With the rapid development and wide application of new technologies such as 5G, mobile internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, financial technology has become the focus of various banks’ efforts to develop.Mobile banking has also become an important carrier for banks to build smart financial service platforms.

getUrls?link=28a049add13650f61f1c8cbd20a1b77d - Bank of China Mobile Banking is wonderful and upgraded again. Brand-new special zone provides intelligent services in four scenarios

Bank of China is actively embracing technological change and adopting mobile banking as a strategy An important project of transformation, adhere to customer-centric, continue to strengthen and improve the &34;handheld banking&34; service function construction. In order to meet the needs of different customer groups, this year, the bank’s mobile banking functions have been upgraded again, and four characteristic scenarios of cross-border finance, education growth, silver-haired pension and sports fitness have been launched on the mobile banking homepage, giving mobile banking more new features. Connotation, which greatly improves customer experience.

According to the introduction, the cross-border financial zone in the four special zones provides customers with one-stop cross-border financial services such as remittances for study abroad and foreign currency cash reservations. Cross-border remittances newly added process query function and limit query service. Customers can enter the cross-border remittance number to inquire about the latest processing progress of cross-border remittance business initiated by various channels of Bank of China. Cross-border remittance business within nine months can be inquired online. Before cross-border remittances in foreign currencies, customers can use the online”Limit Inquiry” service to check their current remittance limits in different currencies.

The education growth zone provides customers with rich and preferential one-stop education growth services such as education information, online courses, growth finance, preferential rights, etc. The zone is set up with &34;Lezhi headlines&34;&34; Lezhi Academy&34;&34;Growth Finance&34;&34;Lezhi Youli&34; and other featured columns. Campus customers can view or apply for specialty credit cards online, apply for student loans online, and enjoy exclusive privileges such as audio-visual entertainment and online education.

Yinfa senior care zone provides wealth management, quality of life, learning garden services, creates pension insurance product plans and characteristic wealth management products for senior customers, and provides popular learning courses such as Tai Chi promoters and scientific meals.

The sports and fitness zone provides customers with full-ecological sports services such as ice and snow fun, venue booking, sports package, equipment mall, business district discounts, training camps, sports coupons, event registration, etc., and special sports encyclopedia columns , To provide sports enthusiasts with practical information such as skiing strategy, winter Olympics popularization, home sports, etc., to create a professional platform for”going on the ice and snow, looking for the Bank of China, doing sports, and looking for the Bank of China”. Recently, it has launched 9 yuan to enjoy indoor skating, indoor skiing full 170 minus 100, and skating personal education discounts 100.

Bank of China Yunnan Branch uses Internet thinking and digital service models to deeply cultivate cross-border, education, sports, and silver hair scenarios, aggregate four service areas on the mobile banking platform, and develop with leading merchants and institutions Cooperation to enhance digital financial service capabilities and create an”open and win-win” scenario ecological service system.