At the request of fans, analyze the small partners who want to be in the cross-border e-commerce industry, and do cross-border e-commerce with a zero basis, shopeeIs the platform suitable for Xiaobai? Today, I will answer your questions~

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There are two main e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, lazada and Shopee, Shopee was established in 2015. Shopee’s business covers Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, and Brazil. At present, Shopee is following the domestic Taobao route, highlighting the price advantage and variety of products, which is also in line with the development law of the early e-commerce market in Southeast Asia. Shopee’s parent company Sea is the first Southeast Asian Internet company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. As of this year, Shopee APP has been downloaded over 195 million, which is a fast-growing e-commerce platform.

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shopee cross Compared with lazada, Amazon, and AliExpress, e-commerce platforms have low entry barriers and low costs. The platform has launched a large number of new sellers Support strategy, provide attractive benefits to novice sellers, commission-free for the first three months, logistics implementation platform subsidies, greatly reducing logistics and distribution costs, at the same time the platform background operation is simple, multi-language conversion, do not worry about language barriers, and shopee platform The first stop is generally Taiwan and Malay. The customs of the Taiwan site are not much different from those in China, so there will be no big generation gap in product display and selection.

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Many people I was shocked when I saw the price of the products on the shopee platform. I thought that such a low price could not even be earned at the cost of the product. I had to add logistics, so I couldn’t get the oil and water. But if it is not profitable, why are there still a lot of them? Is the seller moving in? Therefore, everything can’t just look at the surface. The shopee platform has many operating skills that need to be paid attention to. For the low-priced products mentioned above, the operating pricing method of”drainage payment + profit payment” is one of the skills. Which cross-border platform to get started is a novice. In contrast, choosing a low cost and low risk is a good choice.

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But in the end We still have to consider our own actual situation. The experience of others is always only that of others. We cannot copy and paste. We can only learn from it and convert the pits that others have stepped on to our own feet. Therefore, the most suitable for ourselves is Okay, I hope what I said today can help you and all entangled sellers to firm up their choices and make their direction clearer. If you are sure, you can take care of the wind and rain, come on!

I am an ordinary small seller, I will share some dry goods about shopee from time to time to prevent my friends from stepping on thunder~If you want to know more, you can follow me~