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We started to know Huawei Photovoltaic 7 years ago. In 2012, I was in a inverter company in the photovoltaic industry, and one day I heard the company’s product planning person report to the company’s president,” Huawei has also started to make inverters and will start selling them next year.” The boss who doesn’t smoke often lights a cigarette.

In 2013, Huawei started to take action in the industry, and industry summits often showed up. Once, at a summit forum in Shanghai, more than a dozen men who wore suits, ties, and shiny leather shoes on the ground on a hot day were all very energetic and smug. I looked at the registration list and found that they were all from Huawei. At that time, in the photovoltaic industry, whether it was meeting customers or attending summits, the dress code was relatively casual, and Huawei’s appearance was particularly different. What is even more curious is that the inverter companies in the industry were basically still selling boxes at that time. The inverter was just a DC-to-AC device. What everyone talked about most was high efficiency and low failure rate. Huawei has put forward a concept called”Smart Photovoltaics” in the industry, claiming to integrate its leading digital information technology, 4G wireless technology, and Internet technology into the photovoltaic industry, which can bring customers”higher revenue, smart operation and maintenance, and security. Reliable” value.

In this way, Huawei quietly entered the photovoltaic industry.

Revolve around customer experience, bring customers to the scene

In 2014, I was fortunate to join Huawei. After the induction training from the Shanghai Research Institute, he was taken to the nearby inverter R&D base. The work site is a slightly dilapidated small building. The horns on the truck next to it say”bananas, bananas, one piece per catty” and”sweet melons, sweet potatoes, one piece three catties”. The office is on the first floor. There are no windows. I needed to turn on the lights in the year, and the mosquitoes in the bathroom were so black and big that they couldn’t get rid of a bite for three days.

At the time of registration, the department was intensively preparing for a new type of agricultural photovoltaic complementary smart photovoltaic field exchange meeting held in Jiangshan, Zhejiang. According to colleagues, Huawei has intensively held a number of on-site exchange meetings in Golmud, Jiaxing, Shunde and other places according to different application scenarios, setting off a wave of smart photovoltaics in the industry.

A customer has newly connected to the grid a power station with complementary agricultural and photovoltaic power in Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province. The complementary agricultural and photovoltaic power plant is to install photovoltaic modules on existing agricultural and forestry facilities or farming greenhouses, and carry out agriculture, Nursery or breeding projects to improve land utilization. The customer planted rice and soybeans under solar panels for the first time, and chose Huawei inverters to realize under-board planting and on-board power generation, truly realizing comprehensive land utilization and significantly improving power generation efficiency. This is a very typical agricultural Light complementary scenes.

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How can customers quickly recognize the value of smart photovoltaics? How to make customers feel that the trip is worthwhile and full of dry goods? How to make customers have a comfortable experience? These are all problems we are struggling to solve. In order to allow customers to have a more systematic understanding of the solution, we invited experts from China Renewable Energy Society, China Electric Power Research Institute and Design Institute, and overseas colleagues to stir up ideas and discuss industry issues and development directions.

After the violent collision of thoughts, we invited customers to the scene of the scenic Fenglin Village photovoltaic power station. As the brain of the photovoltaic power generation system, the inverter is the core component of the entire photovoltaic power station. In order to reflect the waterproof and dustproof characteristics of Huawei inverter IP65 products, we innovatively put the inverter in a closed water tank and high-temperature glass cabinet for display. Through the glass cabinet, the customer saw that the inverter could still operate stably under high temperature and under water, and was amazed.

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A customer chairman from Shanghai said to me,”I heard you talk about PPT before, and I always suspected that you were bragging. I saw All this is very shocking! Huawei is really at the forefront of technology, and we believe that intelligence must be the future trend!” Then, he immediately called the head of the subordinate design department:”The XX project I reported yesterday, immediately Change the design and adopt Huawei’s intelligent solution.” After hearing these words, I was so excited that I couldn’t speak for a while, and the sense of accomplishment filled my heart. Looking at the ecstatic expressions on the faces of the friends who were fighting together, I think they should feel the same as mine. .

This is Huawei’s first innovative brand event designed around customer experience in the industry. After that, it blossomed everywhere in China, such as Hebei, Xinjiang, Sichuan… We made a”combination” through industry opinion leaders and field visits.”Fist” quickly became popular, and Huawei initially established a brand image of”Smart Photovoltaics” in the industry.

