Recently, the Litchi APP was asked to shut down the live broadcast section by the Guangdong Cyberspace Administration of China in conjunction with the provincial “anti-pornographic and illegal” office due to”provocation of sleep-aid content and many sleep-aid anchors lure them to sell vulgar pornographic audio and video.””Sleep aid” channel. The person in charge of Litchi APP said that the illegal anchors and their content only accounted for a small part of the”Sleep Aid” channel, but the problems exposed by them still make the company vigilant and will thoroughly and effectively rectify the problems.

On September 9, ASMR enthusiast”Clockwork Orange” told reporters,”ASMR anchors on the formal platform will use sound effects such as tapping a tuning fork and simulating ear picking to help listeners sleep.”

So, what is the illegal”sleep aid” content? The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter found that the”ASMR” content, which had been popular on Douyu, Huya, Station B, NetEase Cloud and other audio and video platforms for a while, was removed from the shelves, and its main focus was the”sleep aid” effect. The reason why it was completely removed from the shelves before was precisely because some audio and video content involved pornography and vulgarity, which led to many platforms being”anti-pornographic and illegal” for interviews.

The Beijing News Shell Finance and Economics reporter found that although it has been banned on a large scale, some of the ASMR content can still be seen when searching for keywords such as”sleep aid” and”sleeping” on some platforms. The video content is relatively normal. On some semi-underground micro-business platforms and”welfare” websites, many ASMR videos that have been banned from the shelves before are still available for purchase, and a large amount of normal or”sideball” content is mixed and packaged for sale. Buyers.

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Some ASMR videos of sideballs searched by reporters.

First intention:

ASMR is for sleep aid

According to the reporter’s understanding, ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response), translated in Chinese as”spontaneous perceptual meridian response”, refers to the human body’s perception of the effects of sight, hearing, touch, smell, etc., in the brain, scalp, back or other parts of the body. A unique and pleasant feeling.

ASMR originally existed abroad and was purely”exotic”. Chen Zitong, who was called the “first person in ASMR” by the media, recalled that there were only a handful of people doing ASMR in China in 2016. Since 2017, it has become popular. Several large live broadcast platforms have begun to do ASMR, and the platform is monetization-oriented. The requirements for professionalism and standardization are not high. Basically, you can get started with equipment.

According to public information, a paper”Research Progress on Spontaneous Perceptual Meridian Response” (hereinafter referred to as”Research”) published in”Henan Medical Research” 2018 (027) 024 said that 91 people were invited Healthy people watch ASMR, and more than half of them have a similar experience with ASMR. A large number of cases suggest that ASMR may have a promoting effect in sleep, anti-depression and treatment of chronic pain.

“Research” stated that many ASMR materials are similar to those used for hypnosis, and performers also use the behavior of hypnotists. ASMR includes image guidance, progressive relaxation, hypnosis, meditation and other content, which can be used as one of the methods to improve sleep quality.

However,”Research” also stated that the nature of ASMR is still unclear, and there are few related studies. Further research is needed on the physiological mechanism, effects, and adverse reactions of this phenomenon.

Another paper”A Preliminary Study of ASMR Sound Production Technology and ASMR Sound Feature Analysis” published in”Modern Film Technology” (2019 Issue 7) shows that the effect of ASMR can be divided into ventriloquist and dynamic effect Production, the ultimate goal is to produce a sound with energy concentrated in high frequencies. The more normal production methods are such as squeezing plastic bags with your hands, touching books, hair and other materials, and using cotton swabs to dig out artificial head microphone”ears” and other sounds.

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A sleep aid anchor uses a cotton swab to make sleep aid sounds.

According to Chen Zitong’s introduction, making an ASMR is not an easy task. It usually involves four stages:scripting, trial recording, official recording, and later stages. The actual production process Some people are a little bit”painful.”



In the pink room, an anchor is wearing a sexy black silk costume and is talking softly into the microphone. The title of the anchor’s video is”The Girl Next Door Neighbors”, the label is”ASMR sleep in”.

“In 2018, similar videos were easily searchable on platforms such as Douyu, Huya, and Station B.” Clockwork Orange told reporters,”Later, this type of video content was allegedly violated. When a large number of them were removed, they were almost extinct, but the price was that many normal ASMR content could not be found.”

“A Clockwork Orange” showed reporters many ASMR audio and video collections, including The female anchors are soothing to sleep, but most of them are videos in which the anchors use various objects to make comfortable sounds. Both the anchors are male and female. The purpose of the videos is purely to help sleep.

A number of industry insiders pointed out that starting from 2018, some ASMR anchors began to”off the track”. The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter once joined the anchor’s “welfare QQ group” in an ASMR live broadcast room of Douyu, and spent 100 yuan to purchase 22 anchors’ private videos. The reporter opened one of the videos and found that the anchor was dressed She showed her chest and groaned and stuck her tongue out.

