Comment:Juhuasuan built the &34;Tao Dashuai Supply Chain Platform&34; built by major manufacturers across the country Expand online distribution across the region. By aggregating major groups such as brand companies, logistics providers, financial institutions, and value-added service providers, a supply chain business ecosystem will be gradually formed to achieve a shared win-win situation for members of the ecosystem. Based on the &34;Supply Chain + Internet&34; Taodashuai platform is a benchmark for innovation-driven and technology-enabled supply chain development. The construction and development of the Taodashuai platform is worthy of reference and reference in the industry.

1. Background

Foshan Juhuasuan Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. Its existing Taodashuai supply chain platform, AliYoupin, Tmall Youpin Supply Chain Selection Center and more than 100 branches, business areas cover FMCG, IT, communications, medical, chemical, home appliances, clothing, security , Precious metals and other industries, are providing professional supply chain services for many well-known enterprises.

In line with the business philosophy of &34;integration, sharing, innovation&34;, Tao Dashuai grasped the great opportunities of supply chain development, built Tao Dashuai distribution platform, subverted the traditional transaction structure and channel model, and solved China’s circulation field is scattered, chaotic, poor, and small; at the same time, with consumers as the core, logistics as the basis, with a complete supply chain service platform as a carrier, and new Internet technologies as a means of sharing, we will build twelve service platforms. It will fully cover 3 million terminal online stores in the circulation industry, closely aggregate major groups such as brand companies, distributors/channel providers, logistics providers, financial institutions, and value-added service providers, and strive to create a cross-border integration, sharing and win-win B2B2C Supply chain business ecosystem.

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Second, practice

(1 )Platform function

Juhuasuan e-commerce&34;Tao Dashuai Supply Chain Platform&34; is based on &34;supply chain + Internet&34;, relying on Tao Dashuai’s many upstream and downstream suppliers and massive commodity resources , Pay attention to customer needs, build an e-commerce omni-channel network to expand distribution, and open up a full-link business platform from factory to retail. The platform integrates millions of terminal stores, thousands of well-known brands, and hundreds of thousands of SKUs to provide high-quality products and marketing services to create value for customers.

1.Tao Dashuai Yunshang

Tao Dashuai Yunshang is a collection of product display, online procurement, online payment, and order management created by the Alibaba Youpin supply chain for brand owners. A B2B one-stop transaction marketing service platform that integrates functions such as, channel management, advertising and marketing; provides accurate direct marketing services for brand new product launches, order fairs, promotional activities, advertising and marketing; for agent product distribution, Store centralized procurement, logistics integration, procurement planning, etc. provide one-stop commodity trading services; at the same time, provide statistical reports, order analysis, dynamic sales and other operational big data services to enhance the influence of the brand and the dynamic sales of products.

2. Official self-operated stores settled in

 May 18, 2020, Nanhai District held a press conference to announce the 2020 Tmall&34;Nanhai Home·Life Special&34; event Officially launched. Nanhai will promote the online sales of Nanhai products through the establishment of Nanhai online e-commerce venues, live broadcast of online celebrities and other activities, and promote the full recovery of the production capacity of Nanhai enterprises through”34; promote production by sales”, and create”nanhai manufacturing”. Online IP.  Home appliances, furniture, ceramic sanitary ware, lamps, underwear, footwear, aluminum, doors and windows… wherever you have a home, there are made in Nanhai. Pan-furniture is a dominant traditional industry in the South China Sea. Lin’s Wood Industry, Weishang Furniture, Federal Furniture, Mona Lisa, etc. have emerged A group of well-known enterprises, Nanhai will also use this event to further build the Nanhai pan-home industry brand, help the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and promote the high-quality development of Nanhai’s manufacturing industry.

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3. Effectiveness

E-commerce uses Alibaba Youpin’s supply chain as a connection carrier, combined with Juhuasuan’s offline resources, including the distribution team provided by the Taodashuai platform and offline services and terminal media, to help brands from traditional sellers to service providers The transformation of roles helps platform companies to do precision marketing. Retail terminals, merchants and consumers can also enjoy abundant commodity resources, rapid logistics in the last mile of offline cities across the country, cloud media, user experience, user expansion, zero inventory and no capital entrepreneurship, high-quality products, and low operating costs Wait. In the end,”Tao Dashuai Platform” will rely on Juhuasuan’s strong first-mover advantage and offline resources to realize one-stop transaction services, promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and help manufacturers open up a full-link business platform from factory to retail. Promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional Chinese factories and open a new era of circulation.

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Tao Dashuai platform is based on supply chain + Internet. An online platform that gradually upgrades traditional circulation to a new circulation form. The core of Tao Dashuai is to provide a data-based supply chain platform (S), enabling thousands of businesses (b) to achieve more efficient interaction with users at a lower cost. At the same time, it is also an Internet tool for the circulation industry to improve efficiency, building a high-speed bridge between brands, distributors, supply chain platforms, terminal stores, and consumers. At the same time, the Taodashuai platform uses Internet capabilities to solve the problem of the sinking of brand channels, and is strengthening the channel advantages of brand owners. And by mastering and satisfying the needs of the new generation of consumers for high-quality and personalized services, they will occupy the minds of consumers and stand out from the extreme competition.