(This article is organized by the public account of Yuesheng Investment Research (yslcwh), it is for reference only and does not constitute an operational recommendation. If you do it yourself, pay attention to position control and risk.) The most important thing is to grasp the correct investment philosophy in order to survive in the stock market.

What is the correct investment philosophy? Although everyone knows that stocks are made to make money, if you always use The operation of buying and selling as a standard and operating as a standard often fails to achieve good results. This is to make money but not necessarily to make money. On the contrary, when the investor does not use the loss-making standard as the standard, but only uses the fluctuation rate as the standard to operate, he can make more money when the market rises, and go out of time to hedge when the market declines, which will inevitably make the funds large. Added value.

The most important profit weapon for stocks is neither capital nor technology, but a mentality. It is a state of freedom derived from a good profit mentality. Therefore, before looking for a magic weapon to enter the realm of freedom, you should first correct your mentality of doing stocks, and guide yourself with a correct and good mindset, master solid basic knowledge and operating techniques, which is the prerequisite for entering the highest realm of stocks. condition.

There is no right idea for making stocks:look for upswings, study the upswings carefully, follow the upswings, follow the upswings of the upswings, experience the upswings, and finally meet the upswings. Based on the facts of the intraday’s rise and the Hang Seng Index’s rise and fall rules as the criterion, carefully consider every information found in the market, clarify the operating ideas, and follow the trend. In each round of market, you can take profit if you are profitable. Do not continue trading, you must be content. If you lose, do n’t carry the order, you must process the order in time, leave the market immediately, wait for the mentality to adjust, and continue to make orders when the market returns.

Haven is the first and money is the second. Especially for systemic avalanche risks, it is necessary to make early warning and precautionary plans,”there are no eggs in the nest”. Find uncertainty in uncertainty. Look for stocks that are bound to rise fast. Fast forward and fast out of the light warehouse operation. Adjust investment targets in a timely manner.”Eat fish only eats the middle section” to ensure the safety of assets and the inevitability of returns.

Buffy features break China Stock market:If you have 100,000 yuan of spare money, will you invest in Guizhou Moutai, Gree Electric Appliances, or Wuliangye at this stage?

About the Chinese market, Buffett talked a lot, Two of them are important:

1. The Chinese market is cheaper than the United States and stocks are cheaper!

2, China is an emerging market. There will be many people involved in the stock market, and people will be more speculative.

Look at Buffett ’s three investment principles

First, keep the principal; second, keep the principal; third, keep in mind the first And second. What it means is that you must keep a certain amount of principal for yourself at any time, only with the principal will you have the opportunity to turn around. After how many people operate the quilt, when the market comes, they watch other people earn money, but they can’t help themselves. This is the truth. When you get a certain profit, you have to collect it when you see it. Wealth is accumulated a little bit, and the chance of getting rich overnight is small but small. Remember:Capital preservation comes first.

The reason why Buffett became a stock god is that he never changes his investment philosophy because of the stock market’s rise and fall in a certain period of time. Although we ca n’t compare with ordinary people like big stocks, If you have to make a comparison, the most essential difference is that our investment behavior is easily controlled by emotions, and all transactions are determined by ourselves. Such shareholders are very lucky not to lose money.

If you invested Wuliangye, Guizhou Moutai, and Gree Electric Appliances separately with a principal of 100,000 yuan ten years ago, how much can you earn so far?

2009 From April to now, Guizhou Moutai can achieve a profit of 900%, Gree Electric can achieve a profit of 850%, and Wuliangye can achieve a profit of 550%. The three listed companies can achieve an average profit of 767%.

If it is a principal of 100,000 yuan, the single stock spread can achieve a gain of 767 thousand yuan.

Investing in stocks not only has the benefits of stock spreads, but also dividend income, with an annualized dividend rate of 2%. However, as the stock price rises, the dividend rate also varies. The dividend rate is 2% when the market value is 100,000 yuan, and it is still 2% when the market value is 1 million yuan. So it’s different.

Overall, the average annualized dividend yield is 8%. After 10 years, it has a dividend income of 80,000 yuan.

Then, the corresponding total income is 767,000 yuan + 80,000 yuan=847,000 yuan.

If you invested in Guizhou Moutai, Gree Electric Appliances, and Wuliangye separately ten years ago, now you can earn 847,000 yuan.

