U.S. stocks have fallen by more than 30% in the past month, and three fuses have occurred in six trading days. We must know that the U.S. stock market has experienced World War I, World War II, and various stock disasters. It also experienced the Asian financial crisis in 1997, the Nasdaq bubble burst in 2000, and the financial crisis in 2008. There have never been three fuses.

Global central banks release water, Bitcoin will usher in spring?

The most interesting thing for the market is the Fed’s move to cut interest rates. After cutting interest rates by 50 basis points on March 3, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates twice in a row and entered the era of zero interest rates. Subsequently, as many as 17 countries or regions followed interest rate cuts and global central banks collectively released water, but global stock markets continued to fluctuate downward. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the economies of many countries have been impacted, and the global economy may fall into recession. Neither developed nor emerging countries can stand alone.

However, in this collective release of global central banks, Bitcoin has also ushered in a violent rebound. The acts of central banks in various countries will definitely reduce the value of fiat currencies, and the inherent deflationary nature of Bitcoin will not be affected by the value of fiat currencies in the future.

Let ’s take a look at the intrinsic value of Bitcoin:

1. Relatively fast transfers;

2, transfers cannot be tampered with

3. A total of 21 million pieces

The actual use of all these Bitcoins is the true intrinsic value of Bitcoin and the basis of Bitcoin’s”value”.

From the short-term trend, Bitcoin is in a rebound market, and from the medium-term trend, it is still in a downward trend. So the short-term surge does not mean that the market has reversed.

Global central banks release water, Bitcoin will usher in spring?

Global central banks release water, Bitcoin will usher in spring?

With the loosening of global monetary policy, a lot of funds will continue to pay attention to Bitcoin. Once the funds enter the market, I believe that Bitcoin will usher in a new round of market.