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E-commerce promotion festivals are increasing

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But! Don’t be too busy to get excited!

When receiving the goods, if there are these 4 words

Be careful!

Real case

Recently, Ms. Huang received a Paid Express. Although she did not shop online, she was worried about her family , A friend bought it and paid a fee of 138 yuan. After Ms. Huang opened the courier, she found a Pixiu bracelet inside. After asking relatives and friends, she confirmed that no one had bought this item.

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Ms. Huang found the braceletquality rough after careful inspection It’s not worth the money. I immediately dialed the sender number on the express box, but found it was a empty number. I searched the sender for”XX Technology” on the Internet, which is also No such company found. Ms. Huang found out that she had been cheated and called the police.


This is a typical “cash on delivery” scam

An important reason why many people are deceived is that

don’t know the”cash on delivery” The real meaning!

What is cash on delivery?

Cash on delivery in e-commerce (online shopping) refers to collecting the buyer’s payment by the courier company. The goods are delivered to the customer first, and the customer checks After the goods are delivered, the money is given to the delivery person, which is what we often say”one-handed delivery, one-handed delivery”. The payment will then be transferred to the seller’s account.

Key points:Payment

So what”cash on delivery” asks you to pay is not shipping

but the money for the product itself

Such cases are not uncommon

Nanjing police cracked one last year

Cash on delivery cases exceeding 12 million yuan

Finally, 13 The suspect is in criminal detention

These cases have the following similarities!

Analysis of routines

Fill in a fictitious name

As a victim, There is no way to verify the authenticity of a name. But”dare to leave a name” itself is a powerful psychological hint of authenticity, so criminals often fabricate false names or company names.

The contact number is mostly empty or mobile communication terminal

Many criminals will fill in the empty number in the telephone column. Once the victim finds out that he has been cheated, There is no way to contact. What’s more, they will fill in”fixed phone”, but in fact these numbers are mobile communication terminals, that is, the”small smart phone” that has been widely used in the early years and has now been eliminated. When the victim made this call, basically no one answered. Only when the same number is dialed repeatedly within a day, the call will be connected. At this time, in order to prevent the victim from calling the police, the suspect will use various excuses such as sending the wrong goods and returning the goods to postpone his battle.

There is no detailed shipping address

The address left by the criminals on the express delivery bill often looks very real, such as industrial parks, business districts, etc. . Such an address looks a lot like the location of a regular company.

After stealing the victim’s information and sending it in various names

1. Collect consumer courier addresses, directly mail fake and inferior products, and then use”goods Charges will be charged in the form of”Pay on Delivery”.

2, fraudulent use of the name of the merchant, delivery to the door in the form of gift feedback, etc., charging high”shipping”.

3. Post information about free or low-cost gift collection through social media such as WeChat, and then defraud money in the name of freight.

In such a situation

Be sure to carefully verify whether you place an order for yourself or your family


After confirmation, you should unpack and inspect the goods

If you have any doubts, decisively refuse to accept


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In addition to such”pay on delivery” scams

often Online shopping

There are also these situations that need attention!

Express delivery loss scam

[Real case] Ms. Sun received a call from the courier company who claimed to be”customer service”, and the other party stated that it was due to If the express delivery is lost, it can be double compensation, but Alipay’s credit points are required to be more than 700 points. Since Ms. Sun just bought the goods two days ago, there is no doubt, but there is a problem of insufficient account points.”Customer service” immediately stated that she could help her increase her points for free and send a link. Ms. Sun then filled in relevant information such as bank card number, password, verification code as required, but as soon as the information was submitted, Ms. Sun received a bank card deduction of more than 1,000 yuan SMS. When I contacted the other party again, I found that I had been blocked and immediately called the police.

Methods of committing crimes: The criminals obtained the victim’s online shopping information through illegal channels, and then pretended to be a courier company’s staff who lied to the Fill in personal information on the website to steal bank cards or induce them to transfer money.

Customer Service Compensation Scam

[Real Case]:Ms. Wang bought a gift for a friend online, a few days later, she suddenly received a claim from a business”Customer service” call, the other party said that due to batch reasons, Ms. Wang received items were found to be substandard, and now needs to be recalled, the payment will be returned to her immediately On your account. However, Ms. Wang did not receive the refund.”Customer Service” immediately added a WeChat friend and sent a QR code to allow her to receive the payment directly. However, Ms. Wang did not receive the money after scanning the code. I also received a text message from a certain borrowing platform for successful loans, only to find out that I was cheated.

Methods of committing crimes: After illegal elements obtained online shopping information illegally, they used the identity of the merchant to contact the victim privately through text messages or phone calls, using formaldehyde to exceed the standard, substandard quality, product defects, etc. For reasons, propose a refund or compensation. Once the victim believes, the other party will induce the transfer and remittance by scanning the code and sending the link.

Free Member Scam Cancellation

[Real Case]:Mr. Li received a call from Tmall Mall who claimed to be”customer service”, and the other party informed his accountBind with a platinum member, if you do not cancel according to the operation, you will automatically deduct a membership fee of 6000 yuan. Mr. Li logged in to the query website provided by the other party, and he saw the relevant agreement for membership of his account. At this time,”Customer Service” stated that you only need to inject the deposit into the designated account to cancel it for free, and the deposit will be returned the same way after the operation is successful. However, after Mr. Li did what he not received, he found out that he was cheated.

Methods of committing the crime: The criminals fraudulently used the identity of the customer service of the shopping platform to”remind” the victim that the membership service was opened and the cost was high, and provided false screenshots, website information, etc. to improve the truth Sex. Afterwards, they would”kindly” provide solutions to help them cancel, defrauding money on the grounds of security deposit, freezing fee, handling fee, etc.

What other online shopping scams have you encountered?

Article source:Nanjing Public Security