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This year, cross-border e-commerce is a hot topic. The country vigorously promotes and supports. The two sessions a while ago even mentioned support for cross-border e-commerce. But what about cross-border e-commerce? It happens that the Amazon platform meets the personal needs of cross-border e-commerce.

At the beginning of this year, under the impact of the epidemic, the real economy tightened their belts and had a hard time. Many offline physical stores hung signs of transfer after the epidemic ended. Many office buildings were affected by the epidemic. All fell apart under the impact of Then the epidemic is over. Under the current trend, can cross-border e-commerce still do?

I just have time today, let’s talk to you about whether Amazon can do it, and is it okay? Show the way to the confused everyone.

I don’t know if you have watched the news some time ago. The founder of Amazon”Bezos” is in the epidemic The next time he became the world’s richest man, he will become the world’s first trillionaire. What does this mean? It means that the epidemic has no effect on e-commerce. There is no problem at all. What’s more, now that the epidemic has been controlled, it is necessary to spread it to everyone. Amazon is a global cross-border e-commerce platform, and we can sell a product to the world. Many people have said that the United States has a serious epidemic now, so good, then we can not be the United States, like me, mainly in Europe, if it is really influential, why does the country vigorously promote support?

So, everyone should still look at the market sensibly, and don’t be confused by some superficial phenomena and some unscrupulous self-media.

I just want to tell everyone that everyone’s focus is inherently problematic. What we should care about most now is how to grasp the market and how to choose the products that are in demand. And to create an excellent listing, how to better operate the store, these are what everyone should care about.

Everyone should know that Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform, and it is also a very professional market. There are many details that we need to pay attention to at every step, from store registration-product selection-art- Listig compilation-operation optimization-drainage inside and outside the station-logistics after-sales and other links are interlocking.

It is unrealistic to master all these in a short period of time, so don’t cross it when you first do it. For example, if you have not yet prepared the information for opening a store, consider shipping and logistics. The problem is a bit unreasonable.

As a novice friend, don’t pay too much attention to the situation, thinking that a slight change in the environment will affect us. In many cases, we really think too much. The main income of the Amazon platform comes from the Dingdong commission, that is, the more orders your store sells, the higher the benefit of the Amazon platform. So Amazon officially hopes that the more orders from the seller’s store, the better. The most important thing is that Amazon is a platform that focuses on products and light on stores, so there is no distinction between old and new sellers. Your products are good enough and your listing is good enough. Amazon’s back office will always support you with traffic. So, You can do it with confidence.

In fact, if I just want to do it, I will treat myself as a small seller in the early stage. I have little influence on the world. I just want to get a slice of this huge cake.

Everyone knows that I have been doing it for almost three months now. Although I’m still a newcomer, I have some experience and I’ve done pretty well. I also compiled some relevant information. Friends in need can chat with me privately and get them for free.