In 1945,”August 15th”, Japanese imperialism announced its unconditional surrender. In order to win the Northeast, the Politburo decided to send 22 members and alternate members of the Central Committee, including Gao Gang, Zhang Wentian, and Chen Yun, to the Northeast, and requested 100 regiments to form the Northeast Army. The Central Military Commission ordered Wan Yi troops stationed in Shandong to form a northeast advance column, quickly cross the sea and head northeast.
In September 1945, I served as the deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of the Binbei Special Administration of Shandong Liberated Area. One day, Li Zhonglin, secretary of the Binbei Prefectural Committee, and Hou Zhengshi, director of public security of the special office, talked to me:”Wan Yi troops are going to the northeast, and there is a shortage of guards. The district party committee decided to transfer you to work in Wan Yi troops.” According to the organization’s decision, take his lover Suizhou and the guard Xian Mingli to chase the troops day and night. With the assistance of the cadres and the masses in the base area, they walked through the blockade for a week and finally caught up with the Wan Yi column at the Longkou Wharf in Huangxian County, Jiaodong. Commander Wan Yi, Political Commissar Zhou Chiping, and Director Wang Bingqian happily received us and decided that I would serve as the head of the Security Section of the Political Department.
Due to the emergency situation in the Northeast, the Central Telegraphed the troops to move northward rapidly. The troops crossed the sea forcibly and landed at Beitian Taizhuang, Yingkou, Liaoning. Via Shenyang, we arrived at Panshi on October 26, 1945. Settled in Jilin in mid-November. The column agency is stationed in front of the mouth. The chief said to me:”The Jilin Provincial Working Committee seconded cadres to our troops and decided that you would help with the work and open up the situation.” The next day, I entered Jilin City in disguise with Commander Wan Yi and Political Commissar Zhou Chiping. In the puppet Xicha Mansion, I met Yuan Renyuan, secretary of the Yongji prefectural committee, Wang Xiaoming, commander of the security team, Shen Yue, the mayor of Jilin, and Li Weimin, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee. It was decided that I would be the director of the Jilin City Public Security Bureau to replace Huo Pengjiu. However, the Soviet Army Command disagreed, saying that Huo Pengjiu is a member of the KMT and cannot be replaced. In the end, it was decided that I would go to the province’s police department as the deputy chief to assist Wang Xiaoming (the chief of police). From the perspective of the Provincial Police Department, it can be in charge of the public security work in Jilin City.
After I arrived at the police station, the municipal party committee sent a group of backbone forces to enrich the police station, and Ma Zaitian led the formation of the Detective Team Wan Yi Column and Jilin Security Team each transferred a backbone company to strengthen the police department.
After the”August 15th Five-Year Plan” period, the situation in Jilin City was very complicated, and social security was extremely chaotic. The city publicly displayed the KMT Ministry and the Three Youth League signs to carry out anti-communist activities. In the past, it bullied and killed the people. Pseudo traitors, secret agents, and officials, seeing their chances, recruited troops, collected weapons and ammunition, established reactionary forces, and waited for the Kuomintang to accept them. These army-building bandits frequently attacked our party and government agencies, assassinated our cadres and the masses, instigated our party, government, and military staff, and carried out raids on homes and houses and snatched people’s wealth. In response to this situation, we followed the instructions of the provincial and municipal party committees to resolutely crack down on the Kuomintang army-building bandits. Because it was during the military control period of the Soviet Red Army, our operations were often interfered by the Soviet Army. At this time, Comrade Peng Zhen, secretary of the Northeast Bureau, visited Jilin and listened to our report. He instructed us to adopt a special way of fighting for the special situation, to be independent, to pay attention to strategy, and to struggle with reason, advantage, and discipline. At the same time, he pointed out that all the KMT, the Three Youth League organizations, and the KMT underground army-building bandits are not allowed to operate in Jilin City.
According to the instructions of the chief, we first removed the brand of the KMT’s Jilin City Party Headquarters and arrested a group of key members of the KMT and the Three Youth Leagues. Since then, the activities of the Kuomintang and the Three Youth Leagues have moved from public to underground.
