On September 12, Reuters quoted three sources as an exclusive report saying that China opposed the Chinese company ByteDance being forced to sell TikTok’s US business, but would rather see this short video application stop operating in the US.

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The response given by ByteDance shows how different China is from the Trump administration, which interferes with corporate operations and asks for”facilities.”

Since Trump threatened to”start” last month, Bytedance has been negotiating with potential buyers such as Microsoft and Oracle to sell TikTok’s US business.

Two of the sources also broke the news that, if necessary, China is willing to use the”Catalogue of China’s Export Prohibition and Restriction Technologies” released on August 28 to postpone any agreement reached by Bytedance.

However, Bytedance emphasized in a statement to Reuters that China has never advised it to close TikTok’s business in the United States or any other market.

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Many US media have reported that ByteDance is negotiating with the US government on other possibilities, including not fully selling TikTok’s US business and extending the”deadline.” A source told Observer.com that Bytedance is negotiating a solution not to sell its US business.

Trump, who has repeatedly interfered with the normal operation of TikTok, claimed on the 10th local time,”Either shut it down or sell it. The deadline for the TikTok ban will not be extended.”


In response, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian pointed out on the 11th that China opposes the generalization of the concept of national security by the United States, abuse of national power, and unreasonable suppression of specific enterprises in other countries. The U.S. attempts to adopt economic bullying and political manipulation tactics against non-U.S. companies are typical”government coerced transactions” and”government-forced transactions.” The negation of the market economy and fair competition principles that have always been advertised.

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Zhao Lijian’s data map

He reiterated that the United States should immediately correct its mistakes and stop unreasonably suppressing enterprises in other countries, including Chinese enterprises. China reserves the right to take necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises.

Source:World Wide Web