Today, a number of media received a mysterious invitation letter”Alibaba Zoo on September 16th, there will be new animals appearing”. The invitation letter contains a plum-shaped animal Footprints caused speculation. Most of Alibaba’s businesses are named after animals. For example, Tmall is a cat, Ant Financial is an ant, and Hema is fresh It is a hippopotamus and a rookie is a bird, so it is also called”Ali Zoo” by netizens. The reporter learned from an exclusive channel that Alibaba will indeed announce a new business on Wednesday, which belongs to a brand new track and has been kept secret in Alibaba for 3 years, and few people know about it internally.

getUrls?link=c63b4c5cd53bed23801f0c4e3a7bd031 - Ali has kept its new business secret for 3 years, and Ali Zoo has added new members. Guess what?

When the news came out, netizens It boiled, and various conjectures appeared:”If I am not wrong, this is the footprint of a rhinoceros. The new addition to Alibaba Zoo is a rhinoceros. Alibaba Xun Rhino (Hangzhou) Digital Technology Co., Ltd. should be designed as a rhino footprint. Everyone knows rhino modeling. This is an entry into the home improvement industry.” Some netizens said it might be “Medical Deer Ali Hospital”, “Sure this is not an ambition (chip)?”, “Alien Footprint Ali is going to enter space”, There is even speculation that it is about to enter the real estate industry!

getUrls?link=9ccb869413864dbe948641668595067e - Ali has kept its new business secret for 3 years, and Ali Zoo has added new members. Guess what?

It seems that there are so many different things, but my first impression It turned out to be social software. Alibaba has always had an idea to create social networking. After three years of silence, is it a big move to release a social software, which can cause a sensation and become famous in one fell swoop. After all, Dingding has created a problem. A small sensation! So I still wonder if it is social software. But Ali has been doing social software for so long, and it has always started, but still has not done it. Now Ali is also focusing on building its own social e-commerce in the field of e-commerce Taoxiaopu, Taohua, social e-commerce has become a trend, so Ali can build its own social system, and it can also promote the popularity of Ali e-commerce, this is not impossible of!

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Then the second guess is that this is a bear paw, Representing Ali’s ambitions and wanting to build chips, this year is facing pressure from the United States. Chips are a nationally valued project, although Ali has on the server. Pingtou project, but Ali has always been a patriotic company that attaches great importance to social responsibility. Is it possible that Ali is holding big moves and thinking about building smart terminal chips in the 5G era, which can give a lot of intelligence in China The equipment provides chips, if Ali also intervenes, it is estimated that things will be much easier!

getUrls?link=b744ad56d557a153bb44cf821aec7a00 - Ali has kept its new business secret for 3 years, and Ali Zoo has added new members. Guess what?

But for the chip building, if Ali started to do it Yes, the possibility is not without it, but this still has an impact on Ali’s international e-commerce business. After all, Huawei has made the United States afraid of it. If Ali is also starting to surpass the underlying hardware level, will the United States also What about the shot? Regarding Ali’s upcoming product, what do you think it will be? Welcome everyone to follow my entrepreneur Li Meng and communicate with me! Currently Ali has:Tmall (cat), Ant Financial (ant), Flying Pig (pig), Hema Fresh (Hippo ), rookie wrap (bird), NetEase koala (koala), uc (squirrel), xianyu (fish). Anything more can be lively!