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The Long March is a great miracle in human history, composing a magnificent epic of revolutionary heroism. The Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army demonstrated firm ideals and convictions and perseverance heroism in the Long March, which is the best interpretation of the original intention and mission of the Chinese Communists. It’s not enough for me to refute the historical facts of”Flying the Luding Bridge without another picture.

This year marks the 85th anniversary of the Red Army’s victory in the”Flying Luding Bridge. For a long time,”Flying over the Luding Bridge” has been regarded as a typical example of the Red Army’s bravery, tenacity and fear of sacrifice. However, in recent years, some people have raised questions about this, and even misrepresented it to confuse the public. For example, the British writer Zhang Rong declared:”Actually, there was no fighting at Luding Bridge. When the Red Army arrived on May 29, Luding Bridge was not guarded by the Kuomintang troops.””Fighted a war”, it is determined that”Flying over Luding Bridge” is purely fiction. She also said that she had interviewed a 93-year-old local woman. The old man said that the Red Army”fighted over with one shot and one shot,” and then”slowly crossed the bridge”, and”not hit” when crossing the bridge. Zhang Rong also”cited” another piece of material, saying that Deng Xiaoping once said to Brzezinski in 1982:”This is just for propaganda, we need to show the fighting spirit of our army. Actually, there is no war.” In addition, two In the book”The Long March of Two” written by a British man named Li Aide and Mapuan after re-traveling the Long March, they quoted an interview with an 86-year-old local witness, Li Guoxiu:”The Red Army began fighting at 8 am. It fought for a day and a night. The common people led the way, the Red Army followed behind, and several common people were hit by the KMT and fell into the river.” The nature of this material is even worse:the Red Army actually forced the people to lead the way and act as human shields.

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Obviously, these statements are all attempts to deny the heroic deeds of the Red Army”flying to capture the Luding Bridge”. But in fact, both of the above statements are quite fallacies.

First of all,”Flying to capture the Luding Bridge” does not only refer to the battle to capture the bridge, but also includes the forced march of 240 miles a day and night. The situation at that time was:the Red Army captured the Dadu River Anshunchang Ferry, but because there were too few ferries, it would take a long time for all of them to cross. And the enemy chasing troops have approached. Therefore, the Central Revolutionary Military Commission decided that part of the troops would continue to cross the river from Anshun Field, while the larger troops would cross the river from the upstream Luding Bridge. The central government handed over the task of capturing Luding Bridge to Yang Chengwu, who had been a pioneer since the Long March Red Four Regiment, and initially gave him a 3-day time limit. . A total of 320 miles from Anshun Field to Luding Bridge, the Red Fourth Regiment marched for 80 miles on the first day, but the central emergency dispatched on the second day, ordering the Red Fourth Regiment to take the Luding Bridge the next day, which means that the remaining 240 miles are rugged. The mountain trail must be completed in one day, which is equivalent to completing three marathons in one day. In this sense,”Feiduo” is completely valid.

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Flying over the Luding Bridge (oil painting), author Liu Guoshu

Furthermore, whether there has been a battle on the Luding Bridge, the above two statements are also contradictory. Chang Rong said that”there was no fighting at all,” while Li Aide and others said”fighting for a day and a night”. Has there ever been a fight? Zhang Rong said that Luding Bridge was not guarded by the Kuomintang army, while Li Aide and others said that a few people were shot by the Kuomintang and fell into the river. So, are there any Kuomintang troops? One of them asked a 93-year-old man, and the other asked an 86-year-old man. The sources were all oral materials. In contrast, the more historical value should be the original archives from the enemy. Among the”Relics of President Chiang Kai-shek” in the”National History Museum” of Taiwan is a telegram sent by Xikang warlord Liu Wenhui to Chiang Jieshi, stating that his subordinates are”Lu The Dingqiao Li regiment fought against the bandits along the river. This battle took place on May 29, 1935, which was the day the Red Army flew over the Luding Bridge. The term”fighting” here undoubtedly shows that Zhang Rong’s claim that”there was no one in the Kuomintang’s countless newsletters at the time that the Luding Bridge was fought” was a reckless and unpretentious judgment. In addition, the so-called”Red Army forcing the people to lead the way” by Li Aide and others are also unfounded. Later, someone checked the matter with Li Guoxiu, and she categorically denied that such remarks had been said.

