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The two major spy organizations,”Central System” and”Military System”, are Chiang Jieshi is an important tool for the autocratic dictatorship of the group. During the Anti-Japanese War, the”Military Union” used various channels to steal CCP intelligence and dispatched special agents to enter Yan’an; the”Zhong Tong” secretly cracked down on opposition parties, monitored public opinion, and undermined the anti-Japanese national united front. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, Chiang Kai-shek changed the”central unity” to the”party communication bureau” and the”military unity” to the Ministry of National Defense Security Bureau.

When the whole country faces liberation, Mao Renfeng deployed the Contingency Plan of the Bureau of Secrecy, ordering personnel from various units to find reliable routes to actually hide, or introduce public office to Used as a cover, equipped with power generators and light weapons; all team members are not allowed to have horizontal contact, and the team leader and traffic personnel use passwords as a means of contact. After liberation, these hidden units of the Secret Bureau were cracked down one after another.

In addition to the hard-to-find fighting between the secret agents, the secret agents are also jealous of each other. Especially at the beginning of the defeat to Taiwan, the Bureau of Secrecy won many difficult and big cases, which caused envy from the military and other units. The Huangpu generals initiated the unjust case of Sun Liren. There are many reasons for the formation of false cases, but in the final analysis, they cannot be separated. Fighting and dismantling between secret service units, especially after the Secrecy Bureau cracked the case of Cai Xiaoqian and other provincial working committees, there were more incidents of this kind.

In order to seek credit for the unjustified case, it is nothing more than trying to fight for favor in front of Chiang Kai-shek, and the fight for favor is attributable to the psychology of establishing personal power. In Chiang Kai-shek’s eyes, the Bureau of Secrets is a brave and capable unit. In addition to the case of the Provincial Working Committee, the spy case of Wu Shi and the earlier daughter of Chen Bui’s Chen Lian also made the Security Command and the Bureau of Investigation (belonging to the Zhongtong series) particularly jealous. .

In the later period of the Secret Bureau, Mao Renfeng’s generals were first Mao Sen, then Gu Zhengwen .

Mao Sen once boasted that he was not taken seriously in the military system.”It was not until the end of the Anti-Japanese War that Mao Renfeng discovered my ability. Look clearly. In the eight years of the War of Resistance, the hardships and poverty I experienced under his men and the poverty in life were beyond the imagination of outsiders.” Mao Sen was later sent to Chen Yi and Tang Enbo’s subordinates. They all value his abilities, and they all put their hearts to heart and gave them full authority. Especially because Mr. Tang’s trust in him far exceeds that of Dai (Li) and Chen (Yi), he has repeatedly expressed his hatred for seeing each other to Mao Sen. During the military reunification, the budget was suffocated, and he was in embarrassment everywhere, and under Chen Yi, it was the most prosperous stage of his life. As for Gu Zhengwen, Mao Renfeng admitted to his capable subordinate that since the death of Dai Li, except for several breaks in Beiping Outside of the big case, other places were unable to deal with the PLA. He believes that Gu Zheng is a rising star with rich experience. Therefore, in addition to relying on the strait barrier, the work of the secret agents is also very important, and the backbones have to bear great responsibilities.

Gu Zhengwen first arrived in Taiwan, and because of the detection of Cai Xiaoqian and Wu Shi’s spy cases, he gave the shaky regime a shot.

Gu Zhengwen started with the communist publications distributed by college students, arrested the third-line figures, arrested and released the second-line figures, and then trapped the first-line figures. Wu Shi’s shadow was faintly found in the extremely subtle parts of a link. Finally, Wu Shi’s wife directly opened the gap, and then drove straight to Wu Shi’s house in the middle of the night.