See through the source code of the main stock selection formula (the formula code copy process may be wrong. If the import is unsuccessful, you can get me the source code)

RSI1:= SMA (MAX (C-LC, 0), 6,1)/SMA (ABS (C-LC), 6,1) * 100;

RSI2:= SMA (MAX (C-LC, 0), 6,1)/SMA (ABS (C-LC), 6,1) * 100;

RSI3:= SMA (MAX (C-LC, 0 ), 14,1)/SMA (ABS (C-LC), 14,1) * 100;


A2:= CROSS (RSI1, RSI3);

A3:= CROSS (“KDJ.K” (19,3,3), “KDJ.D” (19 , 3,3)) AND “KDJ.D” (19,3,3) & lt; 30;


Finance Entry:EMA (IF (LOW & lt;=VARE, (VARD + VARF * 2)/2,0), 3)/618 * VAR10;

IF (Finance Entry & gt; 0, Funding Entry, 0) , STICK, LINETHICK2, COLOR0000FF;

This amount:Admission of funds;

A1:IF (Entry of funds> gt; 0, present amount * 1.2,0), STICK, LINETHICK5 , COLOR0000FF;

A2:IF (Fund Entry)> 0, current amount * 0.8,0), STICK, LINETHICK5, COLOR0066FF;

A3:IF (Fund Entry) ; 0, present amount * 0.6,0), STICK, LINETHICK5, COLOR0099FF;

A4:IF (Finance Admissions> 0, present amount * 0.4,0), STICK, LINETHICK5, COLOR00CCFF;

A5:IF (Fund Entry> 0, present amount * 0.2,0), STICK, LINETHICK5, COLOR00FFFF;

( The formula code copy process may have format errors, if the import is unsuccessful , You can find me the source code for free , want to know more about the current A-share stage operation skills and complete formula code, or if you have any doubts, you can pay attention to the public account of Yueshen Investment Research (yslcwh) and get it as soon as The most important investment information and original stock technical analysis method, a steady stream of dry goods!)

Short-term trading buying and selling point tips, understand that holding stocks does not panic

Short-term trading tips # 1:Do n’t sell high, do n’t sell, do n’t dive, do n’t buy, and sideways do n’t trade.

It’s easy to sell an order, but the word”buy and sell”, but when it’s time to do it, this is a brilliant word. This is the simplest and most basic truth, which is the most fundamental and effective. If you don’t understand this formula, you will trade 10,000 times, but it will be dead in the stock market. Before touching the plate, you must meditate again, keeping in mind. As time goes on, you can develop habit to make steel. This formula seems simple, but it is not easy to do. For many years, it is because you can’t do this simple point, and you lose countless money. Remember it, you will no longer chase up and down, but operate against most people, you will become a minority and alternative in the stock market, and you will become a small number of people in the stock market that make money. . The first two sentences are easy to understand, and the last one is”don’t trade sideways”. Warrant operations should be paid special attention. When trading sideways, once the market changes in the opposite direction, you will inevitably stop loss or chase up. of. The spread is small during the sideways trading. You are impatient. If you trade multiple times, it will inevitably result in a loss of fees.

Buffy features break China Stock market:If you have 100,000 yuan of spare money, will you invest in Guizhou Moutai, Gree Electric Appliances, or Wuliangye at this stage?

Short-term trading tips 2:Buy overcast but not buy Yang, selling Yang does not sell Yin, moving against the market, Fang is a hero.

This formula is a bit similar to the first formula, that is, the principle of moving against the market, the first formula is about the short-term, and the second formula is about the mid-line. That is, when buying, choose the K line to buy when the Yin line is closed; when selling, choose the K line to buy when the Yang line is closed.

Buffy features break China Stock market:If you have 100,000 yuan of spare money, will you invest in Guizhou Moutai, Gree Electric Appliances, or Wuliangye at this stage?

Short-term trading tips:Consolidate high and low, then Wait a minute.

The content of this formula includes the content of”No trading in sideways” in Formula One, but the main meaning is that when a stock or warrant continues to rise or fall After a period of time, it entered a horizontal position. At this time, it is not necessary to sell at the high position and buy at the low position. Because the market will change after the consolidation, it is not possible to make a subjective decision to open or close the position. If it changes from a high level down, it will be cleared in time without loss; if it changes from a low level to high, it will be pursued in time, and it will not go short.

Buffy features break China Stock market:If you have 100,000 yuan of spare money, will you invest in Moutai, Gree Electric Appliances, or Wuliangye of Guizhou at this stage?

Short-term trading tips4. Rush high, seize the opportunity to hurry to throw; low lows and new lows, buy a good time for the whole position.

This tip is a further detailed explanation of tip three, and it is the best time to describe tip three. The stock price and the broader market often have new highs after consolidation, and lows after a consolidation, so they should wait until the direction of the change is clear before starting. For example, the high side changes to the upper side and then hits a new high, which is the best time to sell; and the low side moves to the lower side after finishing, which is the best time to buy a full position.