As for Zhang Rong’s quotation of what Deng Xiaoping said to Brzezinski, there are also big problems. After checking the”Deng Xiaoping Chronicle”, Deng Xiaoping did not meet Brzezinski in 1982. The meeting took place in 1981, and Zhang Rong first got it wrong. In 1981, Brzezinski and his family went to the Dadu River and Luding Bridge to investigate, and then returned to Beijing to talk with Deng Xiaoping about their impressions of the trip. According to what he later said in a speech in the United States, Deng Xiaoping told him:This is our propaganda, and we need to use it to express the fighting spirit of our army. In fact, this was a very simple military operation. The warlords on the other side have mostly old rifles, which are vulnerable to a single blow. And Zhang Rong quoted:”This is just for propaganda. We need to show the fighting spirit of our army. Actually, there is no war.” In contrast, the first sentence means the same thing, and the heroic spirit of the Red Army is of course. It is worthy of publicity. The enemy would not retreat on its own if it were not for the brave attack of the Red Army. However, there is an obvious problem with the latter sentence. Deng Xiaoping said that this was a military operation and did not say that”there was no war in fact.” Obviously, Zhang Rong deliberately misinterpreted Deng Xiaoping’s words and fabricated a rumor. The reason why Deng Xiaoping said lightly is related to his commanding experience of participating in countless big battles, as well as his light weight and language habits. Deng Xiaoping once said:”After the battle across the river, apart from Sanye fought a battle in Shanghai, what are the other major battles?” In this connection, the battle of Luding Bridge was classified as”a very simple military operation.” , It is not surprising.

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The Luding Bridge on the Dadu River. Xinhua News Agency Data Map

From the perspective of historical data from all parties, the historical facts of”Flying over Luding Bridge” are clear. With the Kuomintang Central Army and the Sichuan Army surrounded by the front and back, trying to eliminate the Red Army in the dangerous situation on the Dadu River, the Red Army commanders and fighters used a fearless fighting spirit to force their troops to reach Luding Bridge day and night, which completely defeated the enemy’s original combat plan. The defenders on the east bank of the Luding Bridge had no idea that the Red Army had reached the west bank just after part of the bridge deck was demolished, so they had to stop their actions and flee the bridge. After interviewing many Red Army soldiers, American reporter Snow wrote:“When the Red Army arrived, they found that half of the planks had been pried away. There was only an empty iron rope between them and the center of the river.” The Red Fourth Regiment urgently collected planks for use. To pave the bridge, the attack began at 4 pm on the 29th. Yang Chengwu ordered the troops to concentrate all their weapons and fire on the opposite shore, successfully suppressing the enemy’s firepower. According to Nie Rongzhen’s recollection, the commando”layed the door panels on the chain bridge and shot forward while crawling.” At the same time, another unit that crossed the river from Anshun field also outflanked and quickly approached Luding Bridge. The enemy was defeated by the enemy and finally defeated.

For many years, with the continuous deepening of Long March research, through the mutual verification of various historical data, the details of many important historical events in the process of the Long March have been supplemented, and individual errors in the existing research have also been corrected. For example, in the restoration of the historical details of the”Flying over the Luding Bridge”, the original description of the Red Army soldiers”climbing the bridge fence and rushing to the opposite bank on the iron cable” in the battle for the bridge was corrected by relevant historical materials. This is a normal move in the process of historical research and does not deny the basic historical facts of the Luding Bridge Battle.

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Sculptures in the Luding Bridge Memorial Hall. Photo by Xinhua News Agency

“Flying over the Luding Bridge” not only created a miracle in military history, but more importantly, it has great strategic significance for the victory of the Long March. Brzezinski said in the article”A Pilgrimage Along the Route of the Long March” published by the American magazine”Life”:”The Battle of Luding Bridge is the most important battle in the Long March… If the crossing of the river fails, if the Red Army fails under artillery fire. Shaken, or the Kuomintang destroyed the bridge, then China’s later history may have to be rewritten.” After this battle, Chiang Kai-shek’s dream of turning the Red Army into a second Shi Dakai with the help of the Dadu River was completely shattered, and the Red Army defeated the Kuomintang. The army’s pursuit of north and south blocks successfully opened the way forward, laying a solid foundation for the successful reunion of the Red First and Fourth Front Army. In May 1985, Luding held a grand ceremony for the 50th anniversary of the Red Army’s capture of Luding Bridge and the foundation laying ceremony for the Luding Bridge Monument. Deng Xiaoping was pleased to inscribe the name of the monument”Red Army’s Capture of Luding Bridge”.

Source:Central Committee of the Communist Youth League