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Gome has changed. There is nothing to argue about.

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Thousands of offline stores and leading domestic e-commerce platforms have opened flagship stores on the same sites of peer Pinduoduo and JD.com.

The president of the group, who was supposed to be strategizing in the office, ran around the country for a while and became the”old king” who brought goods after the busy schedule in the live studio.

For many years, we have insisted on taking the self-operated route, and now it is gradually letting go. The daily products other than home appliances provided by partners appear on the platform.

All actions show that this retail big brother is putting down the big brother’s shelf and integrating with the industry.

Putting down the shelf, does it foretell the return of the king? Or a clear understanding of reality after the passage of time? The industry has mixed views on this.

Recently, Gome officially announced the completion of the first phase of the”Home·Life” strategy and made preliminary spoilers for the second phase of the strategy. At the same time, its ranking in the list of private enterprises rose to 8th. Why has it changed and what will it become in the future? The answers to these questions become clear:Gome is trying to make a new game in the changes.

Why did the stage change?

frequently appears in the spotlight, which is not in line with the past personal settings of the calm and low-key retail veterans, and it also forms a strong contrast with the bad voices of the outside world.

Let’s talk about it. At the service trade fair that just ended, because Gome hosted the only live delivery event designated by the conference, netizens put their faces on the public On the screen. In a super live broadcast, both the strength and popularity of Gome were demonstrated.

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In the live broadcast room,”Lao Wang” Wang Junzhou said,” Our live broadcast is to recommend new and better home appliances that can improve people’s quality of life to everyone. At the same time, we also recommend high-quality local products from various regions to everyone. To deliver better products and services to more Chinese consumers This is the brand mission of Gome.”

The phrase”Lao Wang” explains why Gome’s high-profile live broadcast is also answering”why did Gome change Up”.

Unfortunately, this general answer can provide limited incremental information. Everyone knows that Gome changed because of the strategic transformation of”Home·Life”. What everyone wants to hear is some specific and clearer plans.

Afterwards, Gome’s official Weibo released a long article, which clearly stated:“Gome has formed a four-element retail of “Daodian, Dajia, Daowang and Community”. The model has completed the basic construction and the first phase goal of the’home·life’ strategy.”

Daodian, Daojia, Daowang, and community are integrated, All the changes that people can’t guess are supported by corresponding theory. Yes, this is the answer everyone really wants to hear.

Withstanding the doubts of becoming a flagship store from the platform, Gome entered Pinduoduo, JD.com, and toured the country to host many super live broadcasts, all of which are to improve Daowang; The appearance of a large number of daily SKUs on the platform adds more imagination to Daojia’s business; the online store section in the client can not only guide users to the store, but also promote the relationship between Daojia and Daojia with services and products. Synergy.

To clarify the past, Gome also used the trend to predict the future,”Starting from the second half of this year, Gome is rapidly developing the second phase based on the results achieved in the first phase of the strategy. The extension and upgrade of the’home·life’ strategy in the phase.” The official spoiler has led the industry and outsiders to wonder how Gome will change in the next phase.

How do you change the stage?

After reading the long article released by Gome, I have to say that the dry goods are full, so Fengyunhui has a good understanding of Gome’s”home·life” strategy New perceptions.

So, under the established strategy, how will Gome change? Simplify complex issues and cut through the two dimensions of the frontcourt and the backcourt.

First of all, the front field is the part that the user can directly perceive, the front-end business directly connected to the user experience.

According to the previous article, the user’s intuitive perception of the previous stage has changed mainly due to the following two points:First, there are more and more channels to enter Gome. In addition to downloading the Gome APP, you can easily access Gome from WeChat mini-programs, from Pinduoduo and JD. Secondly, with Gome supermarket, you can buy more things in Gome.

The next stage, these two points of perception will inevitably be strengthened again. Because Gome has made it clear that the platform’s future positioning is an online and offline dual platform with online transactions. Moreover, the official mentioned a rather extreme data-“Realize 100%online transactions.”

