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This year’s new crown epidemic

The most severe period

Fresh food e-commerce platform is in

The vegetable market is not open

The days of home isolation

Helped thousands of households to solve the problem of buying food and eating

Dingdong shopping for food became famous because of the first battle p>

getUrls?link=3e981a0fb60651b13ed59e138c932bed - During the epidemic, have you used Dingdong to buy vegetables? The founder revealed for the first time the secret behind the"fire"

Founder of Dingdong Maicai

Liang Changlin, 48 years old this year

I immediately joined the business world after being demobilized from the army

18 consecutive years of entrepreneurship

Now I have established Dingdong Maicai

More than 3 years of”selling food” on the Internet

The most common comments from employees are also

“Lao Liang has a good temper”

“Lao Liang is very funny”

or”Lao Liang Liang especially can insist”



Liang Changlin accepted

Jiefang Daily·Shangguan News Interview

His entrepreneurial journey

What kind of Ups and downs?

How did you pass the hurdles?

Let’s listen to this together

The founder who is loved and close to employees

Talk about the”secret” about persistence

getUrls?link=5379e81d899bf722f12d50f606dc9782 - During the epidemic, have you used Dingdong to buy vegetables? The founder revealed for the first time the secret behind the"fire"

Working photo of Liang Changlin. Photo by Luan Yin


Lao Liang Yougu Military popularity:Ban inch head, wearing the company’s black cultural shirt, embroidered on the sleeves of the word”Iron Army”, quite uniform.

“The spirit of the iron army is exactly what Internet companies need.” Lao Liang said that he was born in rural Anhui and went to a military school. After graduating from the School of Electronic Warfare of National University of Defense Technology, he served in the army for 12 years, mainly engaged in teaching and scientific research. After being demobilized in 2002, he dragged his suitcase and went straight to Shanghai. I was sitting on the second line of the subway and saw that the only station name of”Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Station” had the word”Gaoke”, so he came without hesitation and kept it till now… he breathed a sigh of relief Said a lot, as if these things happened yesterday.

getUrls?link=4b9b19401c0e28f238ecd343f021b290 - During the epidemic, have you used Dingdong to buy vegetables? The founder revealed for the first time the secret behind the"fire"

Will the style of obeying orders and observing discipline conflict with the entrepreneurial spirit of daring to make a fortune? Lao Liang told reporters that he used all the good styles in the military to start a business.”Playing on the right track and going straight is the most basic requirement for soldiers. When you come out to start a business, this habit is still deeply ingrained.”

Indeed, he does not go on the road to entrepreneurship. The shortcut is always perceiving the user’s most urgent needs, which has also brought him rich returns.

The first time he started his own business, Lao Liang discovered that there was no video editing software on the market. He developed the world’s first video cutting and merging tool to share software It sold more than 50,000 copies and earned 800,000 US dollars. In 2002, this sum of money was not small enough to buy 5 houses in Shanghai. Is it to be content with the status quo, or to advance bravely? At that time, Liang had just turned 30, he finally chose a”tossing road”-to continue his business.

At that time, a group of”post-80s” were new parents, but no one told these young people what was going on with their children, so he built a mother and baby Community”Yaya.com” (Mother’s help). When the community was the hottest, he derived the”Dingdong Community” from it, and discovered the need for people to”hope someone to buy food for them”. This has also made Dingdong grocery shopping-work hard on the”vegetable basket” and use Internet technology to”make good ingredients at your fingertips like tap water and universal.”

It’s not easy to do the little thing of”selling vegetables” honestly. Many fresh food e-commerce companies want to tie-in merchandise categories with higher gross profit margins as soon as there are more users, but Lao Liang did not do so. E-commerce marketing techniques have emerged one after another. Dingdong Maicai started to get involved in e-commerce and also wanted to learn fancy marketing. He cooperated with third-party platforms to”subtract 25 yuan from 49 yuan”, but Lao Liang found that users could not really benefit from it. , So it quickly withdrew, and then resolutely resisted those”skilled” marketing.

Nowadays, Dingdong’s “direct picking from the place of origin + pre-storage + delivery to home in the fastest 29 minutes” model established by Dingdong Shopping has become more and more popular on the fresh track. The more stable. Lao Liang also applied the management model of the army to team management. He believed that”the front line is like an army and the headquarters is like a band.” Everyone can fully collide ideas and achieve the effect of complementing each other and complementing each other. At present, there are nearly 500 retired military personnel in the company team, and 4 of the senior executives are demobilized military personnel. A regional leader who served in the Armed Police Force told reporters that he often patrols stations and talks with frontline staff to help solve problems. Like the ideological work in the army, it brings everyone together and strives for a common goal.


In Lao Liang’s team, there are Many people have followed him from the previous start-up company until now.”Senior employees” know that Lao Liang is not without failure.

The Dingdong community will not be able to start in 2014, the financing of funds is almost burned out, 700 people left only 30 people. An old employee said that one day, they sat in an office of 1,000 square meters and looked at the scene of the company”breaking the bank”, feeling very depressed. Someone shouted in the office:”Let’s run.” Everyone got up and ran around the park for 1.1 kilometers. Everyone started running every day to decompress.

