Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, the three cities are fighting for the central city of China’s technology Internet Silicon Valley. It is also the pattern of Silicon Valley that has formed in recent years!

The 21st century is the Internet information age, and it is the mainstream of the background trend of the Internet information age!

Beijing, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou have relatively opened the trend of Internet digital economy. Among these three mainstream cities, Beijing has a number of Internet technology innovation companies represented by and Baidu leading the trend. , Shenzhen has companies with Tencent as the mainstream representative, and Hangzhou is a trendy model represented by Alibaba alone leading the national digital economy.

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In the early years, everyone was familiar with the famous Chinese Silicon Valley”Beijing Zhongguancun”, and in recent years, with the country’s reform and opening up The development of the newly established special economic zone-Shenzhen, implemented in various places, has achieved a certain degree of effect.

Shenzhen’s remarkable development has given birth to a group of unicorn Internet technology companies. Tencent is an outstanding representative of them, and it has made Shenzhen a natural Silicon Valley of China.

Hangzhou, the rise of Alibaba has revitalized the entire city of Hangzhou. Alibaba has incubated 29 exclusive animal companies in various fields. Among them, mobile payment and the sharing economy are quietly changing the lives of modern people. the way.

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Alibaba has transformed from ordinary online shopping to a digital economy, forming the integration of Internet big data and the traditional real economy.

Besides the formation of Beijing China’s Silicon Valley in the early years, Zhongguancun’s Institute of Electronic Science and Technology; the main thing is the accumulation of a large number of top universities in the country, as well as some scientific research institutes and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After all, as the capital, a high-profile place for the political center!

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Shenzhen, as the country’s technological innovation center city, its main purpose of competition is to have a large number of technological innovation companies with hardware strength, such as Huawei, DJI, BGI, etc…

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As China’s e-commerce capital, Hangzhou has the Internet represented by Alibaba The enterprise is an Internet technology innovation company with the most software strength in China. This is different from Shenzhen, but similar to Hangzhou’s more powerful hardware such as Hikvision, Hang Seng Electronics and so on.

Therefore, in the future, I personally think that the three cities of Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou are most likely to become China’s Silicon Valley is Hangzhou.

Let’s take a look at the talent attraction of these three places. Hangzhou ranks first in the country. Moreover, taking Hangzhou as an example, Alibaba, ranks first in the country and is in the forefront of the world.

Beijing’s strict population control, combined with its climate, seems to eclipse it!

In the context of high housing prices, Shenzhen has prompted a number of enterprises and talents to escape.

Hangzhou is the only city where West Lake is onlookers, a city with beautiful scenery. For the past few years, housing prices have been tepid, and the air and cultural scenery are charming, making it shine everywhere! The attraction to talents is second to none, and it is also the city with the largest population increase in the country.

In addition to the Internet technology city represented by Alibaba, in recent years Hangzhou has been building a”West Lake University” similar to the development model of Stanford University in Silicon Valley in the world, and Hangzhou is bound to be at the forefront.

With the attractiveness of the population, Hangzhou has become the first city in the development of digital economy. This land, one of the largest highlands in the field of artificial intelligence in the world, is full of brilliance, making Hangzhou the city of Silicon Valley in China.

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