The life of the big brother Du Yuesheng during the Republic of China is full of legends. The gangster seems to be able to shake Shanghai during the Republic of China. Ladies and gentlemen, the successful celebrities at that time will have many romantic”history of the wind and moon”, and Du Yuesheng is no exception. Among the most talked about by future generations, were those between him and Meng Xiaodong.

Du Yuesheng pursues women and eats the mother and daughter with a trivial matter

According to historical records, Du Yuesheng loves to watch operas, and therefore fancy Meng Xiaodong. It was him who brought Meng Xiaodong to Shanghai, and spared no effort to hold her, which made Meng Xiaodong quickly emerge in the opera world, which also attracted Mei Lanfang’s attention. In the end, the two got married. But Du Yuesheng doesn’t seem willing to let the woman he likes. Therefore, according to Mr. Hu Shi, at noon of one day, a student suddenly came from Mei Lanfang’s home, who claimed to be here for advice.

Du Yuesheng pursues a woman and eats three mothers and daughters with one small thing

Mei Lanfang was very happy when she heard it, so she greeted them into the door to treat her well. Unexpectedly, while Mei Lanfang was not prepared, the student suddenly pulled out a knife, stabbed him, and fled in a hurry. After the incident, Mei Lanfang became more and more angry and suspected that the matter was related to Du Yuesheng. Hu Shi once explicitly stated in his book that after this incident, the relationship between Mei Lanfang and Meng Xiaodong plummeted. The two are often in the Cold War.

Du Yuesheng pursues women and eats three mothers and daughters with one thing

Guys, why should I say this? Because this incident shows that Du Yuesheng is a young gang leader after all, he is quite a hooligan. But the cruel and dark-skinned guy also has a tender side. He even ran to pursue a pair of sister flowers, and finally successfully married them back home. According to historical records, by chance, Du Yuesheng killed Yao Yulan and Yao Yuying, two sisters. These two beauties are actresses. They are charming and lovely, and they sound nice, so Du Yuesheng fell in love with them all at once. If a person such as Du sees a beauty, he can directly come to”overlord pro” and force others to marry him, especially two actors with low status. However, the gangster wants to make others willing to marry her.

Du Yuesheng pursues a woman and eats the mother and daughter with a trivial matter

Just after Du Yuesheng confessed to the sisters of the Yao family, their mother Xiao Lanying was worried. Because the mother was afraid that her daughter married Du Yuesheng and could not live a happy life, she even thought that they might be abandoned by Du. In fact, Xiao Lanying’s worry is not unreasonable. People such as Du have the right to be powerful and ruthless. It is difficult for his wife and concubines to focus on one of them. Du Yuesheng was a smart man, and he immediately solved the problem with only one move.

Du Yuesheng pursues a woman and eats three mothers and daughters with one thing

Du Yuesheng realized that Xiao Lanying’s worry was due to insecurity, so she immediately bought a beautiful big house for them in Shanghai. Three people live. Du Yuesheng dispelled Xiao Lanying’s doubts through actual actions, and successfully married Yao Yulan as the fourth aunt. Yao Yuying died of illness before marrying Du. Later, Du Yuesheng did not abandon Yao Yulan, but after gradually having his aunt Wu Meng Xiaodong, he began to leave Yao Yulan gradually.