“Inverter Silk Road”, let overseas customers know about photovoltaics made by Huawei

The Silk Road opened during Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty allowed the East and the West The exchange of what is needed not only brought prosperity in the Han and Tang Dynasties, but also promoted the economic and cultural exchanges between the East and the West. But today, in the international market, there are greater challenges to build a high-value brand made in China. In order to change the”stereotype” impression of overseas customers, in 2014, we specially planned and designed an”Inverter Silk Road”.

This is a tour route from Shenzhen headquarters-Songshan Lake production line-Yingwei Cloud Center-GCTC. First visit the Huawei headquarters park, then to the industry solutions exhibition hall, then to the large-scale automated production line in Songshan Lake, and finally to the self-built rooftop model power station and the global operation and maintenance center to show Huawei’s strength through different dimensions.

European B company is a global energy giant. It has always chosen friendly brands before, and the CTO has no impression of Chinese companies. After unremitting efforts, we finally made progress in inviting Company B to visit Huawei’s Bantian base in 2014, and the CTO agreed to visit Huawei. During the visit, the senior executives of Huawei Network Energy communicated with customers in the conference room. It can be felt that the customers still have reservations about the company’s strength and product performance.

Next, the customer visited Huawei’s automated production line and fully digitalized operation and maintenance cloud center in Songshan Lake. The operation and maintenance cloud center can enable equipment to be fully digitally monitored, faults are quickly handled, and accurate diagnosis is possible. Customers only need to log in to the system to monitor the operation of power plants around the world in real time, and achieve visual, manageable and controllable operation and maintenance.

After walking the”Silk Road”, the customer’s attitude changed 180 degrees, and he repeatedly said,”Too shocking, Huawei is not the Chinese company I imagined.” The last day was gone. Earlier, the CTO gave a thumbs up to the account manager:”Huawei’s products are absolutely trustworthy.”

After the interview, due to the recognition of Huawei by the customer’s decision-makers, Huawei’s equipment went into the customer procurement short. List. In the following period, Huawei continuously participated in the procurement bidding of Company B and successfully obtained a large number of orders.

According to the customer’s experience, we also adjusted the visit order of the”Silk Road”, put the field experience to the front, and the conference exchange was put in the last link.

As an important part of customer communication,”Silk Road” has been striving for excellence and enhancing experience. Through such a path, the vast majority of overseas customers will experience a psychological change from unfamiliar to familiar, from rejection to surprise, whether they are familiar with China or Huawei, so that customers will transform from intuitive understanding to complete recognition of technology, concept, and brand. Orientation approval.

Building an intelligent display benchmark in the photovoltaic industry

The industry event that the photovoltaic industry has to mention is the annual Shanghai SNEC exhibition. Pound customers will gather in Shanghai for the grand event. This is a big platform for a hundred schools of thought to contend and a hundred flowers blossom. We also know that this is the best time to”show muscles”.

In 2015, Huawei’s smart photovoltaic solution was fully upgraded, integrating a new smart photovoltaic controller using PLC (power line communication) technology, a smart photovoltaic wireless transmission system, and a smart operation and maintenance cloud center management platform. In order to demonstrate the value of”visible, manageable and controllable” of the Yingwei Cloud Center, we decided to display through remote experience and remotely mirror the customer intelligent operation and maintenance center in Hohhot thousands of miles away to the Shanghai booth, and Tuoketuo County power plant site real-time intelligent remote operation and maintenance.

The plan is always good, but the action is very stressful. Not to mention that the demonstration requires the cooperation of at least three power stations in Shanghai, Hohhot, and Tuoketuo County. Only the operation and maintenance center in Hohhot is connected to the Shanghai platform. The previously scheduled network simply cannot meet the bandwidth requirements. The project team started urgent action and contacted the operator in charge of the exhibition network, and was told that it would take three months to open a dedicated line according to the standard process. But there was only more than a month left in the exhibition, so we set up a research team. A colleague Bin in the department is responsible for special line affairs. He stays with the operator customers every day. After a week of soft grinding and hard soaking, the customers are moved by sincerity and overcome many internal difficulties. A green channel was opened and a dedicated line was opened.

