobile phones. The”gene” here actually refers to the experience and opinions of marketing methods, product definitions, etc., for years and years, and the realme of Redmi, glory”fighting”, to know more about the needs of online consumers, the definition and choice of products Have a better grasp.

The second point is to completely break away from OPPO’s brand baggage and give it to Ace Opportunities for a series of mobile phones. Born in the OPPO brand, there are fortunate and unfortunate. Although the Ace series of mobile phones have received OPPO’s brand halo bonus since the beginning of their birth, as Internet mobile phones, they are limited by some stereotypes.

The Ace mobile phone team needs to overcome doubts from consumers and needs to work tirelessly Explain to them the similarities and differences between the Ace series of phones and other OPPO models. Just in terms of market education, huge efforts are needed.

The third point is to realize the transition from the secondary product line to the top product line Span. Although Ace is equipped with top-level hardware in the OPPO production line, it is still not as good as Reno and Find in terms of positioning. The problem that this brings is that the follow-up of some technologies needs to take into account the progress of the superior product line, and it is inevitable to be a little frustrated. But in the realme brand, the Ace series mobile phones have become a top-level production line, and naturally they have obtained more opportunities for technology decentralization. Realme will definitely be more willing to devote resources to make the Ace series mobile phones more competitive. The machine started the sign.

In short, the changes in the OPPO Ace series of phones are not a bad thing , And even better opportunities for development. At the same time, the series of product line changes around Oga Group have also made the development ideas of each brand clearer. OPPO has returned to the model it was good at in the past, strengthened its offline layout to create best-selling products, and realme has integrated a series of resources. , Strengthening the output capacity of online products, so it seems that each has its own benefits.


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