What was the status of Gong Xue, China's first beauty in the 1980s, when she fled to the United States because of the Shanghai rogue case

The sinking fish and the wild goose are screaming, the shame flowers and the moon flowers are trembling.

She was once known as”Audrey Hepburn in China”, and occupied a place in the Chinese film scene at that time with a unique beauty. , And won the Double Shadows , defeated Liu Xiaoqing in one fell swoop, became famous and became the goddess among countless men, and was also called “China’s No. Beauties”. As sung in Xu Song’s popular song”Su Yan”,”The Beauty Without Fendai” is unique and clear, but unfortunately, at the peak of her career, it was because of a rogue case > She had to leave the movie scene she loved, which caused her acting career to come to an abrupt halt. She had to live in the United States on the other side of the ocean, and she was Gong Xue .

born artist

Gong Xue can be said to be a born artist, she was born in March 16, 1953 Day , as if fate is destined, she is going to embark on the road of art performing arts. The home where she was born is an art family. Father ’s art industry , the art of painting is super high , The mother is an excellent photographer , although she is a daughter, but the family does not have the idea of ​​ dominating boys and girls , plus Gong Xue was very beautiful and was The unanimous favor of parents and family.

In the 1980s, China ’s first beauty Gong Xue, when she left the United States due to the Shanghai rogue case, what ’s the situation

In such a family atmosphere, Gong Xue as a child received a good education and inherited the artistic cells of his parents. In the elementary school, he showed a stunning Artistic talent, At that time, she almost took over the music committee member, art committee member and even acted as the host and singer of the school celebration. It can be said that class flower, school flower first-level characters. In the third year, she represented the school in the Children’s Palace performance, and won the championship, is a hot character.

In 1973, being able to put on a military uniform was the most glorious thing. Gong Xue was no exception. What she longed for most was not an art school, but become a literary soldier. She joined the army in 1973 and became a literary soldier. Even in the army, Gong Xue can be said to be a stand-alone chicken group, born artistic cells , making her in the art group A lot of praise, has been consistently acknowledged. A year later, Gong Xue became an actor in the Central Repertory Theatre with excellent grades, and began his professional development.

In the 1980s, China's first beauty Gong Xue, when she left the United States due to the Shanghai rogue case, what is the status quo

History of career after double filming

1979 is destined to be an extraordinary year And it was also this year that Gong Xue’s acting career officially started. She first appeared in the movie “Following the Red” by Changchun Film Studio, and won several movies in a row. The protagonist completely appeared in the public’s field of vision, her smile, and even a look , severely broke the hearts of countless men, not only did she have With his unique appearance and skillful acting, he could be regarded as a fascination and became a hot actress at that time, with the limelight.

In 1984, her career ushered in the second peak. Today, Gong Xue, regardless of experience or construction site, has become a leading figure in the performing arts industry at that time. It was also in this year that she Defeated countless beautiful celebrities in the 1980s, such as Liu Xiaoqing , and won the Best Actress in the Film Hundred Flowers Award and Golden Rooster Award In that era, with the exception of Gong Xue, almost no one could achieve this long-term, even Liu Xiaoqing was ashamed.

What is the status of Gong Xue, China's first beauty in the 1980s, when she left the United States due to the Shanghai rogue case?

Rumorous gossip, helpless retreat

However, people are afraid of becoming famous pigs, and they are afraid of being strong. Because Gong Xue was too hot, rumors and rumors about her began to appear. In fact, this is an eternal truth. Even in modern times, when stars are on fire, it is inevitable to avoid gossips. These gossips are nonsense and false, making people unable to distinguish between true and false. In 1986 in Shanghai, a very bad Shanghai hooligan case appeared. Countless second-generation officials and women’s power and color transactions were exposed and shocked the country. Similarly, the 80’s Yanzhaomen also affected Gong Xue, because it was too beautiful and framed by people, and these rumors and rumors seemed to have the butterfly effect, which triggered a thousand waves Gong Xue is facing increasing pressure.

Even her relatives and friends began to wonder, how could Gong Xue be able to bear it? She can achieve what she has achieved today, relying solely on her own efforts. Who knows what she is paying behind? However, The world is white, but I am black, after all, it refers to the fantasy that exists in the minds of ancient people. A drop of ink is enough to blacken a glass of water. No one can stand everyone ’s strange eyes. Gong Xue also No exception, just like this, Gong Xue was severely broken by these rumors.

In the 1980s, China's first beauty Gong Xue, when she left the United States due to the Shanghai rogue case, what is the status quo

She looked away and saw through . Finally, she announced the news, Exit from the entertainment industry forever, and Far away from the mainland, to the United States across the ocean, and lived a life of Guiyinshanlin, just like that, as Gong Xue faded out of people’s vision, and time passed, some rumors about Gong Xue finally stopped.

Losing a career and gaining love

Gong Xue, who stopped at the peak of her career, is very sad. She lives on the other side of the ocean, But often looking out to the east, across the vast Pacific Ocean, is her hometown! How she wants to go back, maybe it is heartedly planting flowers, and inadvertently planting willows and willows, Gong Xue, who has been hit by her career, has harvested fertile fruits in love, It was also this year that Gong Xue, who was in the United States, met Zhang Xun who was studying in the United States at the time, that is, her husband. Both of them saw the same thing, and Zhang Xun always talked about those rumors. Do not believe.

What was China ’s first beauty Gong Xue in the 1980s, when she left the United States because of the Shanghai rogue case

As friends, standing firmly on Gong Xue’s side, Gong Xue was greatly moved, and the two fell in love. After that, Gong Xue became a helper and helped Zhang Xun to work hard in the United States. Zhang Xun’s career has finally improved. The two lives are getting better and better, and Zhang Xun is not Abandoning the promise once, it will be bad with money, but still loves Gong Xue, everyone has their own space, no matter how strong the wind and the waves are, they cannot be separated.

The best love in the world is I am with you, I am with you, and I am willing to accompany you to do all your favorite things and stay with you, Gong Xue, who left the performing arts circle, has regained her former status in the family. Her cooking skills are getting better and better, and her children are well-educated. They are both mother and daughter. Another friend, , Maybe God compensated Gong Xue after taking away her acting career.

In the 1980s, China ’s first beauty, Gong Xue, left the United States because of the Shanghai rogue case. What is the current situation?

There is a saying that is called Contentment is always the king. Perhaps human nature itself is greedy and can never be satisfied with the status quo, so The more you have, the more sad you are. Gong Xue may be like a stranger. She knows contentment, contentment, and doesn’t care about leaving the showbiz. She doesn’t choose to hate those gossip about her. Instead, she chooses. Contented and happy, he devoted himself to his family and finally got a happy life.