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Who owns JD Mathematics?

On the evening of September 11, JD Digital disclosed the prospectus for listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. According to the prospectus, before the issuance, the top ten shareholders of JD Digital were:Suqian Juhe Digital Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. (Suqian Juhe, holding 36.80%), Liu Qiangdong (8.86%), Suqian Dongtai Jinrong Investment Management Center (Suqian Dongtai, holding 7.80%), Chen Shengqiang (holding 4.23%), Suqian Donghe Shengrong Equity Investment Center ( Donghe Shengrong, holding 3.83%), Suqian Boda Heneng Fund Management Partnership (Boda Heneng, holding 2.79%), Beijing Sequoia Hongde Equity Investment Center (Sequoia Hongde, holding 2.68%), Qijingke (Xiamen) Equity Investment Partnership (Qijingke, holding 2.50%), Zhoushan Qingtai Equity Investment Partnership (Zhoushan Qingtai, holding 2.49%), Suqian Mingjin Chuangyuan Enterprise Management Consulting Partnership (Mingjin Chuangyuan, holding 2.40%).

Among them, the company’s controlling shareholder and actual controller Liu Qiangdong directly holds 8.86%of the total share capital before the issuance, and indirectly controls the issuance through Suqian Linghang Fangyuan Equity Investment Center (Linghang Fangyuan), Suqian Aggregation, and Boda Heneng 41.49%of the former total share capital, which accounted for 50.35%of the total share capital before the issuance, and 74.77%of the total voting rights were controlled through special voting rights arrangements. Suqian Aggregation, Boda Heneng, and Linghang Fangyuan respectively hold 18.69%, 1.42%, and 9.65%of the voting rights. It is worth mentioning that Suqian Aggregation is a domestic-funded enterprise controlled by through its wholly foreign-owned enterprise Jiangsu Huiji Agreement.

After the issuance, Liu Qiangdong directly holds 7.97%of the total share capital, and the voting rights ratio is 42.61%. Through pilot Fangyuan, Suqian Aggregation, and Boda Heneng indirectly control 45.3%of the total share capital before the issuance, and control the total number of voting rights. 70.77%.

In addition, other shareholders who individually or collectively hold more than 5%of the company’s shares or voting rights are as follows:

The employee shareholding platform Suqian Dongtai held 7.8%before the issuance, accounting for the pre-issuance 3.96%of the total voting rights, 7.02%of the shares after the issuance, and 3.75%of the voting rights.

Donghe Shengrong, Zhoushan Qingtai and Suqian Dongrui Yingtai Equity Investment Partnership (Dongrui Yingtai) are all Suqian Donghe Rongji Fund Management Partnership because their executive partners are jointly held before the issuance Shares are 7.23%, with a total of 3.67%of voting rights. After the issuance, they hold a total of 6.51%with a total of 3.48%of voting rights.

Beijing Jiashi Yuanrui Investment Center (Jiashi Yuanrui), Shannan Jiashi Hengyi Venture Capital Partnership (Jiashi Hengyi), Shannan Jiashi Cathay Pacific Venture Capital Partnership (Jiashi Guotai), Shannan Jiashi Hongsheng Venture Capital Investment partnerships (Harvest Hongsheng), Shannan Harvest Kaizhuo Venture Capital Partnership (Harvest Kaizhuo) and Shannan Harvest Fengqiao Venture Capital Partnership (Harvest Joe) are the executive partners of Zhiying Huirong Investment Management (Beijing) ) Co., Ltd., before the issuance, holds a total of 5.86%of shares and a total of 2.98%of voting rights. After the issuance, a total of 5.28%of shares and a total of 2.81%of voting rights.

In addition, JD Digital CEO Chen Shengqiang held 4.23%before the issuance and 3.8%after the issuance.

Attached:Table of changes in JD Digit’s shareholders’ shareholding and voting rights before and after the issuance

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