In the matter of running, Lao Liang said that he had”a huge harvest”. He told reporters that in difficult times, he felt that he needed a motivation and a “supervision”, so he launched a “challenge” in the WeChat Moments:“From today on, I will continue to run. I ran 10 kilometers with 1 like.” He received 94 likes, which is 940 kilometers. He divided it into 94″bidding sections”, 10 kilometers per day. Even if you are on a business trip, you must complete the task of running regardless of weather or rain.

getUrls?link=be402aa6fcfbd84d0c943659f3b583c8 - During the epidemic, have you used Dingdong to buy vegetables? The founder revealed for the first time the secret behind the"fire"

Lao Liang Running data

Later Liang wrote an article in the WeChat public account shared by the internal staff of Dingdong Shopping:”For 100 days, I insist After 100 days of running in the morning, I have not found any excuses to give up or interrupt. They all say that persistence is the hardest thing in the world, but looking back at these 100 days, it seems that it is not difficult, and there is no need to die with myself.”

Lao Liang reflected and felt that he had two secrets about persistence——

  • The first secret to insist:The idea must be simple.

Compared with”earning him 100 million first”, he has set a simpler goal of”getting up and running early every day”. He told reporters that one morning, when the rain was very heavy, he ran in a corridor in the community. That morning, he ran very slowly. The route recorded by the mobile phone software was like a mess of wool;

  • The second secret to insist:let people around you supervise you.

Lao Liang feels that a person, no matter how strong the perseverance, may be defeated by himself, but if he can find a group of people to supervise When you push yourself at a critical time, your combat effectiveness will increase rapidly.

Since then, a group of people in the company have followed him for a run, and now Dingdong Maicai has created a cohesive”Dingdong Run!””The running club. The team has become the main force in long-distance races in Zhangjiang area every year. It has traveled to many cities and abroad. More importantly, since then, a spirit began to take root in the team. Those who run together have gradually become the main force of the company.

getUrls?link=ebb235a8e9d765248885d35767addba1 - During the epidemic, have you used Dingdong to buy vegetables? The founder revealed for the first time the secret behind the"fire"

“ding Boom Run!” is a cohesive running club.

The reporter was deeply impressed by Lao Liang’s remarks. He said:“Entrepreneurship is a marathon, and long-distance running is a practice. Colleagues in the company, who have done many things together and experienced various difficulties, will have much higher acceptance and trust between each other.”

Nowadays, the old In a relaxed tone, Liang told reporters about those difficulties:At that time, in order to return all the investment funds related to the failed Dingdong community project to the investors, he flew back and forth to Beijing and sold the stable operation of Yaya. Wang (Mom’s Gang), one person can bear the failure and let all investors”unharmed”…



Many users said that Dingdong was used to buy food during the epidemic. The knock on the door of the delivery brother during the home quarantine period became one of the most anticipated voices of many people. One.

It seems that Dingdong’s popularity is due to the outbreak of the epidemic, just in time for the fresh food platform. But Lao Liang did not agree with this statement. He felt that since its establishment in 2017, Dingdong Maicai has been tenacious and steadfast until the day when Fengkou found himself. He compared the competition of fresh food e-commerce to an iceberg. What is seen at sea level is scale, and what is not seen below sea level are organizational capabilities, supply chain capabilities, and data algorithm capabilities.

During the epidemic, Lao Liang and more than a dozen senior executives of the company gathered online every night to discuss strategic adjustments in the event of a flood of orders.

getUrls?link=63a14ecb34735c2d71f716d754019ddc - During the epidemic, have you used Dingdong to buy vegetables? The founder revealed for the first time the secret behind the"fire"

The earliest adjustment is the algorithm. Many users will place orders at midnight in order to rush to stock up on food during the epidemic. However, fresh vegetables were not available at the time. Only seasonings and other standard items were available for ordering. As a result, users would order again in the morning. A single order of vegetables increases the transportation cost invisibly.

After the algorithm found this problem, the management made a decision to uniformly advance the order time in the system to 6 o’clock, effectively consolidating the time for users to place orders; The distribution method has also changed. From relying on the personal ability of the distribution brother, it is based on the district block scheduling, and the system is used for centralized distribution of routes and centralized sorting.

Some strategies of Lao Liang, which were once not optimistic, were confirmed in this year’s epidemic. Lao Liang started aquatic products as one of the categories on the platform because he felt there was a demand from users. When the platform was just launched, Ding Dong Mai Cai specially invited experts in the fresh food industry to come and give guidance. Experts at the time suggested that live fish and shrimp must not be cooked, and fish and shrimp should not be sold after 20-year-old dishes, because the loss is extremely high. However, Liang Changlin didn’t believe in evil, and he persisted. In order to ensure the freshness of live fish and shrimp, he launched a self-developed recyclable oxygen box. Facts have proved that aquatic products have become one of the favorite categories of users during the epidemic period when the vegetable market cannot be opened.

