Speaking of Li Xiaolai’s name, most ordinary people probably don’t know it, but in the bitcoin circle, if you mention the three words Li Xiaolai, everyone will know it.

Li Xiaolai, the richest man in

Li Xiaolai

He was a senior lecturer at New Oriental Education Group. Later, he came into contact with Bitcoin at an accidental opportunity. At the earliest, when he could buy 1300 Bitcoins for 1 dollar, he was” He ate more than 100,000 bitcoins and threw them at a high point. According to industry estimates, his assets may have exceeded 4 billion yuan.

Because in the early days when Bitcoin was not hot, he already founded the Bitcoin Foundation, focusing on related investments in the Bitcoin field, and publishing and publishing columns and other methods to expose and publicize it. Bitcoin has attracted countless investors, because Bitcoin itself has no value, but as long as enough people recognize and invest in it, it will be given a value, and this value will”appreciate” as more and more people participate.”Although investors know that this is a” drumming pass”game, they do not believe that they will eventually become a” receiver”.

Li Xiaolai, the richest man in

Money burning paper

After Li Xiaolai ’s “Recording Door” incident, fewer and fewer people believe in Bitcoin, and Bitcoin has begun Slowly”depreciated”, and as a leading figure, he has already made a lot of money. When Bitcoin was the hottest, the owner of Bitcoin, another well-known digital currency account in Bitcoin in the”currency circle” at that time, sold his Weibo account and made $ 5 million.

Li Xiaolai, the richest man in


And Li Xiaolai, as a”vane” character of Bitcoin, is not a little bit stronger than Twitter blogger Bitlord, who works in the Bitcoin field, so if he puts himself If the account is sold, what is the value? I believe that the little friends will definitely want to know.

Let’s make a comparison first. When the Twitter blogger Bitlord’s account was sold, Weibo fans were 82,100 followers, with a total of 171,000 posts, while Li Xiaolai’s followers were 620,000 followers, posting only More than 4,300 articles. In terms of the number of fans, Li Xiaolai wins the opponent, more than 7 times the number of fans, but in terms of the number of posts, the other party is four times Li Xiaolai. , And Li Xiaolai’s fans are more high-quality, most of the people who follow him are investors. Based on this, Li Xiaolai’s Weibo account is conservatively estimated at $ 10 million.

Li Xiaolai, the richest man in

Li Xiaolai’s Weibo

Although $ 10 million is only”nine cattle and one hair” in the eyes of bitcoin investors, it may be ten to ordinary people. You can’t make this money in your life!