Recently, Gome Retail released a new organizational structure and personnel appointments, involving Gome Online and Gome, which are the main subsidiaries of Gome Retail Personnel changes in domestic companies, Gome Electric Company, Guomei Food Company, Gome Investment Company, Gome Custom Company, and Logistics Platform Company.

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Gome Retail appointed Xiang Hailong, former senior vice president of Baidu, as Executive Vice President of Gome Retail Holdings and concurrently as CEO of Gome Online; Zhang Deju was appointed CEO of Gome Electric; Lin Chao was appointed CEO of Gome; Appointed Li Jie as the COO of Gome Online and concurrently as the COO of Gome; Appointed Shang Mingquan as the CEO of Guomei Excellent Food Company; appointed He Yangqing as the CEO of Gome Investment Company; appointed Zeng Zhining as the COO of Gome Investment Company; appointed Li Zhenghong as the logistics platform company CEO.

This organizational structure change is part of the extension and upgrade of the second phase of Gome’s promotion of”Home·Life” strategy, aiming to create Gome’s characteristic ecosystem.

According to public information, Xiang Hailong has worked at Baidu for 14 years and was once regarded as Baidu’s”number two”. Xiang Hailong joined Baidu in February 2005, once in charge of Baidu’s core search business, exploring the direction of Baidu’s commercial realization.

Xiang Hailong did not airborne to Gome at this moment. As early as May 2019, Xiang Hailong joined Gome after leaving Baidu.

Analyzed by industry insiders, the appointment of the CEO of Gome Online to Hailong means that Gome will vigorously promote the reform of online business.

In fact, Gome’s e-commerce business started not too late. As early as 2002, Gome took the first step in e-commerce, establishing an e-commerce department, and launched an online store in November of the same year.

In 2010, the retail industry has undergone tremendous changes.’s sales revenue was 2 billion yuan, while the sales revenue of JD Mall exceeded 10 billion yuan during the same period. The quotient is still in the hundreds of millions.

Even at that time, Gome invested heavily in acquiring 80%of and launched its own e-commerce The website, Gome Online Mall, has not changed the fate of Gome e-commerce.

In order to quickly achieve a breakthrough in the e-commerce business, Gome’s online efforts this year are particularly obvious.

Since this year, Gome has carried out many reforms. For example, in April, it signed a subscription agreement with Pinduoduo; in May, Jingdong announced a strategic investment in Gome. Through these”joint hands”, Gome’s online business has been reorganized.

Gome Retail recently released its 2020 interim performance report, showing that after the introduction of strategic partners such as Pinduoduo and, its e-commerce platform GMV has increased by more than 100 times.

On August 31, Gome’s retail CFO Fang Wei also revealed at the investor exchange meeting that Gome’s”home The core of the extension and upgrade of the second phase of the”life” strategy is to break the boundaries, expand from electrical appliances, home improvement, home furnishings, and department stores to a wider range, meet the all-round needs of users, and create a user-oriented, platform-oriented and technological thinking-oriented New Gome.

In the future, whether Gome can shorten the gap with competitors depends on whether the new team leads the team and can express a new business legend.

Upstream News-Chongqing Morning Post reporter Xu Ju