After the dedicated line was opened, Bin immediately rushed to the Tuoketuo Power Station in Inner Mongolia to conduct commissioning with local partners. At that time, the conditions were relatively difficult. Everyone basically built a guest house and a power station at two points and one line. During the day, they built the environment, digging holes and erecting CPE, pulling special lines, installing machines, etc., and went back to sleep in the middle of the night and went out to work after the morning. After getting up and working in the dark for three weeks, I finally got through. When I returned to Shanghai to meet again, I almost didn’t recognize him. He used to be a talented man who had returned from studying abroad. He was handsome and his hair was waxed. The shoes were always spotless. Now he has a shaggy beard. The front of the shoes is cracked. There are still trouser legs Mud, I can’t help but sigh:Sure enough, no ordinary people can stick to Huawei!

The exhibition takes only three days to set up. Our booth design is more complicated. We need to highlight digital elements and demonstrate 4G-LTE and the Smart Cloud Cloud Center. Almost everyone in the department stays overnight. The brand team Responsible for booth construction, the media group is responsible for media promotion, and the MO group is responsible for content output and debugging, with clear division of labor, each performing its own duties, and being busy and orderly. At ten o’clock in the evening before the opening, we started the rehearsal and found that the network of the exhibition hall was very unstable, and the pictures from Inner Mongolia were delayed, which affected the viewing experience. Bin dealt with the special line problem overnight. The operator’s engineering team workers originally worked overtime in the suburbs of Shanghai. Bin used to accompany him to finish the work, and then invited him back to the exhibition hall. After debugging all night, the special line was finally transferred. This time, the picture was very smooth. We all secretly breathed a sigh of relief, hurriedly returned to the hotel to take a shower and change clothes, and then returned to the booth to open the door to welcome guests.

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With the help of 4G, smart photovoltaic terminals, etc., Huawei experts at the exhibition site can remotely guide the automation of power plant site operation and maintenance personnel through real-time video and voice communication Efficient operation and maintenance, successfully demonstrated the functions of mobile operation and maintenance, remote diagnosis, big data analysis, UAV thermal imaging inspection, intelligent security, etc. The effect of a leaf, the shadow of a wire or a backward component with hot spots on the power generation The impact can be accurately seen in real time, attracting hundreds of customers to stop and watch. The immersive experience made the scene burst into applause from time to time. In three days, we received more than 10,000 customers, and the booth was always crowded from morning to night. After the exhibition, the front-line orders surged, which also inspired us.

We strive to set Huawei Photovoltaic as the benchmark of the exhibition every year. We will pursue continuous innovation and excellence in form every year. We will carefully display Huawei’s latest innovations in the field of smart photovoltaics and plan a series of themes. Activities, such as inverter silk road, GCTC visit, smart photovoltaic appreciation dinner and new product launch, overseas channel conference, China ecological partner conference, overseas VIP customer reception, etc. Through a series of activities and operations, it creates opportunities for intimate contact with customers, shortens the distance with customers, strengthens customer stickiness, and wins customer recognition.

Precision marketing, build nests in places where there are phoenixes

By the end of 2015, we have been making great strides in private enterprises, but we have not been successful in central enterprises and state-owned enterprises. Breakthrough in scale has become a problem for everyone.

The S customer of a large-scale energy central enterprise is one of the leaders in the new energy industry, and Huawei has been unable to enter. At the end of the year, the frontline inquired that their annual meeting was held in a training center in a certain district of Beijing, and leaders from all provinces and cities would come to attend. So Huawei quickly locked in a nearby hotel, built a full-scene smart photovoltaic solution overnight the night before the customer’s annual meeting, and dispatched first-level experts on site to facilitate communication with customers at any time.

On the first day, there was still snow outside, so we opened the door early to welcome the guests. In the morning, the account manager reported that customers were in a meeting and no one was willing to come; at noon, customers were all gathering for dinner and it was not convenient to go out; by 6 o’clock in the afternoon, there was still no customer. We were anxious like ants on a hot pot. At almost nine o’clock in the evening, we finally waited for a call from the customer manager, saying that we had invited some high-level customers in some areas and were on their way. The anxiety of a day turns into infinite motivation in an instant. The reception that night was particularly successful, and the customers were moved by our sincerity and attracted by the plan. The next day, several regional customers came one after another. In the evening, some customers called us to ask us to open one day, and their group chairman also came to visit. We quickly arranged for high-level meeting and asked them and technical experts to conduct in-depth discussions on Huawei’s latest smart photovoltaic solutions.

