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In the past weekend, three domestically produced new coronavirus inactivated The vaccine was unveiled collectively for the first time. This is the answer sheet submitted by China’s vaccine research and development”national team”. In this regard, the reaction of foreign media was not unexpected.

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The picture of the new crown inactivated vaccine on the China Biology booth during the 2020 International Trade in Service Fair from:State-owned Xiaoxin

September On the 5th, the 2020 China International Service Trade Fair ushered in its first open day.

Sinopharm Group Beijing Institute of Biological Products, Wuhan Biotechnology Three COVID-19 inactivated vaccines developed by the Institute of Pharmaceutical Products and Kexing Holding Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Kexing) made their debut at the booth of the Service Trade Fair. The specifications and instructions of each vaccine were given in detail, which caused a large number of people to stop.

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The exhibition site attracted a large number of people’s attention and became a”sacred place for clocking in”. Photo from:Beijing Evening News

The on-site staff revealed that these vaccines are in the third International trials are expected to be listed by the end of this year, and the annual output of the two companies will reach 600 million. Studies have shown that antibodies generally begin to be produced 7 days after vaccination, and it is expected to last 1 to 3 years. The pricing of vaccines will be based on the principles of”public products”, classified pricing, and accessibility, so that people can afford to use them and use them with confidence.

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The vaccine on the Kexing booth (top) and the introduction of the vaccine from Wuhan Institute of Biology, China (bottom) Picture from:The Paper News

The collective appearance of this domestic vaccine has attracted a lot of attention from domestic and foreign media. However, the foreign media showed a complicated mentality when reporting, and there were some who questioned smearers, and some who believed that China took the opportunity to”show off”, but there were also reports that objectively evaluated China’s progress in vaccine research and development.

The US media”Fortune” magazine admits that Chinese vaccine research and development companies are in the”pole position” of the global research and development competition, occupying 9 vaccines that are currently in the third phase. 5 of the items.

In the emergency use plan of the new crown virus vaccine officially launched on July 22, my country stipulates that special populations such as medical personnel, epidemic prevention personnel, border inspection personnel and personnel who guarantee basic urban operations are emergency vaccinations Object.

But the”Fortune” report made a big fuss about this, implying that China’s practice of arranging emergency vaccination before the end of Phase III clinical trials is”untraditional” and”may be problematic”, and is”for Compete for the first place” and”challenge the limit”.

For this collective”bright sword” of the Chinese Vaccine Corps, there are still foreign media holding a sour grape mentality, and they think it is”showing off”. Agence France-Presse described the vaccine as a”game changer” and directly typed”China’s first show off the new coronavirus vaccine” in the title.

The media claimed that China’s move was an attempt to”rewrite the narrative about the new crown epidemic”, highlighting its leadership and resilience before an unprecedented public health threat.

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Title of Agence France-Presse:China shows off the new coronavirus vaccine for the first time

And the United States is anxious about China’s progress in vaccine research and development strong>, the”New York Times” even deceived itself to define it as”a contest between spies”, discrediting China’s attempt to”steal” American research results.

In fact, Michael Jinqi, a professor at the School of Public Health at Washington University in St. Louis, told the Politico website that China is developing both inactivated vaccines and nucleic acid vaccines; the United States and Europe only have nucleic acid vaccine projects , No inactivated vaccine was developed at all.

He believes that the United States”puts too many eggs in the same basket.” In case the nucleic acid vaccine program is invalid due to luck or biological evolution, the United States will regress to the dilemma of no vaccine available. China’s development route is relatively more comprehensive and has a higher fault tolerance rate.”If it is interchangeable, I will choose the Chinese (project).”

There are also foreign media who give objective evaluations on China’s vaccine development.

Spain’s Efee news agency quoted China expert Julio Rios on August 27 as saying:“At present, China will be one of the first countries to master the new coronavirus vaccine. This shows that its scientific research capabilities are growing exponentially, making it comparable to the most technologically advanced countries in the world.”

He said that providing the new coronavirus vaccine as a global public product will enhance China’s presence in many countries. Status in mind. Facing the negative performance of developed countries, these countries will be deeply impressed by China’s active efforts. “It is very important for China to fully demonstrate its cooperative stance, so as to form a sharp contrast with the US’s exclusive position.”

Source:Observation Zhewang, text:Guo Han