Apple Beijing time officially launched the iOS 13.4 system update this morning. The split-screen function is the most “hardcore” improvement of CarPlay this time. Previously, the split-screen function could only be implemented by Apple’s own map. After this upgrade, Gaode map users can also enjoy this new function for the first time.

As the first domestic third-party map application that supports CarPlay, Gaode Maps will also launch a new version at the same time. A large number of users have become accustomed to using Gaode map navigation through CarPlay. After this update, map navigation information and music playback interface can be displayed on the same screen. Users can quickly view and operate at the same time.

CarPlay split screen Function

Some Weibo netizens said they are looking forward to the new feature:” While driving and listening to music is the heart of many old drivers. Well, in the past, when the display screen was connected to navigation, it was not possible to perform song selection, playback and other operations on the car screen at the same time. With this new function, driving fun has skyrocketed.

It is reported that Gaode Map and Apple The cooperation is quite rooted. Since 2012, Apple Maps’ domestic map data and services have been provided by Gaode Maps. In addition, at the WWDC 2018 conference held in June 2018, Apple announced that the new version of CarPlay will support third-party applications, and Gaode Map became the only domestic third-party map navigation officially adapted to CarPlay.

CarPlay split screen Function

The authoritative data platform QuestMobile data shows that as of September 2019, high-tech map monthly active users (MAU) Over 480 million, DAU and MAU both ranked first in the map industry. The number of users of Gold Map has exceeded the total of all other map products. In addition, Gaode Map and Alibaba Cloud jointly build the city’s brain and smart transportation, using AI and big data capabilities, to intelligently dispatch from a global perspective of the city to ease urban congestion. On the bottom navigation, Gaode and more than 300 cities have established data cooperation to help the public travel to avoid traffic accidents and road congestion. It is precisely because of accurate traffic big data and professional navigation services that Gaode Maps are popular among users.

At present, Apple CarPlay’s mobile phone mapping system used in the domestic market has gained a lot of support with its smooth operation, strong software support, and the support of many car companies on the car entertainment system. Coupled with Apple constantly updating the system and fixing bugs, CarPlay has also cultivated a lot of sticky user groups. Therefore, even if the car machine system does not have navigation and 4G car networking functions, as long as it supports Apple CarPlay, it means that users can enjoy online car life at any time.

Using the CarPlay system, users can experience the ultimate service of Gaode Map through the large car screen. Some experts pointed out that the massive users of Gaode Map will undoubtedly increase the number of CarPlay users and increase Apple’s influence in the automotive field. CarPlay also broadens the use of high-tech maps and provides more personalized services for driving users. The adaptation of the new version of CarPlay also allows users to connect with international standards as soon as possible, which better improves the navigation experience of domestic Gaode map users.

Source:Global Network Comprehensive