At that time, the Kuomintang’s underground army was built, and some even publicly recruited under the flag. More than 20 various army-building organizations have appeared in Jilin City. Larger army-building organizations include the Second Army of the 15th Group Army of the Northeast Advance Army with Ji Dazuo as its commander, and the Jilin Area Advance Army with Shi Jian, the chairman of the Kuomintang Jilin Province Party Headquarters as its commander in chief. He sent Li Shulin (deputy commander) who had studied in Japan to Jilin City to collude with Yan Bichen, Wang Kemin, Meng Xianquan and others to organize the establishment of the army, and appointed Yan Bichen as the chief of staff, Wang Kemin as the division commander, and Meng Xianquan as the secretary. Zhang Jinxuan, an inspector from the Provincial Police Department, was attached to the Major General’s Ministry. Yan Bichen and others were captured by me one after another. Ji Dazuo, commander of the Second Army of the Northeast Advance Army, came to Jilin many times to organize the army. Ji held an army building meeting in Jilin based on Wang Shaoyin’s home in Cennan Hotel Hutong. Guan Weixin (a pseudo-Jilin police guard) was appointed as the commander of the 18th Division, Zhao Chuanfang was the commander of the 19th Division, and Song Dayong (a Japanese official) was the commander of the 20th Division. When we learned of the information, we went to Qing and suppressed, Ji Dazuo fled to Huadian in a panic, and later entered Dunhua, Guan Weixin, Song Dayong successively Arrested by the Soviet army.
Zhao Chuanfang was the commander of the Japanese and Puppet Jilin Dongdaying Second Teaching Team Major. After the restoration, he joined Ji Dazuo’s troops and served as the commander of the 19th Division of the Northeast Advance Army. He recruited hundreds of self-defense forces, pseudo police, and landlords in Jiangbei, Shulan, Jiaohe, Yongji and other places in Jilin Province. Activities in the Longtan Mountain area attempted to occupy Jilin City. In December 1945, he led several key members of the founding army into Jilin City and found Ma interpreter of the Soviet army headquarters. He wanted to meet with the Soviet army commander in order to obtain legal status. After receiving this information, detective captain Ma Zaitian reported to me. . I discussed with Li Weimin, the deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and decided to take the tactics and capture Zhao Chuanfang and others wisely. Immediately, he sent Ma Zaitian to hide in the Ma translator to gain the trust of Zhao Chuanfang. A few days later, Ma’s translator told Zhao Chuanfang:“The Soviet commander agreed to meet Commander Zhao and meet at Beiguan Yiheheng (commercial store number).” So Ma Zaitian, Ma Translator, and Zhao Chuanfang got into the carriage to meet the Soviet commander. Captured by my detective team on the way. The detective team took them to the former site of the Beidajie Moral Association and dealt with them on the spot in accordance with the instructions of Zhang Qilong, secretary of the Provincial Working Committee. The gangsters in Jiangbei heard that Zhao Chuanfang was captured, and fled to Changchun in a hurry.
At that time, most of the army-building bandit organizations in Jilin City had officers but no soldiers, or soldiers but no guns. There are countless commanders, regiments, and battalions. As long as you can organize more than 100 people, you can seal a regiment and battalion commander. Our public security organs gave a resolute blow to the KMT’s underground army building activities. Anyone who has a commission, is organized, and has weapons will be detected and arrested. From December 1945 to April 1946, we arrested more than 150 underground KMT leaders, seized more than 100 long and short guns, and confiscated a large number of commissions. The key members of the founding army were sent to the Political Department of the Masan Jilin Security Command for processing; all those who threatened them were educated and released.
At that time, the most violent and harmful activity in Jilin City was the Yang Maozi bandit. The leader of the bandit was named Yang Guozhong (a Chinese-Russian hybrid, hence the name Yang Maozi). After the Soviet Red Army entered Jilin City, Yang Maozi became hooked with the Soviet Army. Because he knew Russian, the Soviet Red Army asked him to work as an interpreter in the headquarters. He took advantage of this convenient condition to snare dozens of gangsters and carried out homicides, rapes, and robberies in the city. The masses hated them. One day in February 1946, there was intelligence that the Yang Maozi bandit had a meeting in Dongguan. We secretly mobilized the detective team and some police officers from the Municipal Public Security Bureau and surrounded them. Yang Maozi rushed out of the encirclement and fled alone, and the other gangsters were all captured. Later, Yang Maozi ran to the house in Jiaxinzi Hutong in Shuimendiao and was surrounded by me again. An old soldier in the guard platoon climbed onto the roof, uncovered the tile, threw a grenade, and killed Yang Maozi. Several other gangsters were executed by me at the Jiulongkou execution ground. So far, the Yang Maozi bandit group was completely wiped out, and the people were all harmed, and the people clapped their hands and cheered.
On March 21, 1946, we got information:A group of bandits was active in Majiatun, Jiangnan. I led the detective team and the soldiers of the guard company to take the car to clear up. After a fierce battle, 4 culprits were killed, 1 injured, 1 roulette pike, 2 cassette guns, and 1 machine gun were seized.
