BYD, the world's largest mask manufacturer, has done another big thing!

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Except for the identity of new energy vehicle leader BYD, which has attracted more attention recently, is its mass production of masks and disinfectants.

It is understood that BYD currently produces 5 million masks and 300,000 bottles of disinfectant per day. This means that, as one of the world’s largest new energy vehicle companies, BYD has a new identity-the world’s largest mask manufacturer.

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On March 15, 15 million one medical masks were placed in Shenzhen by BYD. And on the same day, a big event happened:BYD Co., Ltd. announced that the Fodie company was officially established.

This is the second big move of BYD after the Spring Festival.

Fudi’s name is taken from the Book of Songs, Daya Sangrou:”Keep this good man, Phutfudi.” It means being committed to the word, according to virtue, honest, faithful, and practical Improve.

BYD, the world's largest mask manufacturer, has done another big thing!

Who is it?

▌The long-established”Furdy line”

What is the”Furdy line”?

Fudi company announced by BYD is not one, but there are 5 companies, namely Fudi Battery Co., Ltd., Fudi Vision Co., Ltd, Fudi Technology Co., Ltd, and Fudi Power Co., Ltd. Company, Fodie Mould Co., Ltd. .

BYD, the world's largest mask manufacturer, has done another great thing!

The common characteristics of the five Ford companies are all focused on auto parts, but the fields are different.

Among them, Foday Battery Co., Ltd. was registered on May 5, 2019. Its predecessor was BYD Lithium Battery Co., Ltd., which was established as early as 1998. The company has 100% independent research and development, design and production capabilities in the battery field. Its products cover consumer 3C batteries, power batteries and energy storage batteries, and step utilization. In the field of new materials and new technologies, it has completed many scientific research results. R & D and industrialization, application fields include IT, automotive, new energy, light rail transportation, etc.

Fu Di Vision Co., Ltd. specializes in automotive lighting and signal system related products, especially LED-a new generation of semiconductor automotive lighting products research and development and manufacturing, has developed more than 50 models totaling more than 600 This type of car lamp and rearview mirror is known as”China Light Factory”.

Fudi Technology Co., Ltd. has sixteen years of automotive electronics and chassis R & D, production and sales experience, has broken through and mastered a large number of automotive electronics and chassis technology, has ten product lines, covering passenger cars, In the three major fields of commercial vehicles and rail transportation, more than 170 product assemblies have been supplied for BYD’s mass production models.

Fudi Power Co., Ltd.’s main business is automotive powertrains. Since 2003, it has begun research and development of automotive power components and is committed to the development of automotive powertrains and new energy vehicle overall solutions.

Fudi Mold Co., Ltd. has nearly 20 years of mold development and manufacturing history and technical experience. It has a strong team of engineers, world-class CNC processing equipment and professional automotive body-in-white and parts welding. The production line has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise for many years.

BYD, the world's largest mask manufacturer, has done another big thing!

Obviously, the five companies of the Verdi Department are all from BYD’s own parts department. This time the independence of the Verdi Department is to transform from a business unit to a wholly-owned subsidiary and operate independently.

In fact, the dynamics of Freddy’s in the industry should be earlier. Around Christmas in 2019, BYD invested, and Fudi Mold, Fudi Technology, Fudi Power were established in just two days. On December 31, 2019, Wang Chuanfu personally attended the BYD Shenzhen Pingshan base, and five Ford companies held a licensing ceremony.

So, Ferdy, what can you do?

Fuidi Department, and BYD 2.0 which is ready to come out

Wang Fudi can do, and what to do, Wang Chuanfu in his speech at the ceremony Make it clear.

“The establishment of Verdi is of great significance! We have embarked on the second step of marketization, which is the 2.0 era. We have realized the marketization of parts and components, the marketization of enterprises, and the future marketization of talents. .With the new platform, the marketization of parts and components products will become more solid and more stable, which will make our enterprises and business units reach a new level.”

 The world's largest mask manufacturer BYD, another big thing!

The above speech can be read Three important information points:

First, the establishment of the Verdi system means that the parts are further marketized;

2, the Verdi system is already the second step of BYD’s”marketization””;

3. BYD officially enters the 2.0 era.

First of all, the marketization of parts and components and the marketization of enterprises have many advantages:independent Fudi will have more operating autonomy, be self-financing, and will seek marketization of talents in the future. Subjective initiative. From the past to the interior to the market now, the Foday department must first fully understand the market and understand the customers, and the deeper level is to transform the management system to a market-oriented one.

BYD, the world's largest mask manufacturer, has done another great thing!

In the future, Verdi will be connected to world-class car companies. The latter may put forward higher quality requirements, technical requirements, and cost requirements, which can promote the development of Verdi to a higher level. To maintain their competitiveness.

Secondly,”the second step of marketization” may have two meanings. One is the”from marketization of parts and components products to marketization of enterprises” mentioned by Wang Chuanfu himself. It can be seen as a strategic move on an equal footing with the e-platform. In 2018, BYD first introduced the e-platform for the development and manufacturing of pure electric vehicles, and announced the opening of various e-platform technologies on a global scale. This directly detonated BYD’s”friend circle” and not only came to BAIC, Changan, Dongfeng, Also came Toyota.

BYD, the world's largest mask manufacturer, has done another big thing!

Finally, based on the above efforts, BYD 2.0 is ready.

In 2017, BYD, which has always been the leader in battery shipments, was surpassed by the Ningde era. Subsequently, Wang Chuanfu decided to switch from a closed vertical component system to an open strategy to accelerate the external supply of components. Wang Chuanfu has publicly stated that BYD intends to separate the battery part from the original group separately, and considers listing independently in 2022 or 2023. And BYD will also transform into”smart car hardware standard platform provider”-BYD 2.0 is also.

The ideal of Wang Chuanfu is not far away. In the future, the new models of Toyota and BYD cooperation will undoubtedly come from the e-platform and use core components such as BYD power batteries. In addition, BYD’s motors and batteries will also be installed on the upcoming Great Wall and Changan models.

The latest news shows that ideal cars may also use BYD batteries. The ideal car founder Li Xiang once publicly expressed his appreciation to BYD:”In the next five years, I think that BYD has a great opportunity to become a billion-dollar enterprise.”

BYD, the world's largest mask manufacturer , And did another big thing!

(BYD Global Headquarters””Hexagon Building”)

Becoming a major component supplier means that BYD will reap new”profit cows” and mean that Chinese auto companies will for the first time have the right to speak internationally upstream of the industrial chain.

Of course,”If you want to get rich, learn technology.” BYD owns the core technology of new energy automobile parts, and its”blade battery” technology is currently in the leading position in the industry. It is second only to Ningde in terms of shipments in 2019. Era; the semiconductor business is expected to have a profit of about 200 million yuan in 2020. Combined with core competitiveness such as IGBT, it is expected to achieve domestic substitution in the medium and long term; the”e-platform” will achieve light weight and optimized layout of the vehicle through high integration.

BYD, the world's largest mask manufacturer, has done another big thing!

You should also see that the independence of the Freddie Department is not without its worries. Fordy Power is blunt about this:”In the past, we were inside the group, and many times it was what the company asked me to do. After the establishment, what we want to do is what we want to do, what the market or customers need us to do. So we face The biggest challenge is the challenge of consciousness.”

But facing the future, Verdi’s realization of more is ideal, as Verdi said:” The establishment of Verdi is our part The division has worked hard for more than ten years, and we hope that through 10-15 years of hard work, we can make Fudi Technology become Fudi in China and Fudi in the world.”