Outbreak, 42-person tourist group still travels worldwide, causing extreme panic among locals

According to the Chronicle, on March 23, tourism practitioners in the resort town of Victoria Falls pleaded with the government to close the border, especially from high-risk areas. Tourists from the country enter to prevent the spread of the new crown virus.

Before, many countries have implemented travel restrictions, and many airlines have announced grounding.

On March 23, 42 tourists from 11 countries arrived in Victoria Falls by taking the African luxury travel train-the Rovos train. As soon as the tour group arrived at the waterfall city train station, the atmosphere of panic immediately enveloped the entire waterfall city.

The tour group is accompanied by about 20 baggage porters and guides, most of whom are local from Falls City, South Africa or Botswana.

The tour includes 9 British, 9 South Africans, 8 Australians, 4 Germans, 3 Swiss, 2 Americans, 2 Maltese and 2 Dutch People, as well as 1 Swede, 1 New Zealander and 1 Irish.

This tour special started in Tanzania a few months ago and started traveling around the world. They booked a room at the Victoria Hotel.

These tourists only received a simple body temperature check instead of a careful epidemic check when they checked into the hotel, a move that worries the outside world.

Our reporter saw this train entering the station at Victoria Falls Railway Station. After the train arrived at the station, some porters did not wait for the luggage to be disinfected, and removed the tourists’ luggage directly from the train.

No one is wearing gloves or a mask. Only the staff at the Victoria Falls Hotel were equipped with masks, gloves, and temperature detection equipment, but the security guards for the entire team’s temperature testing only wore gloves and masks without any other protective measures. Once one of the passengers may be infected, the security guard is at risk of infection.

Even antique dealers are soliciting business for customers as usual, without maintaining the recommended social distance.

Some industry insiders, who asked not to be named, called for immediate action.”Lost business is better than putting everyone at risk. If we can close the border temporarily, then we can Defeat the virus and reopen the border, instead of putting yourself at risk of infection.”

It is reported that the train crew did not intend to stop the train at Victoria Falls, but continued to move forward, But without government officials communicating with train management, their plans failed.

A hotel executive said:”We are not sure whether these tourists have been properly detected and investigated. These people are from high-risk countries, and if we continue to open the border, we will be at risk. All now All countries have closed their borders, which shows that our country is not fully prepared for epidemic prevention. At present, it is best to prevent the virus from spreading from other countries. It is better to temporarily bear the decline in performance than to harm the health of the entire society, because the current social medical system Fragile.”

Another hotel owner said the government should close the border between Victoria Falls and Kazan Gura.

Dr. Agnes Mahomva, Permanent Secretary for Health and Child Health, acknowledges that the country is at risk and makes recommendations to the government.

She said:”As a health department, we can only make recommendations. We have already made recommendations to the government, and I believe the government is currently taking action.”