Wu Shi woke up in his sleep and had no time to dress neatly. He asked these uninvited guests where they came from. Gu Zhengwen did not want to reveal the identity of the Security Bureau, so he replied casually”From the Technical Corps of the Ministry of National Defense!” He bluntly threw the ball at Wu Shi and told someone that he was a communist. |

“Nonsense!” Wu Shi said that if anyone tells the secret, he can harass the life of the accused at will, then the world will be in chaos Up. Gu Zhengwen wrote in his memoirs:

He is a very calm-headed person, so I decided not to argue with him on reason, just to signal the team members thoroughly After searching for a while, nothing was found. I can’t help but admire, if Wu Shi is indeed a espionage, his carefulness in handling things is the best among the espionage I have ever seen.

Ms. Wu’s eyes, which had deliberately pretended to be listless, suddenly widened. She said the second sentence:”I haven’t seen that person come for a long time. What do you say I should do?”

With this sentence, my 90%of the task has been completed…

Early in the morning, I called Mao Renfeng and told him:”I can arrest people today, and the evidence is conclusive.”

Mao Renfeng asked me curiously what was going on. I explained the investigation process to him, he paused, and then said with a smile:”It’s amazing, you have to be careful in the future!” Mao Ren Fengping doesn’t like to make jokes. I have been with him for many years. This is the first time and the last time I teased me.

After two days of waiting, Wu Shi did not move as expected. At ten o’clock the next day, I began to arrest.

When Wu Shi saw me again, his attitude was still quite tough:”What are you doing again?” He said, an air of a higher rank than me.

“I am instructed to tell you to talk.”

“I am the staff officer of the Ministry of National Defense Long, how can you arrest people casually!”

“It is to pass, not to arrest people.”

Wu Shi still does not give up struggling, he said:”No matter what unit you are from, I want to see the general manager (Zhou Zhirou).”

“If you want to see the Chief Executive, we can go with you. Besides, if you want to see him, he doesn’t necessarily want to see you!”

Wu Shi is at this time , Suddenly became nervous, he deliberately used anger to cover up his inner anxiety.

“Presumptuous!” He yelled and cursed, and then shook the phone to Zhou Zhirou’s house:”Please take the chief executive.”

Zhou Zhirou refused to answer the call! Wu Shi’s face turned pale instantly, he hung up the microphone with his trembling right hand and remained silent until he entered the interrogation room…

arrested Wu Shi, showing the superb strength of the second-generation backbone figures of the army. The technology is strong, the observation is calm, and the strategy is far-reaching. Although its position is reactionary, it must be paid attention, vigilant and researched technically.

It is said that the protagonist Yu Zecheng in the TV series”Latent” is based on Wu Shi.

Wu Shi was born in Baoding Military Academy, and he and Chen Cheng are former and late classmates In addition, he has a good relationship with Chief of Staff Zhou Zhirou.

Wu Shi and Liu Fei are both from Bai Chongxi’s side, and both They used to be the important staff of the Bai family. They served as high-level counselors and planned for the Bai family for a long time. Liu Fei seized the opportunity long ago during the peace talks and never returned to the precarious regime. Wu Shi also won with the East China Field Army at that time. The key connection, he immediately lurked, and later in Taiwan he also achieved the position Liu Fei had previously done, that is, the deputy chief of the Ministry of National Defense, in charge of strategic planning. This position is very important. While pretending to work hard, he quietly transmits information to the underground party. Wu Shi is bold and careful, with perseverance and perseverance. He thinks that everything is seamless. He originally studied strategy and command. Who knows that he was born in the Chinese Department of Peking University. Gu Zhengwen was better than him. After many tortuous investigations, he peeled off bamboo shoots layer by layer and brought him into his field of vision.

The complexity and thrills in this are not clear in a few articles, so I can only make a long story short. Gu Zhengwen feels that the evidence is conclusive and it can be closed to the Internet, so it is straightforward. Face to face with Wu Shi. The TV series”Latent” became popular because of the audience’s love. This is the result of the closeness of the third literature and art, rather than the three outstanding absurd acts of literature and art during the”Gang of Four” period. It shows the complexity, long-term and dangerous nature of the revolution. (Excerpted from the article”The Four Corners Relationship Between the Giants in the Development Context of Military Reunification”, the full text was originally published in”Wenshi Tiandi” 2009 Issue 10) Source:China Net