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Just yesterday afternoon, Alipay’s parent company Ant Group officially announced today that it has launched a plan to seek simultaneous issuance and listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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The Shanghai Stock Exchange stated that it welcomes Ant Group to apply for the Sci-tech Innovation Board, which demonstrates that the Sci-Tech Innovation Board is the”first choice for China’s science and innovation enterprises to be listed. Market attractiveness and international competitiveness.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Li Xiaojia also said that he is very pleased that Ant Group has announced plans to conduct IPOs in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The choice to apply for listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange reaffirms that Hong Kong is a global Leading the IPO market.

This also shows that the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange have attached great importance to the listing of Ant Group.

1. Why come to the Sci-tech Innovation Board?

As the world’s largest unicorn company, the ability of Ant Group to come to the Sci-Tech Innovation Board undoubtedly has a lot of market attention. Among them, there is no doubt that a lot of work has been done.

To say that Ant Financial will come to the Sci-tech Innovation Board, we have to say that JD Digital Technology comes to the Sci-tech Innovation Board.

On the evening of July 1, the official website of the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau disclosed JD Data Science strong>Counseling information for the proposed IPO on the Sci-tech Innovation Board, which was officially announced by the official official announcement of the listing of .

And in December 2018, Jingdong Finance officially changed its name to Jingdong Data Science, according to media reports at that time, Jingdong In addition to the original Jingdong finance, and the Jingdong Group’s first-level business division”Jingdong city”, in addition to the development of many new Business, this move is considered to be JD Digital Science’s move to finance.

And similar to it is . On June 22, after using the abbreviation”Ant Financial” for 6 years, Alipay’s parent company has recently launched a new name”Ant Group”. The full name is”Ant Technology Group Co., Ltd.”.

One is from the Jingdong department, one is from the Ali department, and the other is from the Jingdong Finance changed to Jingdong Digital Science, A change from Ant Financial to Ant Technology Group undoubtedly gave rise to signals that this is also paving the way for the STAR Market.

The chairman of Ant Group Jing Xiandong also said today:“We are delighted to see that the science and technology innovation board and The Stock Exchange has launched a series of reforms and innovative measures to create favorable conditions for new economy companies to better obtain capital market support, including international capital support. We are very happy to have the opportunity to participate.”

2. Market value and financing

Currently, the market generally believes that Ant Group has a target valuation of US$200 billion, or approximately RMB 1.4 trillion.

Ant Group plans to sell 5%-10%of the shares in the IPO, which means that the fundraising scale will reach US$10 billion to US$20 billion, which will become the world’s largest this year One of the IPOs with financing scale.

In addition, at present, the total market value of A-share listed companies is the highest Kweichow Moutai, which is 2.06 trillion yuan . As the leader of financial technology, Ant Group, based on the recent popularity of the leading sci-tech innovation board in the A-share market, Ant Group challenges Kweichow Moutai It is not impossible that span>’s market value boss status.

3. Ownership structure

According to Alibaba release 2020 In the fiscal year report, Alibaba holds 33%of Ant Financial’s shares, and Junhan and Junao hold Ant Jinfu has a 50%stake, while Junhan belongs to Ma Yun and employees of the Ali and Ant departments, and Jun Ao belongs to Alibaba part of the partnership. Therefore, Alibaba and members of the Alibaba Group hold approximately 83%of Ant Financial’s shares.

At present, Jack Ma’s latest shareholding is Alibaba 4.8%of the shares, Cai Chongxin holds 1.6%of the shares, and the management holds 7.4%. Jack Ma holds 8.8%of Ant Financial and 50%of the voting rights in Ant Financial. With the listing of Ant Group, Jack Ma is expected to become the richest man in China again.

4. Type of business

According to Reuters, in 2019, Ant Group achieved operating income of 120 billion yuan and net profit of 17 billion yuan.

But then, people from the Ant Group quickly refuted the rumors to Dao Caidi that the IPO and Ant Group’s 2019 performance news were not true.

But the ability of the Ant Group to make money is beyond doubt. On February 13, Alibaba announced its fiscal year 2019 financial report, which stated that for the acquisition of 33%of Ant Group’s shares in September 2019 After the one-off income, Alibaba confirmed that the income was raised by RMB 2.3 billion in the fourth quarter. This means that Alibaba has received a total of 71.5 billion in revenue from 33%of Ant Group’s shares in six years yuan.

Compared with”Alipay”, Ant Financial is no longer limited to consumer electronic payment services, but is positioned as a technology company in inclusive financial services. The linkage between the scene and the three major business sectors of payment, digital finance, and technology services enables Ant Financial to perfectly interpret the logic of diversion, realization and empowerment under the”capacity output” model, and expand its boundaries internationally.

getUrls?link=d9ee42945c514b459615c838fd069912 - Collection! The most complete inventory of Ant Financial's concept stocks! (Attached shares)
getUrls?link=6401ccbb748ded6002f7252d970a4b25 - Collection! The most complete inventory of Ant Financial's concept stocks! (Attached shares)

(1) Payment

Payment is the traffic source of Ant Group and the cornerstone of all financial and technology businesses.

The source of the payment of profits, mainly commissions and service fees.

(2) Wealth Management

Wealth management business can be divided into 3 parts:One is Yu’e Bao, which everyone is most familiar with. Investing in Tianhong Yu’e Bao Fund (Ant Group holds 51.5%of shares), and Yu Libao for small and micro enterprise operators, which is similar to Yu’ebao. The second is fund agency sales and wealth management services on Ant Fortune.

(3) Credit

Mainly including Ant Huabei, Borrowing, and some businesses of online merchant banks, focusing on services that are difficult to reach by traditional financial institutions Long-tail consumers and small and micro merchants.

(4) Credit investigation

An independent third-party credit investigation service developed by Ant Group provides users with credit services in different scenarios.

(5) Insurance

It mainly includes two aspects, one is the insurance intermediary platform Ant Insurance, and the other is similar to the medical crowdfunding Mutual treasure business.

(6) Technology output

Last month, Ant Financial was renamed as Ant Group, and high hopes were placed on the income from technology business. Ant Group CEOHu Xiaoming said in an interview in June this year that as a technology company, it is estimated that 80%of Ant’s revenue will come from Fees for technical services. Within five years, the proportion of technical service fees to Ant Group’s total revenue will rise from 50%in 2019 to 80%. Because the proportion of technical service fees has risen at a faster rate, the proportion of revenue from licensed financial services operated by Ant Group through its own funds in total revenue will decrease accordingly.

5. Concept stocks

In order to facilitate your investment in stock selection, we will Ant Financial’s concept stocks are for reference.

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In addition to the equity-related Ant Financial concept stocks, as the leader of the financial technology industry, the financial technology concept stocks will also Be concerned by the market.

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