Ali Zoo wants to add new members?

Today, a number of media received a mysterious invitation letter”Alibaba Zoo on September 16th, there are new animals appearing”. The invitation letter contains a plum-shaped animal footprint Cause outside speculation.

Most of Alibaba’s businesses are named after animals. For example, Tmall is a cat, Ant Golden Clothes is an ant, Hema Xiansheng is a hippopotamus, and a rookie is a bird, so it is also called”Ali Zoo” by netizens.

The reporter learned from an exclusive channel that Alibaba will indeed announce a new business on Wednesday, which belongs to a brand new track and has been kept secret in Alibaba for 3 years. Few people know about it. .

In 2003, before the public appearance of Taobao, it also operated as a confidential project. In 2017, Hema Xiansheng, as the No. 1 project of Ali’s new retail, was kept secret for 2 years before it was announced.

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