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willing to be willing There was only homes; bear to do subtraction, subtraction bull market more to be done.

The bear market has to do subtraction, which is well understood, and most people can understand it. Because the bear market risk appetite is low, there are few bull stocks in the upward trend, it is easy to chop the hand, and it is honest after chopping a few times. Therefore, if the bear market wants to make money, or lose less money, it can only do subtraction.

The bull market has to do more subtraction, and most people may not understand it, and even less. Because of the high risk appetite in the bull market, there are many bull stocks in the upward trend, there are many daily limit stocks, and a new hot spot may pop up every day. Every day has a good opportunity. Few people can stand loneliness and control their own hands. Therefore, in the bull market, most people like to toss kittens back and forth to fish.

Each round of the bull market, the index will increase by more than 1.5 times. Although most stocks will rise, there are not many that can significantly exceed the index. The stocks that have increased by three or five times are not what everyone imagines. More, and stocks that have risen more than 10 times, only 10-20%. And each round of bull market 10 times, almost all appear in the main line of the bull market.

That is to say, In the bull market, if you want to make a lot of money, you need to go all out to be the main line of the bull market and the core varieties of the bull market. time. Therefore, what the bull market does is not addition, but subtraction.

In this round of technology stock tide, we need to focus on technology and the main lines of bull markets such as chips, 5G, and electric vehicles, because they are new core assets, and large financial consumption has already become past. If you want to maximize the revenue, you should”All in IC” and do your best to make chips and semiconductors. All other varieties can be abandoned because No variety can outperform chips, even 5G and electric vehicles are no exception. .

Hainanbaichuan is full of capacity. Investments can be biased, but not. People will read wrong, there is nothing embarrassing to read it, and correct it in time. Many people are still looking forward to technology stocks, and even more to chip stocks. Those who have serious market prejudice and do not confess their mistakes can only miss this round of technology stocks. Those who are prejudiced against big finance and big consumption have missed big opportunities in the past three years; those who are biased against tech chip stocks will also miss big opportunities in the next three years.

The bear market is to be subtracted, the bull market is to be subtracted:the second batch of 10 times stock alternative list

Actually, for us to make investments, we all make money from the National Games and make money from policies. Personal ability has a bonus effect, but we cannot make a decision. Role, luck is the core competitiveness. Because the National Games and policies have given the market the largest β, and our personal ability just earned α.

In the past three years, if there is no policy and national team, there will be no β of large financial consumption, no core asset story, and personal ability is just the difference between buying Maotai and Wuliangye or Erguotou.

In the next three years, if there is no policy and Guo Jia team, there is no beta of big technology, there is no story of new core assets, personal ability is just to buy Weir shares (SH603501), Jingfang Technology (SH603005) ) The difference with Changdian Technology (SH600584).

Now that the largest beta in the market is on the chip in technology , why should we turn a blind eye? Everyone comes to the stock market to make money, not to lose money. Therefore, it is not necessary to live with the market, because it is difficult to live with the market.

The bear market is to be subtracted, the bull market is to be subtracted:the second batch of 10 times stock alternative list

Many people ask, can technology stocks still be bought now? Can chip stocks still be bought? The answer is yes, because whether it is chips, or 5G and electric vehicles, the market is still very early, maybe only about a third of it. If you are afraid of high, you can buy semiconductor 50etf, technology etf, Xinneng car etf, etc.

The first 15x technology stock, Chengmai Technology has opened up the imagination of technology stocks; the first 10x chip stock is about to fall out of Jingfang Technology; the first 10x 5G Performance stocks may be spent on Jingyan Technology (300709); the first 10 times electric vehicle stocks may be spent on Liwei Energy (300014).

Is there any depression in the semiconductor now?

The answer is also yes, because there are still chips or semiconductor stocks, which have not yet reached record highs, and some have only increased by about two times. In this big bull market of technology stocks, most semiconductor stocks may become 10 times shares. Therefore, depressions are not without them, but they are not intentionally sought.

The most typical example is the semiconductor display leader, BOE (000725) and TCL Technology (000100). When the chip stocks go more than 10 times PB, when most semiconductor stocks go more than 5 times PB, BOE and TCL, which are less than 3 times PB and the industry is reversed, are not significantly underestimated? Opportunities are everywhere, and so are the current semiconductors. In this round of bull market, BOE is speculating more than 5 times PB, and TCL is not surprised when it is 10 times PB. You do n’t need to look at them from the perspective of cyclical stocks. Look at them from the perspective of stocks. When the wind comes, pigs will fly, let alone core technology stocks.

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 The bear market should do subtraction, the bull market should do subtraction:the second batch 10x stock candidate list