The new solution effectively meets the pain points of customers, can meet the needs of power station construction in different regions and different scenarios, and realize the integration of fishing and agricultural scenes. After the customer chairman sees real-time power station data, he is on the spot According to his team, it is necessary to adopt as many intelligent photovoltaic solutions as possible that are deeply integrated with the scene.

The effect of this event is extraordinary. In the hearts of customers, especially senior leaders, they have a full understanding and high attention to Huawei. With the first success, we immediately quickly copied this model and held more than 20 precision marketing campaigns in 13 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, and Urumqi, covering more than 1,500 central and state-owned enterprise customers.

Same investment to provide customers with higher return value

In mid-2019, with the release of the online parity index, China’s photovoltaic market has been given a new lease of life As the province with the largest share of bids, Q province has naturally become a battleground for military strategists. However, after the first contact with a few customers, everyone’s reaction was unexpectedly indifferent. Among them, X Company’s attitude was particularly obvious.

Company X is a new energy company under the local power organization. It has always been friendly to Huawei. In 2017, it purchased a batch of Huawei inverters. However, when we visited again in 2019, the company’s top leader showed Feeling uninterested, I told us that he is not responsible for the technology, so let’s connect with the project director.

This made us puzzled. After some visits, we discovered that several of our equipment failed during the previous phase of project cooperation, but Huawei failed to deal with it in time. Huawei’s favorability has dropped significantly. In addition, the design institute responsible for designing solutions for customers is still using the previous generation of Huawei solutions for calculations. In the eyes of customers, Huawei’s solutions are less competitive.

After figuring out the crux, we quickly adjusted our strategy. I immediately asked the local operation and maintenance team to check the problem on site, and found R&D experts to communicate with the customer operation and maintenance team to clarify that the problem was caused by improper installation, and it could be completely resolved after the system was upgraded. Two days later, a complete failure analysis report was submitted to the CEO, and the CEO’s response speed to Huawei was greatly improved.

At the same time, we seize every opportunity to deliver Huawei’s new generation of solutions to customers, which has the value concept of lower electricity costs. What customers care about at the beginning is the price of each piece of equipment, but in fact, the advantage of our solution is not to reduce the price of each piece of equipment, but to help end-to-end from the equipment itself, cable selection to the construction process, etc. Customers reduce costs and bring greater benefits.

With this concept, the marketing team has output a set of solution marketing materials. Every time we meet with customers, we will bring new materials. The customer’s technical engineers later bluntly said that they are expecting us again every time. What will bring them refreshing things. After many explanations, the CEO finally felt Huawei’s sincerity and the advantages of the solution. He called us and the design institute together and said that the priority should be given to adopting Huawei’s solution, but the premise is not to increase the initial investment.

The turning point is finally here! Together with the design institute, we disassembled the project item by item, including optimizing cables, shut-off boxes and switch selection, shortening the construction and elimination cycle, etc., worked for several days, and finally reduced the initial investment of the Huawei solution to the customer Within expectations. When this result was confirmed by the design institute, the account manager and I took a sigh of relief – this originally hopeless project was completed!

In the end, Huawei exclusively won the project. The CEO once chatted with me and the account manager and said that every day when he arrived at the company, he saw us waiting for him at the door of the office. He felt embarrassed that the project was not given to Huawei. But we all know that the core value of a new generation of solutions with”equal end-to-end investment and lower cost per kilowatt-hour” is the key to our success in winning this project.


As everyone said, product is king, customer relationship is the primary productivity, and I think marketing is the catalyst. As a new participant, Huawei’s inverter business can become the world’s first in just a few years. In addition to the product itself, I personally believe that marketing has also played a very important role in promoting, especially in the early stages of entering the market. For example, the product reliability experience at the on-site meeting, the remote operation and maintenance experience at the exhibition, the company’s strength experience at the company headquarters, and the power generation improvement experience at the site visit of the model power station. These marketing measures always focus on customer needs and product value, and through customers The way of experience allows customers to trust and forget, and ultimately win loyal customers.

The establishment of a brand is a arduous and gradual process. Persist in value marketing, allow customers to experience in depth, and truly understand the core value of our products. This will not only win customer recognition, but also guide and change the industry until Lead the industry.