There are also category adjustments. Lao Liang decided to launch new products such as”large copies” on the seventh day of the first lunar month during the epidemic, and the average price dropped by 30%. Investors and management team are worried that it will cause pressure on platform revenue, but Lao Liang still insists on setting up a supply guarantee team of more than 100 people during the holiday. Starting from New Year’s Eve, all purchasers will be sent to cooperating Yunnan, Guizhou, Shandong, etc. For agricultural producing areas, coordinate the resumption of work by personnel in producing areas to ensure the supply of products during the epidemic.

Dingdong did not implement the direct harvesting model at the origin from the beginning, but now Lao Liang is looking for the direction of”reforming upstream and empowering agriculture”. What he really wants to do is to provide farmers with good income and citizens to have good dishes.


“We grow revenue It’s very stable.” In Lao Liang’s mouth, such high growth seems to be “common”:annual revenue of 38 million yuan in 2017, 747 million yuan in 2018, 5 billion yuan in 2019, and 150 million yuan in 2020. -18 billion yuan.

Does not stand in line with Internet giants Dingdong Shopping, but the shareholder list is mostly well-known investment institutions, including GA (Pan Atlantic), Gaorong Capital, Morning Ventures, Red Star Macalline, Tiger (Tiger China), Sequoia China, Capital Today, Chinese Cultural Fund, etc., at their peak, announced new financing almost every two months. Today, Dingdong Shopping is valued at more than US$2 billion.

In the capital market, Lao Liang is also very optimistic.

Gao Rong Capital is the first investment institution of Dingdong Maicai. It has invested in four rounds, and was the only investor in the first two rounds. According to Han Rui, a partner of Gaorong Capital, the procurement process of the fresh food industry is extremely complicated. The same dishes will also have different qualities and varieties. At the same time, the purchase of fresh food is on the market. Poor management will directly lead to a decline in the quality of the purchased products. . When conducting due diligence on Dingdong Maicai, what impressed Han Rui was that Lao Liang had more management and organization skills, and his execution ability could be carried through to the end. This kind of tough personality, strong organization and fresh food e-commerce are particularly matched. This made Han Rui believe that if someone can become a fresh food e-commerce company, Liang Changlin is very likely to be one of them.

Gao Rong Capital divides fresh food into two directions. The first direction focuses on first-tier cities. Users pursue convenience, are willing to exchange money for time, and support fast The other direction focuses on sinking the market, users pursue cost-effectiveness and spend time for money. Han Rui believes that if the optimal solution that meets consumers’ needs infinitely is called the”Doraemon model”, then the business model closest to the”Doraemon model” is the front warehouse, which will be delivered to home in 30 minutes. And he found that the monthly usage frequency and half-year retention of users of Dingdong Shopping are higher than those of their peers, which means that users will bring higher value in one year.


Ding How will it develop in the future?

Lao Liang unreservedly said three things that he is most concerned about right now.

The first thing is to improve the digitalization of agriculture. The quality control efficiency of agricultural products has been low, resulting in low product quality. He hopes to use Accurate data to coordinate supply. For example, there is no such thing as”off-season” fruits and vegetables. It is just a matter of changing the place of origin. In the season when there are no winter bamboo shoots and spring bamboo shoots, the platform allows users to eat Zunyi bamboo shoots. For example, when the local 8424 watermelon is off the market, the platform will go to Yunnan to purchase high-quality Kirin watermelon, and use digitalization to achieve national procurement;

The second thing isTo achieve the standardization of agricultural products, from seed quality, pesticide residues to soil quality,”Ding Dong Mai Cai” has now established a research institute to help standard formulation;

The third thing is to improve the agricultural performance mechanism, change the current market situation where good vegetables and bad vegetables have one price, and bad money drives out good money, so that good agricultural products can be sold at good prices through direct mining at the origin . Lao Liang believes that he will be able to win on the battlefield of fresh food.

getUrls?link=4f32ea1ee3903635522b57d138291abc - During the epidemic, have you used Dingdong to buy vegetables? The founder revealed for the first time the secret behind the"fire"

The conversation with Lao Liang was relaxed and pleasant. He is a person who does not feel pressure. Only when the reporter made some suggestions to the platform from a user’s perspective, he would straighten his body a little nervously and immediately record in the notebook.

For example, the text description of special dishes can be more detailed, and timely reminders of out of stock products placed in the shopping cart, etc. Recently, Lao Liang also set up a”Normal Review Class” within the company, requiring all management personnel to carefully analyze the negative reviews of users every day, and immediately come up with a solution. It seems that the value of one bad review is worth one hundred good reviews, which is the driving force for the continuous improvement of the platform.

Since this year, Lao Liang has spent half of his time in Shanghai, while the other half has been spent investigating the production area. From the pig farm in Nanyang, Henan to the Jiwei shrimp base in Yangjiang, Guangdong, from the small banana plantation in Hainan to the organic vegetable greenhouse in Ningxia, he had a thorough understanding of everything. He often picks up a large backpack that is placed at his desk at any time, and goes on business trips with his colleagues as soon as he says. “I book airline tickets and hotels with my mobile phone. When I get there, I will also look for scenic running places.” All this is a kind of enjoyment for him.