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According to foreign media reports, recently, nearly 3,000 people have supported a petition. The petition calls on British Amazon to prohibit sellers from responding to Down syndrome sufferers”inciting hate speech”.

The petition states that many people in the Down syndrome community have repeatedly contacted Amazon to request the removal of”products that cause hate speech against people with Down syndrome.”

The petition page includes a picture of a T-shirt with the words”Let Down’s Syndrome Extinction” is used as an example of items for sale that petitioners wish to delete.

It is reported that more than 2500 signatures have been obtained since 15 hours of initiating the petition. The signer described the information on this T-shirt as”disgusting”,”cruel” and”shocking”.

The petition states:”We hope that the platform will find a way to prevent these products from being sold on Amazon. If Amazon has stocks of these products, we hope to see these stocks destroyed.”


The petition supporters are angry about selling such products on Amazon UK. The following is support Comments from readers:

“We want to see Amazon help the Down syndrome community fight haters.”

“I don’t I can believe that someone made these, let alone tried to profit from it!”

“These products are disgusting and hateful, showing some ugliness of humanity!”

” This is offensive, and I think it’s unacceptable to sell them.”

In this regard, an Amazon spokesperson stated that all sellers must follow the sales guidelines, otherwise, sellers will be subject to cancellation of their accounts. Sanctions for actions within. The product in question will be removed from the Amazon UK site.

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