Alibaba, Pinduoduo, Meituan, Bailian Group, New World Group, Lujiazui Group, Chongbang Group, Suning (Carrefour), Gome Electric, Yongle Life Representatives of 12 companies including Electrical Appliances, Dewu, Yuexing Group, and Red Star Macalline launched the”Consumption Promotion Month” special activities and measures to promote consumption.

“Buy, buy, buy” keep on file!

Where is the easiest way to gather wool?

Xiaobu inquired about the special strategies of 12 companies~

Lujiazui Group


At L+Mall in Lujiazui Center,”Everyone gets a prize” is by no means a marketing gimmick!

September 8th, September 12th-13th, September 19th-20th, you only need to register as a mall member to get a 0-point lottery and win a no-threshold voucher, the highest amount It is 1,000 yuan, and there are also 500 yuan, 200 yuan, 100 yuan and other stalls. Even the”winning insulation party” can receive a 50 yuan voucher, which can be used directly in the retail and catering merchants in the mall, and the single consumption is the most You can use 4 cards, please call your friends to grab the red envelopes!

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As the commercial section of Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone Development Co., Ltd., Lujiazui Commercial will also integrate the features of its 96 Square, 1885, Luyuefang, Luyuehui, and Lanshanfang projects, together with Lujiazui Center L+Mall Make efforts to launch special activities such as markets, cute pets, parent-child and night economy.

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Suning will issue 5 billion yuan in consumer subsidies, and each consumer can receive 6,600 yuan in consumer vouchers online, and the entire consumer vouchers will continue until the end of this year .

The exclusive subsidy of RMB 5 billion in the Shanghai area will cover all areas such as consumer electronics, electrical appliances, mothers and babies, department stores, FMCG, and after-sales service. At present, it is issued in the form of electronic coupons, which are divided into different denominations such as 1,000 yuan, 500 yuan, 200 yuan, 100 yuan, 50 yuan, and 40 yuan according to the type of business. Consumers pay attention to the official WeChat account of”Shanghai Suning” and reply”Get coupons” to receive them.

Alibaba Group

Are you hungry?, Word of Mouth will hold”Ten Billion Subsidies-“Golden Autumn Foods” event, including’s”917 Meal Ticket Promotion Festival” hardcore meal ticket up to 10%off,”Mad City Snack Festival” hot snacks delivered throughout the city, as well as Shanghai Guochao’s time-honored brand and barbecue hot pot discount Fold up.

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Hema launches harvest season activities, and launches new product experiences with time-honored brands.

Alipay will distribute consumer vouchers together with merchants from now until the National Day holiday.

Bailian Group

It will link up with more than 4,000 stores in 20 provinces and cities across the country and the i Bealead platform to promote consumption mobilization across all formats, channels, and regions.”Shopping and Tourism Season”:Attraction enters shopping malls, shopping malls are attractions, Bealead helps you to enjoy the Yangtze River Delta; Bealead Beauty Festival and Jewelry Festival:32 stores in Shanghai, thousands of brand counters are all new; Bealead”Harvest a new season”:Hundreds of high-quality agricultural products from Shanghai’s real estate are on the market.

Red Star Macalline

Start the”Red Star Macalline Global Home Decoration Carnival Season”, with up to 50%off big-name home furnishings, and 1 billion in benefits. Enjoy 20%off online coupons and win up to 49,999 yuan when you open the box. Shanghai home improvement basic construction costs are reduced by 5%, 10,000 yuan soft decoration coupons, and 6,800 yuan electrical appliances spree benefits are released.

Gome Retail (Yongle Life Electrical Appliances)

The first phase of”Quality Consumption Promotion Subsidy” will be launched immediately, and every citizen can receive a total of 1999 Yuan subsidy coupons, direct purchases.

In the second phase, the”Gome Home Decoration Festival” and”Yongle Heating Season” series of activities will be launched, providing free door-to-door design, warm subsidies, famous products for home decoration bureau reform, kitchen/balcony renovation, floor heating wall heating and other heating products Discounts etc.

In the third phase, the”Yongle Double Festival Full Product Shopping Festival” and the”Gome Double Festival Carnival” will be launched, including new product launches (Huawei, Apple, etc.), live broadcast spikes, a full set of purchase superimposed discounts, 1-hour flash delivery and Price insurance services, etc.

New World Stock

Launched three theme activity weeks of”New World Good Life Festival”, including”Sanle” theme week,”Sanlian” theme week, and”Sanbei” theme week. The content of the activity involves instant discounts, lottery, and non-stop gift giving for purchases over”Nine-Nine”; half-price bargains such as New World City’s business travel, culture, sports, hotels, etc.; New World Business Travel, culture and sports”one ticket pass”; physical shopping malls and online linkage”one price”, etc.

Yuexing Group

The introduction of the international palace-level new furniture products from Milan, Italy was launched and exhibited Nearly a hundred pieces of imported furniture and home furnishing exhibits; strategic cooperation with the 6+365 one-stop trading service platform of CIIE and Hongqiao Pinhui to create a new model of bonded display transaction”order online, pick-up in store”;”Renewal” campaign; from September 9th to October 8th, a marketing campaign was launched in 100 shopping malls across the country, giving out 10,000 gifts and RMB 100 million subsidies.

Meituan Review

Launched Shanghai Fireworks and Gas Breakfast List, 50 yuan voucher for”Food Carnival” daily draw,”Big Brand Crazy Weekend”, selected Wang Steaks up to 40%off , Starbucks 1 yuan liter cup, Kendall buy one get one free, Burger King 50%off for a limited time, and the high-end”61 black pearls in Shanghai shiny huge benefits.”

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Pinduoduo will rely on the advantages of platform resources to create a series of promotions for 683 million users across the country and issue 3 billion consumer red envelopes.

In the spike festival”A lot of seconds for you” activity, the platform super subsidy helps consumers grab big-name goods from five dollars and five dollars, 1 yuan Maxim moon cakes, 9.9 yuan iPhone, switch for a limited time.

Chongbang Group

All projects will participate in national green shopping malls from September to October and carry out a series of activities of”Enjoy green life every day, green consumption is in action” to create a green life New Fashion. Jinqiao International Commercial Plaza will launch the”Golden Bridge Enjoy Shopping Season” and”Lohas Night Golden Bridge” series of activities from September to October.


As a new generation of trendy online shopping community, Dewu will distribute 500 million trends to users through platform shopping allowances, whole-point discount red envelopes, and special”trend category days”. Consumption allowance, users can win the platform general shopping allowance by completing designated tasks, and the scope of application covers all categories of goods on sale. At the same time, Dewu will also first release a series of the latest and most trendy goodies such as the IP model of Pac-Man, the IP watch of Hamilton”creed”, the Babama Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles joint hat and necklace.