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This means that more than 2,800 under Gome Physical stores will act as the touch points of online transactions and become portals for online services. According to the plan, Gome will strive to achieve a 20%increase in the number of stores at the end of next year or the first half of 2022. Online and offline, users can imagine the convenience of visiting Gome anytime and anywhere.

Not to mention the point of buying things. Gome’s CFO Fang Wei has spoiled”expanding from home appliances, home improvement, home furnishings, and department stores to a wider range, satisfying all users. Location needs”. For example, the former Gome was an electrical appliance store. In the next stage, with the addition of various counters and shelves, Gome will transform into a large shopping mall.

Secondly, the backcourt is the underlying business that is far from the user and supports the frontcourt user experience at the back end.

The supply chain axis and the scene axis of the so-called”two axes and four wheels” are the focus of Gome in the backcourt. Take the supply chain as an example. In the first stage, Gome has shared a win-win chain with strategic partners such as Pinduoduo and JD.com. In the next stage, both output and introduction are carried out. On the basis of the existing supply chain, Gome attracts more external supply chains. , In order to expand the overall category layout of the platform.

Users cannot see the changes in the back-end supply chain of Gome, but they can definitely feel the accelerated completion of the Shopping Mall at the front-end. There is still a lot of backfield work in the transition process of”Home·Life”. For example, Gome empowers platform merchants with digitization and enhances their service capabilities, which will then indirectly affect the front-end user experience.

In summary, after Pinduoduo, JD, CCTV, and BTV, Gome will make friends with more new partners. Open a flagship store, and more new attempts will be launched besides live broadcast. But in the final analysis, these changes are all to give users a better experience.

Change the game and start a new game

New, often accompanied by change Come. The phased leap of Gome’s”Home·Life” strategy can be regarded as a process of opening a new game amidst changes.

Speaking from a small perspective, the Gome Club in the new bureau is a personal retail butler that meets retail needs in all aspects.

The four-element retail model of Daodian, Dajia, Daowang, and community determines the diversity of Gome’s future service forms. As mentioned in the previous section, you can expand all categories to build a Shopping Mall. In addition, you can also evolve into a fresh vegetable market based on your home and community capabilities. The layout of the store also has the attributes of a community convenience store.

In short, as long as it is a format in the retail sector, in theory, Gome has the feasibility of extension in the future. Moreover, based on the integration of online and offline scenes, both stores and products are closer to users.

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Be bolder, Gome can also become a community service center. The reason is very simple. In addition to physical goods, services derived from retail are also a section that Gome has long focused on. Open the Gome APP and you can see that the Gome Butler column is just behind the Gome Supermarket, covering home appliances cleaning, mobile phone repair, laundry and shoe washing, recycling services, and other”home service” items.

In addition to meeting all retail-related product and service needs, online stores and community operations have also established an exclusive one-to-one service channel for employees to users , The exclusive retail butler new bureau opened.

Going bigger, the new bureau points to the improvement of the infrastructure construction of the retail industry. Because, the transformed Gome is not only a retailer, but also acts as a”three business” to export capabilities to the industry.

The overall solution provider, overall service solution provider and supply chain exporter, the”three business” packaged a number of infrastructures, and the executive vice president of Gome Retail Holdings Co., Ltd. concurrently served After taking office, Gome Online CEO Xiang Hailong emphasized the need to”release the capabilities accumulated over the years in a platform mode.”

No matter from the perspective of big or small, Gome’s”home·life” strategy from 1.0 to 2.0 has brought positive significance to the retail industry.

Continue to extend and open a new game amidst changes, which coincides with the pace of macroeconomic development. Consumption recovery in the post-epidemic phase, the call of economic internal circulation, the national economy is waiting for the arrival of a new situation.

The All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce today released the”2020 China Top 500 Private Enterprises List”, and Gome ranked 8th with 371.7 billion in revenue.

Compared with last year, Gome’s revenue increased by 11%, and its ranking advanced two places. The numbers reveal the signal that a new situation is coming, and the strategic transformation of”Home·Life” has brought Gome into a new growth track. As the basic unit of the national economy, the growth of enterprises is the main driving force to boost the economy. As stated by Gome’s official microblog, Gome will contribute to China’s economic development through its own operations in the future.

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