Zhang Yong of Alibaba span>The flavor is getting stronger and stronger.

Since taking over Ma Yun, Zhang Yong has frequently appeared in front of the media as Ali’s”Head”. In the second year when Zhang Yong was the”Head”, Ali The latest financial report shows that Ali’s revenue in the past quarter reached 153.751 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 34%.

It is true that Ali is still a giant with rapid growth.

But what cannot be ignored is the rapid growth of the back waves in the e-commerce field.”E-commerce arena” has a tendency to pick up a little bit, making Ali, who is a frontrunner, start to seek change.

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New The interweaving of the old stadium

According to the financial reports of both parties, in the fourth quarter of 2019 before the epidemic, the Pinduoduo single The number of new active buyers in the quarter was 48.9 million, while Ali added 18 million. Obviously, the new arena of graded consumption has created new opponents.

Before and after Double Eleven in 2018, Ali began to pay attention to this opponent, and its importance was close to Meituan and JD. This large-scale sniper battle against Pinduoduo has lasted for nearly one and a half years. &34; Today Ali is very clear that Pinduoduo cannot be contained from the user side. &34;An Internet person who is very familiar with Ali and Pinduoduo said in an interview with the media.

If Pinduoduo is a new rival on the old track, then with the rise of live e-commerce , A new arena is also being formed. Originally in the content platform camp, Douyin and Kuaishou quickly transformed and gradually became a new force of &34;carrying goods&34;.

In 2019, Kuaishou ushered in the e-commerce boom year, and then Kuaishou more than quadrupled its 2020 e-commerce business GMV target from the previous year to 250 billion yuan. At 618 this year, Kuaishou launched the”618 Kuaishou E-commerce Carnival Month” event, and Kuaishou users can purchase directly in Kuaishou stores.Jingdong Self-operated products, and can also enjoy a series of after-sales service.

Douyin’s ambitions for e-commerce have long been revealed. In early June this year, ByteDance officially established a first-level business department clearly named after”e-commerce” to coordinate the company’s Douyin, Toutiao, Watermelon video and other e-commerce business operations of multiple content platforms. This means that”e-commerce” has become a strategic business of Bytedance.

Currently, the data of TikTok live streaming is growing rapidly. A Douyin account with hundreds of thousands of fans, such as the pursuit of the core goal, can achieve monthly sales of single products in the thousands or even tens of thousands. single. According to 36Kr reports, from October 9th, Jingdong Taobao and other third-party product shopping links will not be able to enter the Douyin live room for shopping Cars, but the products of Douyin Store will not be affected. This move indicates that Douyin e-commerce has officially joined the competition.

Obviously, short video platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou have long been looking forward to this huge e-commerce arena for a long time, and they all want to come here. At the same time, vertical e-commerce companies such as MeiLiDuo, Vipshop, etc. have not stopped, and are subdivided in beauty, apparel, etc. The field continues to differentiate the market that originally belonged to Ali.

Desire for traffic

In addition to the rapid pursuit of new and old opponents, Ali has to What we continue to face is”where else can traffic come from”? According to data, there are currently three main sources of Alibaba traffic:organic traffic contributed by small and medium-sized sellers of Taobao e-commerce, Taobao Alliance , Ali Mama, the external diversion of Focus Media, and the burst traffic represented by Double 11 and 618.

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Alibaba’s revenue is to turn the self-produced traffic of its various products and traffic purchased from various channels into exposure locations and resources, and sell them to different businesses. Alibaba must control the source of e-commerce traffic in its own hands, and only in this way can it form a premium for merchants who purchase advertisements. It can be seen that traffic anxiety can never be contained, because the source of traffic is Ali’s lifeline.

In fact, Ali’s clear e-commerce attributes also prevent it from achieving real success at the traffic entrance. In the Ali system, the content team always cares about the conversion rate of e-commerce, while products such as social and content pay more attention to user stickiness. Although the two are not incompatible with water and fire, they are also difficult to integrate with each other.

All Internet companies are desperately mining new traffic pools, and Ali has always adhered to its inherent traffic monetization model. Therefore, in today’s high flow cost, external transmission is still needed. However, in order to reverse the situation, Ali has been following the flow entrance at the capital level. It is worth mentioning that it is easy to own traffic, but difficult to operate. The former video boss Youku is now far behind Tencent Video and iQiyi. Weibo also failed to seize the opportunity when new outlets came. Ele. Hungry was also at a disadvantage in the competition with Meituan… and these Most of the business is not profitable, or even serious losses, increasing revenue does not increase profit, but also drags down various profit indicators, so it is difficult to generate new high-quality traffic. All these make traffic especially precious in front of Ali.

It is worthy of affirmation that Alibaba has an early layout in the toB market and has already begun to receive goods stage. The latest financial report shows that the core business revenue is 133.318 billion yuan, accounting for 86.7%of the revenue, which has contributed the main force to Ali’s revenue. Among many businesses, cloud computing has the strongest growth. Whether it is an external contest or an internal resolution, it is undeniable that it will affect the future direction of Ali.