According to the spirit of the Xi’an Bureau of Cultural Tourism in order to promote the reopening of cultural and cultural institutions in an orderly manner, The Xi’an Bell and Drum Tower Museum, while doing a good job of preventing and controlling epidemics, will be opened on March 25, 2020 Receive the audience.

 Xi'an Bell Tower and Drum Tower will be open tomorrow, free until May 31!

◆ Opening hours:

Daily 9:00-17:30 (closed at 17:00)

◆ Reservation method:

1. Xi’an Bell and Drum Tower Museum implements free online visits with personal real names, suspends group reception, and cancels on-site ticket sales and reservation services.

2. Visitors can reserve tickets through Ctrip. Please make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance. After confirmation, you can go to visit with the reservation QR code.

 Xi'an Bell Tower and Drum Tower will be open tomorrow, free until May 31!

◆ Preferential policy:

The Bell and Drum Tower Museum is free Open until May 31.

Free visits to medical staff nationwide until December 31, 2020.

◆ Restriction policy:

1. According to the epidemic situation For prevention and control requirements, the maximum audience for a single day of the Bell and Drum Tower Museum in Xi’an does not exceed 1,000 people, and reservations cannot be made when the limit is exceeded.

2. Bell tower and drum tower will implement flow control measures according to the real-time audience, please obey the guidance command.

◆ Visiting process:

1. The audience depends on the individual Valid ID and reservation code are queued to verify the reservation information and then board the building.

2. The audience shows Xi’an real-time”One Code Pass”, and the green code is required to enter the temperature measurement channel.

3. The audience temperature and body temperature are below 37.3 ℃, and there are no abnormalities such as cough and shortness of breath before they can go to the ticket gate.

◆ Epidemic prevention measures:

1. Visitors must go through Wearing masks, security personnel will guide the audience in an orderly manner. During the queuing and visiting, they must keep a distance of more than 1.5 meters from others.

2. If you find abnormal body temperature or other emergencies, you must seek medical treatment immediately or cooperate with epidemic prevention inspection at the temporary isolation point.

3. Guide signs and facilities shall be set up in the visit area, and one-way visit lines shall be implemented. Visitors shall not go retrograde.

4. Suspend the manual explanation service.

5. Those who have not made an appointment in advance or have abnormal outbreak information are not allowed to enter the museum.

6. The Gulou drum performance is temporarily suspended.

◆ Others:

1. Xi’an Bell and Drum Tower The museum will make dynamic adjustments to the reception service work according to the needs of the work. For related information updates, please pay attention to the official website of the Bell and Drum Tower Museum in Xi’an, WeChat public account, and official Weibo.

2. For inquiries, complaints, and help, please call 029-87276420, 029-87278797.

News source:Published by Xi’an