It was also in 2018 that ASMR encountered strict supervision. During the year, many platforms issued management measures for ASMR. For example, Douyu issued the”ASMR Content Management Announcement”, stating that the platform advocates green and healthy ASMR live content, and it is forbidden for anchors to use ASMR live broadcasts to spread vulgar content, and it is strictly forbidden for anchors to have any use ASMR live broadcasts the act of scoring. In June of that year, the National Office of”Anti-pornography and Anti-illegal” also interviewed the person in charge of a number of audio and video websites in response to problems with ASMR content. It also emphasized that a large part of the ASMR audience is young people, and the government and enterprises should join forces to combat bad content.

Under strict supervision, most platforms choose to”one size fits all” the content of ASMR. The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter used keywords such as”sleep aid” and”ASMR” to search on the Litchi APP on September 9 The discovery result showed that”No relevant content was found”. Searching for the”ASMR” keyword on Douyu, Huya, and Station B, the relevant content was also blocked. Many industry insiders stated that the”ASMR” keyword was blocked. The removal of Heyin video content started as early as 2018. The removal of the”sleep aid” section of Lychee Video is just a”check for deficiencies”.


Demand for handling scale and insomnia

Although it was completely offline, ASMR content has not completely died out.

“I think ASMR has now been split into two styles. One is just using a soothing voice to help people relieve stress, and the other is the soft and erotic ASMR that the regulator wants to crack down.” The orange told reporters.

For ASMRs of the “side ball” category, the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter found on some semi-underground micro-business platforms and “welfare” websites on September 9 that a large number of various platforms had been banned and removed. ASMR videos, such as the live video of a certain anchor from 2017 to 2018, are priced at 10 yuan. Previously, these videos could be watched for free on the live broadcast platform, but after they were removed from the shelves, they were packaged into”welfare videos” for”second resale” on the WeChat business platform.

In addition, the reporter also found a lot of audio that is directly related to pornography under the banner of”ASMR” on the black production platform. For example, the whole process of an”ASMR” audio is the moan of the anchor. In the audio, the anchor is even directly reading pornographic novels. From the perspective of industry insiders, this type of audio has been out of the category of”ASMR” and belongs to pornographic content dressed in”ASMR”.

As for normal ASMR videos that relieve stress, reporters can still see some ASMR content by searching for keywords such as”sleep aid” and”sleeping” on some platforms. Due to regulatory reasons, these contents are not marked ASMR label, but you can still see labels such as”sleep aid”. Netizens”lonely and widowed” believe that many people with insomnia still need ASMR.

But what makes the regulators a headache is that a considerable part of ASMR audio and video content is difficult to control in terms of standard processing. Douyu once responded to a reporter from the Beijing News in 2018 that it prohibits anchors from using ASMR live broadcasts to spread vulgar content,”It is strictly forbidden to vulgar large-scale or suspected of pornography”,”It is strictly forbidden for anchors to make sexually suggestive touching and licking. If the host violates the rules during the live broadcast, the corresponding points will be deducted according to the severity of the plot. However, “the difficulty of platform supervision lies in the control of the processing scale.”

According to the understanding, , The”General Rules for the Review of Online Audiovisual Program Content” reviewed and approved in 2017 clearly prohibits sound effects, music, pictures, etc. that have obvious provocative meaning.”As far as the review level of video websites is concerned, the general rules for the review of online audio-visual program content specify 9 situations. Some ASMR content is a situation that renders pornography and vulgar and low-level interest. The platform has a review obligation for the content. If the review is not effective, From a legal point of view, you need to bear administrative responsibilities. Specifically, you may face interviews with administrative departments, request for rectification, or even suspend operations and revoke your business license.” said Li Chenyao, a lawyer at Beijing Taoan Law Firm.

As for the”transformation” of some ASMR anchors in soft pornography, Zhihu’s respondent”BB Ji” said that some domestic audiences’ perceptions of ASMR still remain provocative and seductive.”If there is no way to attract viewers, they will naturally be eliminated by the entire industry. The low-level demand of some viewers in this area has caused some female anchors to actively seek benefits in this area.”

A number of industry insiders said that ASMR The development in China is more”disgraceful”:in the early stage, someone specially made some high-quality videos, but after being targeted by the live broadcast platform, they continued to move closer to soft porn under the influence of traffic, and finally led to bad money expelling good money and making videos with heart People were unable to break through, and eventually attracted the”big stick” of supervision.”However, there are still many people in China who need sleep assistance. I hope that the platform and regulators can find a more appropriate solution to let ASMR remove the stigma and survive in the sun.”