Buffy features break China Stock market:If you have 100,000 yuan of spare money, will you invest in Moutai, Gree Electric Appliance or Wuliangye of Guizhou at this stage?  Buffy's characteristics break the Chinese stock market:if you have 100,000 free money in hand, at this stage you will invest in Maotai, Guizhou, Gree Electric Appliances, or Wuliangye?

Short-term trading tips 5:Before you start, admit your mistakes, rather buy less and not buy more.

The avenue is simple, which is another seemingly simple and difficult avenue. It is a question of the allocation and use of funds. You can’t buy all the funds at once, then you have to wait for them. Will buy, buy at the low point is the real master, selling is not so important, just the problem of making more money. Before you start to buy stocks, you must admit that your purchase is wrong. Be prepared for the stock price to fall. How do you prepare to buy positions at a low level after being quilted, instead of what is often called a technical stop loss? To cut your flesh is all harmless nonsense. Since the stock market, only the”pyramid buying method” is the only eternal truth in operation techniques. Pyramid investment method, it is a method of buying and selling stocks in batches. That is, the less you buy when you buy stocks, the more you sell when you sell stocks.

Buffy features break China Stock market:If you have 100,000 yuan of spare money, will you invest in Moutai, Gree Electric Appliances, or Wuliangye of Guizhou at this stage?

Short-term trading tips6:The stock is not up The rights should go first, and the stocks should be called back after the right.

This trick is how to look at the warrants of the stock market, and illustrates the linkage relationship between the warrants and the stock market. That is, after the stock has stabilized, before the stock has risen, the warrants have gone up ahead of time, because people with prophecies have already started in advance. When the stocks rise, the warrants accelerate to rise. When the stocks are in place, Warrants often have a last rush; when the underlying stocks start to fall, the warrants show a lag in adjustment, initially falling slowly and falling less, and when the underlying stock adjustment slows down, the downward adjustment of the warrants often speeds up to catch up. Mastering the rhythm of stocks and rights, the operation will be well-informed.

Internal reference tips # 7:5 stock antennas are pulled back, warrants will be watched for 10 days; stocks will be adjusted to 10 antennas, and warrants will be watched for 20 days.

This recipe is about the timing of the midline intervention of the warrants when the stock is trading back. It is mainly for the option. Because the warrants have greater fluctuations than the underlying stocks, when the underlying stocks are lowered to 5 antennas, the warrants may have fallen below 5 antennas, and sometimes fell to 10 antennas, and when the underlying stocks fell below 5 antennas and pulled back to 10 antennas, Warrants may have dropped to 20 antennas.

Short-term trading tips. 8:At 5 antennas, it may be caught; at 10 antennas, be careful.

This recipe is a further explanation of the operation of recipe seven, that is, when the warrant is pulled back to the 5 antenna, you cannot easily buy it. You must look at the position of the underlying stock. Without 5 antennas, the 5 antennas of the warrants seem to have technical support. In fact, the risks are extremely great. The probability of buying a quilt here is great. When the stock price drops to 5 antennas and the warrant falls to 10 antennas, the risk of buying a warrant at 10 antennas is also very high. Because once the stock falls below 5 antennas, when the callback to 10 antennas, the warrant will immediately fall below 10 antennas and adjust to 20 antennas. In this case, I also simply call it”not to be sloppy at the 10 antenna.” I also bought a large number of times at the 10 antenna of the warrant, and the stock suddenly fell through the 5 antenna. I was trapped at the 10 antenna of the warrant. p>

Short-term trading tactics # 9:Hold fast to cover your positions and protect your capital, and extravagance for profit is greedy.

This trick is a common mistake people make and I have seen it many times. That is to say, when you are quilted, your technical support level makes up a position, or you increase a position to make up a position, but you must clearly realize that your goal is to move back the cost. When the rebound is not lost, you should sell in time, and many people see that the stock price has risen, and if they want to increase it, I will make it, and I will earn as much as I can, and the result will fall back again and re-position Quilt, this time even the funds for self-help are gone, only to stand still. So here is a list to show everyone.

Buffy features break China Stock market:If you have 100,000 yuan of spare money, will you invest in Guizhou Moutai, Gree Electric Appliances, or Wuliangye at this stage?

Short-term trading tips10:One recommendation and two recommendations Will not rise, but had to shock down.

This trick is very important, it is a hidden rule of the stock market. Mainly for stocks. This situation is generally:a stock has been pulled back for a long time, and it is nearing the end. Most of it is in the state of platform consolidation. Some people have started recommending it one after another. You see that the fundamentals are really good, but you bought it. One day suddenly broke down, you scolded and sold it, but you will see that its K line has been rising after making a pit shape, and easily broke through the original finishing platform, absolutely dust And go. That’s how you were left. Everyone is optimistic, but it does not rise, but it suddenly breaks down after 20 days. After making a standard pit, the K line easily broke through the early platform and has reached a new high.