In April 1946, Huo Pengjiu (a member of the Kuomintang), the director of the municipal public security, was arrested by the Soviet army. I was appointed as the director of the municipal public security bureau from the police department. In mid-to-late May, we conducted a large-scale raid in the city, and carried out a concentrated suppression of remnants such as the Kuomintang, the Three Youth Leagues, and underground army bandits. After the attack, the KMT’s underground army bandits in Jilin City have basically disappeared.
In mid-May 1946, the Kuomintang army launched an offensive on the liberated areas of Southern Manchuria and Eastern Manchuria.”May 2, 3,” Changchun fell, and”May 26,” the Jilin Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and provincial government agencies were transferred from Jilin City. In accordance with the instructions of the Northeast Bureau and the Provincial Party Committee, the mayor Shen Yue, the secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Shen Cheli and I formed a three-member team to cover the evacuation and maintain public order. Therefore, I left 6 people from the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Later, Shen Yue and the others retreated to Jiangdong overnight. I only brought 6 public security cadres, as well as 4 companies that a certain part of our army retreated from Siping. They said to find their headquarters, and I said I belonged to the headquarters and listened to my commands. The”May 28th” Kuomintang plane came and bombed. I took 6 public security cadres on a fire truck, the company walked, and finally withdrew from Jilin City. After arriving in Jiangdong, Shen Yue, Shen Dongli, and Liu Jian were resting in a small room. Someone outside asked if there was anyone inside? Shen Yue saw Lin Biao. We all stood up, chatted with Lin Biao and left. Up. The Kuomintang troops across the river began to fire artillery. Liu Tiande and our seven people took a fire truck, and the company walked to Ullalagan. After passing Tiangang to Laoyeling, we fought a battle with the bandits, and we went to Jiaohe and Dunhua. Liu Junxiu, secretary of the Dunhua Center County Party Committee, was enthusiastic Received us. At this time, the provincial party committee held a two-day meeting to study the deployment of the new station and the Rafah campaign, and decided to stick to the Mosquito River and keep Dunhua. After the meeting, I went to Yanji on June 7. Before I could start work, the provincial party committee held an emergency meeting, the head of the Antu County (Golden Bullshit) was killed by bandits, the whereabouts of the county party committee secretary is unknown. So on July 4, the Secretary-General of the Provincial Government Li Youwen asked me to talk. He said:The Provincial Party Committee has decided that you should go to Antu to fight against the bandits. To facilitate your work, the Provincial Government appointed you as the mayor of Antu County and the director of the County Public Security Bureau. .
Antu is located in a remote mountainous area. At that time, it was the rear area connecting the Dongman base area and the Nanman base area. This area, before the”May 28″, was the bandit den of the famous bandit leaders”Shan’s Three Brothers” (Shan Bingyi, Shan Bingjun, and Shan Bingyin). Although some of these bandits have been wiped out by our army, after the Kuomintang’s aggressive attack, bandit activities have risen again and the damage is still serious. Therefore, launching the struggle against bandits, defending the new regime, and building a solid Dongman base are the primary tasks facing the people of Antu.
Comrade Li Youwen, Secretary General of the Provincial Government, also said to me:”The situation in Antu is very serious now. The county brigade has rebelled. The deputy head of the county who has just been sent by our party was shot dead by the rebels. The provincial and prefectural committees and the Antu county committee The contact with the county party committee was also interrupted. What is the situation of the county party committee secretary? I don’t know.” The provincial party committee ordered me to lead the troops to Antu, first find the secretary of the county party committee, and then go all out to wipe out the bandits in Antu and eliminate banditry, so as to open up the situation for the mass land reform movement.
The provincial party committee asked me to organize a reinforced battalion, but the provincial party committee was unable to send the necessary troops. The provincial police department that I had previously had only one company left, which was far from enough. Therefore, I first went to Dunhua and found my original unit. I met Zhou Chiping, political commissar of my original unit, and Wang Binggan, director of the political department, to explain my intentions and seconded a reinforced battalion (four companies). In this way, plus the troops I originally brought, there are a total of 5 companies, all of which have strong combat effectiveness. Then, I got another car (charcoal-burning in Japan). This was the only means of transportation for the troops and I to Antu. After the preparations were ready, we set off from Mingyuegou towards Antu on July 11. The guards and I rode in a car and the troops marched on foot to Dadian in Antu, which was once a place where banditry was plagued. To prevent attacks by bandits, I ordered the troops to be ready for battle. Fortunately, nothing happened. There were 90 li from Dadianzi to Songjiang Town. We rushed into Antu City-Songjiang Town in the afternoon of the next day. Soon we found Secretary Fang Dexin and Deputy Secretary Chen Dongping of the county party committee, and arranged the camp for the troops, and conveyed the instructions of the provincial party committee to Fang Dexin and Chen Dongping. Fang and Chen were very happy, and then analyzed and studied the situation. They decided to immediately deploy the district committees to mobilize the entire county to fight against bandits. Specifically, I will be responsible for the command, and the two secretaries Fang and Chen will be responsible for the rest of the county. Party and government work.
