getUrls?link=0e44ee8048ca5d595be6cd8232896c0c - Corrupt official"Xu Sanduo"-a lot of money, a lot of houses, a lot of women, involved 300 million yuan, the former deputy mayor of Hangzhou, Suzhou was executed

Xinhuanet, Hangzhou, May 13 Dian (“Xinhua Vision” reporter Fang Yibo Qiu Lihua) used joint stocks, stock shares and other means to frantically gain huge profits in the real estate market; use power to violate regulations to”serve” developers and earn huge returns; individuals do not pay or pay less Money,”real estate speculators” get high returns… nearly 200 million yuan in corruption! Behind the eye-popping figures, there is a degenerate path for huge greed to use the real estate market to carry out”real estate transactions”.

On May 12th, Xu Maiyong, the former deputy mayor of Hangzhou, received more than 145 million yuan in bribes, embezzled more than 53 million yuan, abused power for personal gains, and abused power, and refunded the relevant The company’s land transfer fee was more than 71 million yuan, and was sentenced to death by the Ningbo Intermediate Court in the first instance and confiscated all personal property.

“Fun” capital operation:embarking on the”shortcut” of getting rich in real estate

Xu Maiyong, He used to be the deputy mayor of Zhejiang Xiaoshan City, the general manager of Hangzhou (Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Ltd., the acting mayor, mayor, and district party secretary of Xihu District, Hangzhou, and the deputy mayor of Hangzhou.

Developed regions and sensitive positions hold important powers. While the real estate market is developing rapidly in these years, Xu Maiyong uses the convenience of his position to”touch”Climbing, rolling and hitting”, using what seems to be a market path, but actually using power for personal gain, embarked on a”shortcut” to get rich.

According to the investigation by the procuratorial organ, Xu Maiyong first used real estate for profit in 1995. His distant cousin Xu Feiyue took a fancy to a piece of land in Xiaoshan City. Xu Maiyong, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor, greeted him and obtained the development rights. As a result, Xu Feiyue made 3 million yuan when he fell, and Xu Maiyong got 1.5 million yuan. Xu Feiyue received Xu Maiyong’s attention in many projects since then. Xu Maiyong, who has tasted the sweetness, never gave it up. The survey showed that Xu Mayong received more than 20 million yuan in benefits from Xu Feiyue.

In 1998, he was the general manager of Hangzhou (Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Ltd. Xu Maiyong borrowed money from Gao Moumou, the chairman of Hangzhou Huili Embroidery and Garment Company, and invested 19 million yuan in the real estate project of the Hong Kong company in the name of investment funds. With this money, Xu Mayong developed a number of projects. In addition to a small portion of the proceeds turned over to the treasury, about 15 million yuan was transferred to individuals.

In December 2000, Xu Maiyong established Hangzhou Ruibo Real Estate Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Formally, the state-owned company Hangzhou Golden Port, with Xu Maiyong as the chairman The company invested 10%, Huili Company and Zhejiang Tongce Real Estate Investment Group Co., Ltd. contributed 90%. In fact, except for the registered capital of 1 million yuan invested by Jingang Company, the registered capital of 9 million yuan of the other two companies were all drawn after capital verification. Back. Xu Maiyong and the bosses of the two companies agreed that 90%of Ruibo’s shares will be owned by Xu Maiyong. In 2002, 10%of the shares of Golden Port Company were also sold to Xu Maiyong. After evaluation, in 2002, Ruibo’s assets had increased by nearly 40 million yuan. Xu Mayong used the platform of Golden Port Corporation to embezzle state-owned assets of more than 53 million yuan.

The investigation by the procuratorial organs showed that from 2005 to the first half of 2007, Xu Maiyong, who was in charge of the Xihu District, helped the Hong Kong Huijun Holdings Co., Ltd. funded and established by Gao XX obtain the West Lake District 29, Sandun Town, the other party promised to give Xu Maiyong 20%​​of the shares. Due to funding and other reasons, Gao has always wanted to transfer this project. But Xu Maiyong is very optimistic about this project and opposes the transfer. Later, without telling Xu Maiyong, the project was sold, excluding the original cost, and there was almost no profit. Xu Maiyong was very angry and cursed Gao Moumou, because according to his estimation, the official sales of this project can make a profit of at least 100 million. In May 2007, Xu Mayong “borrowed” 20 million yuan from Gao Moumou under the name of stock trading.

Illegal operation:”Exchange house for money” for developers

Xu Maiyong’s position holds firmly in his hands the management right of real estate development. He knows that there is a huge wealth effect in this market, except in the capital market and business operations.”Operation”, he also used the administrative power in his hand to openly operate in violation of regulations, work for developers, and exchange houses for money.

