On September 10th, the 2020 Huawei Developer Conference officially opened, and the newly upgraded EMUI 11 was released. EMUI 11 focuses on three main highlights:art for people, AOD  is renewed and immersed in artistic themes; suitable for people, smooth motion in one mirror, natural and comfortable gesture navigation, multi-sensory coordination of sound and vibration; easy for people, more wisdom Windows and multi-screen keyboards and mice work together.

  According to Huawei, the new EMUI interface provides a more comfortable visual perception and interaction. By introducing the coherent effect of the film to the end, the dynamic design is smoother and the interface elements are maintained Always visible, providing a more immersive reading and operating experience. In addition, EMUI 11 further strengthens the protection of user data security and privacy, and provides functions such as photo sharing and privacy memos.

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  In addition, EMUI 11 also supports distributed technology, which improves the multi-screen collaborative experience. The newly upgraded multi-screen collaboration function supports the simultaneous opening of 3 mobile phone application windows on the PC side after the mobile phone is connected to the PC, and the multi-task operation in the mobile phone is presented on the computer screen in a flatter manner, improving efficiency and experience.

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  The upgraded Huawei Changlian function also uses distributed technology to support cross-terminal audio and video call experience, anthropomorphic interaction, screen sharing and other functions. For users who like to chase dramas, EMUI 11 has a feature not to be missed-by taking advantage of AI, the new”AI subtitle function” is launched. When watching a video, it can translate English, Japanese, and Korean into real-time audio content based on the audio content. Chinese subtitle. Even raw meat without”wild subtitles” can easily”understand”. In addition, EMUI 11 also supports translation of text and image content. Press the text to select a word or paragraph for translation, and the content of the picture is to press with two fingers. Supported languages ​​include Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

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  Huawei said that it will officially open BETA on September 10, including Huawei P40, Mate 30, MatePad Pro series and other 10 models to support first, followed by Honor 30/V30 , Huawei nova 7 and more models will also be upgraded.