Buffy features break China Stock market:If you have 100,000 yuan of spare money, will you invest in Guizhou Maotai, Gree Electric Appliance, or Wuliangye at this stage?

Short-term trading tips XI:Lu Yin Cong The middle-tier is red, buy quickly and relax.

This formula says that when a stock or warrant pulls back for many days in a row, such as 3, 5, 7, 9, …, the Yin line appears green, One day, when you find that the K-line may receive the Yangxing or Xiaoyang line on the same day, you do n’t need to analyze the reason. It is the main shock warehouse, suction, or what is shipped in large quantities. Despite the killing, the Changyang line generally rebounds the next day. This phenomenon of warrants often appears in puts, and the response requires more rapid.

Buffy features break China Stock market:If you have 100,000 yuan of free money, will you invest in Guizhou Moutai, Gree Electric Appliances, or Wuliangye at this stage?

Short-term trading tips 12:Decline in decline , The rebound is also slow; the decline accelerates, the rebound is also fast.

There are basically two types of decline patterns, one is a slow-down trend and the other is a fast-down trend. The meaning of this formula is that in a continuous decline process, from the Japanese K line, the decline is getting smaller and smaller, then it generally starts slowly when it rebounds, and you have time to follow up, but if From the Japanese K line, the trend of increasing decline has started suddenly when it rebounded. It is fast and wide, you must react quickly to catch up, otherwise, when you find it, It is already a big Yangyang line with a long shadow at the bottom, and the profit margin is not much when it is late. The eleventh formula is mainly for the decline-declining trend, so for the decline-acceleration trend, it is a bit late to wait until the K line turns red, so it is necessary to”move with the times”, that is, you must rely on your feelings. It’s time for the best. It is usually decisive to intervene at the”most dangerous moment”.

Buffy features break China Stock market:If you have 100,000 yuan of free money, will you invest in Guizhou Moutai, Gree Electric Appliances, or Wuliangye at this stage?

Stock market traders have long-term stock markets, and you need to keep in mind Living in these ten cores

If you want to survive long-term trading, you must consider investment risks and anything that will happen. When the core of leveraged trading is profitability, you should gradually increase your positions. Gradually zoom in. When you lose, you should gradually reduce your positions to minimize the loss. This is the essence of trading!

Core 1:The truth of trading is not to make rich overnight, but to make a long, long life. .

Core 2:The common problem that investors often commit is frequent trading. Never look at trading opportunities and enter the market as long as there are fluctuations. This is undoubtedly wrong. It will only miss good points and frequent losses. .

Core three:”It’s good to say that I can pull you back from the cliff, but I can’t stop you from jumping every time.” Impulse is a bad source and must be carried out according to trading signals. , Impulse is the first element of risk control. , Learn to control risk.

Core 4:Do n’t be dazzled by profit. Being able to maintain profit is the key. A person ’s desire is to get more, he will forget the risk and cause self-destruction. Therefore, we must always Keep your head clear, be cautious about losing money, and be more careful about making money.

Core 5:People have a good gambling mentality, and they like to go in and out of heavy positions according to their indifferent judgment. So far, none of the heavy positions is incomplete, so every fund If the loss is controlled within 2%, a take profit and stop loss must be established.

Core 6:When you suffer a major setback, you always want to pull back immediately. The bigger and bigger you are, the more you want to redeem the disadvantage. Once you do this, you are equal to failure. After the setback, you should reduce the transaction immediately. To measure or stop trading, you are not getting much back now, but picking up your confidence.

Core 7:It ’s okay to make a mistake. Hurrying to get out is the main thing.”Stay here, do n’t be afraid of no firewood.” Save strength, find out why, come back!

Core 8 :Both new and experienced players know the trading principles, and top experts are still firm in implementing the principles under extreme trends. Why do most transactions keep losing money? The main reason is that they are not patient enough to ignore the trading principles. They ca n’t clearly wait until the trend is clear. The controller rushed into the field.

Core 9:Diversify transactions to face changes in the market. What is wrong is that there is no strategy in the transaction. Wrong, complaints are not easy to do, the platform has operations, etc. Why do you always ask why? Isn’t life the unknown? Never lose on strategy.

Core 10:Learn self-discipline and fund management before trading. Once the position is unfavorable, immediately enter the market and hold it if it is favorable. When the market trend is not good, you should reduce or stop trading. It is not to earn much at this moment. , But how to avoid reducing your own losses, do not rush into the market under your control.

(The above content is for reference only and does not constitute an operation suggestion. If you do it yourself, pay attention to position control and risk at your own risk.)

Disclaimer:This content is invested and researched by the public account of Yuesheng ( yslcwh), does not represent the investment newsletter endorses its investment views.