Last night, Huawei officially held a full-scene press conference, bringing us a variety of new hardware products, but this is actually a global press conference, some products are marketed for the first time, some we have already seen Over.

The first is the Huawei FreeBuds Pro true wireless noise-cancelling headset, which is also the flagship product of the Huawei TWS series. The storage box of the entire headset is relatively round, and the grip will be very good. However, the shape of the headset is similar to that of Apple’s AirPods Pro, with an in-ear design and three colors of black, white and silver.

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The headset is also equipped with three sets of silicone earplugs to support the use of software To monitor the fit between the headset and the ear.

Of course, the main focus of this headset is noise reduction. Huawei FreeBuds Pro supports intelligent dynamic noise reduction, which can quickly identify the environment and automatically reduce noise in light , Switch between balanced noise reduction and deep noise reduction. In other words, this headset can be more intelligent according to the environment to perform a more suitable noise reduction mode.

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The headset body can have 4.5 hours of battery life, with storage The battery that comes with the box can last up to 30 hours. The price is 199 euros abroad, the wired charging version of the Bank of China is priced at 1,099 yuan, and the wireless charging version is priced at 1,199 yuan.

The second one is Freelace Pro, which has been released in China. It is a neck-mounted headset that also has active noise reduction and has 24 hours Long battery life, supports USB-C fast charge, comes in three colors of black, green, and pink, and is priced at 599 yuan by Bank of China.

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The next one is Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, with classic There are two versions, one is the sports version. Compared with GT 2, this watch has a smaller frame and a higher screen-to-body ratio. It is equipped with a 1.39-inch circular OLED display with a resolution of 454*454, and a 46mm version is also available.

Its shell is made of stainless steel, and the strap can be replaced at will according to personal preference. Of course, as a smart watch, it certainly performs well in exercise detection and health monitoring. It not only provides a variety of conventional fitness functions, such as pedometer, heart rate monitoring, etc., but also supports multiple sports modes, such as golfing. , Tennis, etc.

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Watch GT 2 Pro uses 32MB running memory and 4GB storage , Support Bluetooth 5.1 connection, you can also listen to locally stored music without smart phone connection. Another interesting point is that this watch also supports one-touch transfer between Huawei computers and mobile phones, and the watch can also transfer photos with the phone.

In addition, it can have 30 hours of battery life when GPS is turned on, and it can also use the reverse wireless charging of the mobile phone when it is out of power. However, the price of this watch has not yet been announced by the National Bank, and the price starts at 329 Euros abroad.

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The next appearance is also the Huawei Watch series, called Huawei Watch Fit, mainly focusing on sports and fitness. Although it belongs to Watch, the shape of this watch is completely different from Watch GT. It uses a 1.64-inch AMOLED square 2.5D micro-curved display, which looks more square and tough overall.

The resolution is 280*456, with a pixel density of 326PPI, three colors and four silicone straps are provided. Huawei Watch Fit supports the monitoring of weather display, heart rate, menstrual period, sleep and other data. Yu Chengdong also said that it can have an ultra-long battery life of 10 days in moderate use.

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This watch also did not announce the national bank price. The price is 129 euros.

The last is the Huawei MateBook X and MateBook 14 notebooks that have been released in China before. Among them, the biggest feature of MateBook X is lightness and thinness. Although the body has a 13-inch screen, the overall body size is smaller than a piece of A4 paper, with a maximum thickness of 13.6mm and a weight of less than 1KG, which is very suitable for mobile office.

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In general, this time Huawei is mainly in ecological Follow-up on the previous year, Huawei officially announced the strategy of 1+8+N last year. The product released this time is to improve the”8″. Of course, perfecting the product line is only one aspect, the most worthy of attention is the interconnection between these products.

The product is just a product, it is not difficult to make, but it is possible to connect them to each other and build an ecological empire of its own. This is Huawei worthy of praise The place. I hope that Huawei will work harder. When Hongmeng matures, it will be when Huawei stands up.

How about, are there any products you like this time?