The fight against banditry began. The district committees mobilized militias to participate in the war and mobilized the masses to report banditry. Although banditry activities are rampant, they usually hide in deep mountains and old forests. Sometimes they sporadically looted, harassed the district village government, or attacked villages. According to the banditry reported by the districts and the masses, we have chosen Liangjiangkou, which is 50 li to the west of Antu City, as the focus of the area to clear the bandits. There are many mountains and dense forests, and the traffic is blocked. Therefore, bandits are often hidden here and disturbed in all directions.
This time, we used the”Liangjiangkou” village as our base. First, we used companies as a unit, divided into five troops, and went into the forest to search for mountains, but no results were seen. Later, we reduced the units to platoon and pull the mountain search front. long. As a result, some situations were discovered. First, two Japanese armed with guns were discovered. They were”gunners” who went up the mountain to hunt before the Japanese imperialists surrendered, and they held certificates signed by the original Japanese troops. Because he was lost and did not leave the virgin forest, he was isolated from the outside world for a long time. Therefore, when we asked them, we did not know that their Japanese army had already surrendered a year ago. The three of them went up the mountain together, but the other one was killed by a wounded tiger. Then another”savage” was found, covering his body with animal skins, and he didn’t say anything. After repeated questioning, it took a few days to ask. It turns out that he has lived a wild life in the mountains for more than 40 years. He asked us first:”What dynasty is it now?” He only knew that China had the Qing Dynasty, but he didn’t know that the Northeast was also invaded by Japan, and coupled with the changes in living habits, he became the so-called”savages.”
Later, we finally caught a few bandits. After interrogation, it was found that there were several bands of bandits in the Lao Antu area. The large group consisted of more than 100 people, and the small group had dozens of people. They often implement small-stock activities. Recently, because they were alert that our army was searching everywhere, and during the mid-autumn season, they were planning to gather somewhere on the south bank of the Dasha River, but they planned to move to the area north of the Dasha River to continue their activities.
Based on the situation we have, we decided to take the count, immediately stop the search, gather the troops, redeploy troops according to the route and area where the bandits may move, lie in ambush, and wait.
One morning in early September, more than 70 bandits came to a place on the south bank of the Dasha River. The commanders and fighters of our army concealed on both sides saw the gangsters enter the target area with trepidation. I grabbed the fighter plane and quickly ordered to”fire”! The morale of the troops was very high. After more than a month of fatigue in searching the mountains, all disappeared in a moment, all brave. Be good at fighting, take the initiative to choose targets, and fire violently at the gangsters. The gangsters who fought were dizzy. Before they could understand, some were shot to death; some tried to escape but were captured by our army; some stubbornly resisted, but none Escape the fate of death. The battle lasted for an hour, and the victory was over. This is the biggest battle I have fought during the bandit suppression mission in Antu County.
After that, we conducted several searches and suppression of bandits in Changbai Mountain and Laoyeling, and eliminated several bands of small bandits. In addition, after the masses were mobilized, they launched a political offensive and disintegrated the bandits, especially some bandits who went up to the mountains to persuade their relatives to return to their hometowns, which played a big role. At that time, dozens of bandits were recovered. In this way, armed gangs that once ran rampant in the Antu mountainous area, burned, killed and looted everywhere, seriously threatening the construction of the Antu base area and the safety of people’s lives and property were basically wiped out, and the banditry in Antu County was basically eliminated.

getUrls?link=9c2af231dc2658fb916d63edae290440 - Gong Weiming, Mayor of Jilin City, recalls the work of suppressing bandits after moving from the northeast to the northeast of Jilin

Gong Weiming (1915-) Zhai Town, Xintai City, Shandong Province Liujiazhuang. During the Anti-Japanese War, he served as Director of Public Security Bureau of Zhucheng County, Shandong Province and Deputy Director of Public Security Bureau of Binbei Special Administration. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in 1945, he was ordered to follow Wan Yi’s northeast advance to march northward to suppress bandits, and established a people’s public security organ. He served successively as the county magistrate and director of public security of Antu County, minister of social affairs of the Jinan Prefectural Committee, director of Jilin City Public Security, and Jilin Provincial Public Security Deputy Director of the Department and other positions. In 1952, he was transferred to the Central Ministry of Public Security and served as deputy director of the Zhongnanhai Security Department. In 1957, he served as deputy mayor, mayor, secretary of the municipal party committee of Jilin City, and deputy dean of Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology.