Payment transactions via mobile phones are now quite common, but various scams are often hidden in them. For example, chat records like this make people extremely desperate…

getUrls?link=8c66582e6624b110f4964c974dc8f8a6 - Beware! This line appears during WeChat transfer, don’t pay

When the shipment was delivered, it was discovered that you had been blacked out… the seller was evaporating, leaving you with poor money and goods.

Be very careful when a”risk reminder” appears, it is likely that the opposite is a liar!

In order to reduce the risk of payment, the”WeChat Security Center” official account recently issued a document:When using WeChat payment, if there is a”risk reminder”, be more careful!

getUrls?link=c245ccd38f1064d422d6f23580b1e866 - Beware! This line appears during WeChat transfer, don’t paygetUrls?link=afde7d3296ebf9790ef4aba5d98158a4 - Beware! This line appears during WeChat transfer, don’t pay

If the prompt in the picture appears, it means that the receiving account is very likely a liar, and it has been detected by WeChat Pay! Payment should be suspended or the identity of the other party should be confirmed before payment.

Then the question is, how does WeChat Pay know who to send the reminder to and who should not to send it to?

WeChat Pay has built a security risk control system for identifying malicious accounts and transactions.

During the payment process, if the receiving account has abnormal characteristics, WeChat will remind users of transaction risks according to the degree of risk.

If the recipient is malicious, WeChat will intercept and protect the transaction to remind users to pay attention to the safety of funds.

In addition, in addition to reminding users, WeChat also provides users with a 15-minute”transfer cooling-off period.” During this period, users can verify the identity of the other party so that they can make more accurate judgments.

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Besides WeChat Pay, pay attention to these three scams too!

01 Red envelope artifact hidden Trojan, beware of stolen deposits

Some red envelope grabbing software claims to be able to grab red envelopes in seconds. Not falling, there are many benefits on the surface, but it is virus software. Once installed, the mobile phone will be infected with viruses, and personal information, WeChat wallet and bank card balances are very likely to be stolen…

02″Good bargaining” is not profitable, personal information is in crisis

Scammers often use “as long as you invite friends to help’bargain’ to 0 yuan in the link page, you can get the product for free” as a gimmick, tempting users to click on the link and fill in their personal information. Forward the circle of friends.

The scammers use this information to steal the cash in the bank card bound by the customer, and promote these fraudulent activities to the user’s friends, and carry the virus link in the information for secondary fraud.

getUrls?link=2095427f75e98fb4be4c687d289c1b35 - Beware! This line appears during WeChat transfer, don’t pay

03 Rebate QR code hidden secrets, virus links should be paid attention to

The scammers use commodities as bait, claiming to give consumers rebates or cheaper, and send them Two-dimensional code or unknown link hides Trojan horse virus. Once the code is scanned or the link is clicked, the Trojan will steal personal information such as application account and password.


Do not install software from unknown sources;

Don’t click on URL links from unknown sources;

Do not scan QR codes that have not been determined to be secure;

Regularly disinfect computers and mobile phones to prevent infection with unknown Trojan horses, which may cause personal information leakage and property damage.

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What should I do if the WeChat account is blocked after transfer? ? Many people may panic in this situation! What should I do if I transferred to the wrong person and got blacked again? Calling communication failed, then, how do we get the money back at this time?

Operation to be blocked after WeChat transfer

The first step:click on the other party’s avatar → three dots in the upper right corner → select [Complaint]→[ There is fraudulent money fraud].

getUrls?link=19acf9a0e3bb8dc1a870c515501aa62b - Beware! This line appears during WeChat transfer, don’t pay

Step 2:Select the appropriate method and reason for scam money, then select [Submit to WeChat team for review], then upload the chat evidence and screenshots and submit.

getUrls?link=b41e9400bd939e7230a3f0b37550ae26 - Beware! This line appears during WeChat transfer, don’t pay

Everyone should be careful. You must use text when chatting about transfers, try not to make voices, and save screenshots of the chat and transfer records.

The above is the first method of reporting; the next is the second method of reporting.

Step 3:Click [I]→[Payment]→[Wallet]→[Bills] to find the transfer amount; then click on the bill and select [Question about the order], Select [Defrauded complaint].

getUrls?link=c505d62ffc670f5ae04a8dd455a1df9d - Beware! This line appears during WeChat transfer, don’t pay

Finally select the appropriate type of fraud, describe the reason for the fraud, upload the relevant screenshot evidence and submit it; in this way, after the WeChat team reviews, it will immediately lock the other party’s account and recover our money.

One more trick:

The first step:search for [Tencent 110] on the main WeChat page, and click [I want to report].

getUrls?link=c4c861b56d0f50c3b9ce40310a68d80a - Beware! This line appears during WeChat transfer, don’t pay

Step 2:Select [Internet fraud], or click other corresponding fraud types.

getUrls?link=38b78220794556555ff3e25cd44bb827 - Beware! This line appears during WeChat transfer, don’t pay

Step 3:Report the account according to different types, fill in the specific fraud information, and submit.

getUrls?link=c09a46c4682f1e03fb797d653db8313c - Beware! This line appears during WeChat transfer, don’t pay

The staff will complete the review within 72 hours and feedback the review results to users. If it is verified that the other party’s account is illegal, Tencent will impose corresponding penalties on its account.

If the amount is huge, you will call the police! There are many forms of online fraud, so be careful!

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