“Yangming Valley” is located in the scenic Zhijiang National Tourism Resort, backed by Wuyun Mountain, adjacent to Yunqi Bamboo Trail and Jiuxi Smoke Famous scenic spots such as trees were originally tourism projects, but actually developed into high-end townhouses villas in the main urban area.

The prosecutors allege that in 2004, Xu Mayong once instructed the chairman of Guodu Holdings Co., Ltd. to sell it to his “relatives” at a preferential price on the grounds of “relatives buying houses” A row house is significantly lower than the market price of 860,000 yuan. In 2006, the”Yangming Valley” developed by Guodu Holdings wanted to change the nature of the land from tourism land to residential sales. Xu Maiyong came forward to help it.

In August 2002, 102 acres of land use rights in the old campus of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology in Xihu District, Hangzhou City were used to develop the West Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park project. Xu Maiyong helped Kunhe Real Estate Company to get the project, and promised to reward the company developing the project with the refund of more than 100 million yuan of land transfer funds that provincial universities can enjoy. In order to thank Xu Maiyong for his help and ask for his continued care, the chairman of the company promised to send Xu Maiyong US$20 million and remit a total of US$8.3 million to Xu Maiyong’s designated Hong Kong bank account eight times.

According to the investigation by the procuratorial organ, the Xiaoshan Kaishi Group has become a backbone enterprise in Xiaoshan within a few years, which is also the result of Xu Maiyong’s “active service” and single-handed support. Several projects developed by the company’s chairman Xiang XX in Xihu District were personally taken by Xu Mayong to inspect and negotiate, such as Xixi Fengshang and Xigang New Territories.

Xixi Fengshang is located on the edge of Xixi Wetland, and the plot belongs to the rural reserved land project. According to Hangzhou’s policy, after the state requisitioned rural land and converted it to construction land, 10%of it was left for use or development by local village committees to maintain the livelihoods of land-lost farmers. These real estates did not conform to the sales policy of ordinary commercial housing, but Xu Maiyong made full use of his power to let these real estates finally sell smoothly. Xiang Moumou gave Xu Mayong 25 million yuan in 22 times.

Power”real estate speculation”:low investment to earn high returns

Xu Maiyong apart from exchanging power for money, Also use power to engage in”investment”, the type of investment is real estate. He often tells some real estate agents that his income is not high, his two younger brothers are disabled, and the children are studying abroad, and the pressure is relatively high, so he wants to buy a house for some”investment”. Unlike ordinary people, Xu Mayong’s”investment” can pay less or even no money.

According to the investigation of the procuratorial agency, in the first half of 2003, Xu Maiyong asked Xiang to purchase the”Shanshui Renjia Phase II Clear Water Bay” developed by Kunhe Company at the first phase price. After selling 5 houses, they made a profit of 1.1 million yuan. Xiang Moumou took out a sum of money, rounding up 1.5 million yuan to Xu Maiyong’s home.

In 2004, Xu Maiyong proposed to Xu Feiyue that he wanted to buy a shop. Xu Feiyue knew it well and bought a store in the city center under the name of his wife. The shop was worth 3.2 million yuan. Xu Feiyue paid the money and gave the key to Xu Mayong’s wife to collect the rent by herself. Within 5 years, Xu Mai Yongguang received 1.5 million yuan in rent.

Ningbo People’s Procuratorate alleged that in the first half of 2003, Xu Mayong’s wife Qi Jiqiu accepted the request of Zhang, the general manager of Hangzhou Nanyuan United Real Estate Co., Ltd. Xu Maiyong, the husband of the mayor of Xihu District, Hangzhou, conveyed his assistance in resolving the land demolition of the company’s”Aung Yuan Building” project. After the incident, Qi Jiqiu and Xu Maiyong borrowed the name of others to purchase a house in the”Gong Yuan Building” at a price of more than 3.21 million yuan lower than the market price.

Let you turn the clouds and the rain, you will not escape the law. After trial, the Ningbo Intermediate Court finally found out:Between May 1995 and April 2009, Xu Maiyong was responsible for the relevant units and individuals in obtaining land use rights, enjoying preferential tax policies, transferring project equity, undertaking construction, and clearing project funds. , Resolve relatives’ employment and other matters to seek benefits, and receive and claim other people’s properties totaling more than 145 million yuan. Xu Maiyong also took advantage of his position as the chairman of the state-owned company Hangzhou Jingang Industrial Co., Ltd. to embezzle state-owned assets totaling more than 53 million yuan. In addition, during his tenure as the mayor and secretary of the Xihu District Committee of Hangzhou City, Xu Maiyong also abused his power for personal gains and illegally refunded more than 71 million yuan of land transfer fees from the relevant companies, causing particularly bad social impact.

The first instance court found that Xu Maiyong was guilty of bribery, corruption, and abuse of power, sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscated all personal property.